Discover the notable alumni of Pennsylvania State University. The list includes people like Laurene Powell Jobs, Immortal Technique, David Bohm, Tom Ridge & Paul Berg. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as writers, film & theater personalities, scientists, intellectuals & academics and singers etc.
Laurene Powell JobsLaurene Powell Jobs
06 November 1963, American
Businesswoman, Widow of Steve Jobs
Immortal TechniqueImmortal Technique
19 February 1978, American
Hip Hop Singer

Lindsey BroadLindsey Broad
08 December 1983, American

Jerry GreenfieldJerry Greenfield
14 March 1951, American

David BohmDavid Bohm
20 December 1917, Brazilian, British, American

Tom RidgeTom Ridge
26 August 1945, American
Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Former Member of
Paul BergPaul Berg
30 June 1926, American

Jigme ThinleyJigme Thinley
09 September 1952, Bhutanese
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

David WagonerDavid Wagoner
05 June 1926, American
Poet, Novelist, Professor
Keegan-Michael KeyKeegan-Michael Key
22 March 1971, American

Chris GodwinChris Godwin
27 February 1996, American
American football player
Deborah BirxDeborah Birx
04 April 1956, American

Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
19 August 1952, American

Donald P. BellisarioDonald P. Bellisario
08 August 1935, American
Screenwriter, Television producer, Film director,

Saquon BarkleySaquon Barkley
09 February 1997, American
American football player

Allen RobinsonAllen Robinson
24 August 1993, American
American football player
Patrick FabianPatrick Fabian
07 December 1964, American

John DomanJohn Doman
09 January 1945, American

Valerie PlameValerie Plame
13 August 1963, American

Guion BlufordGuion Bluford
22 November 1942, American
Aerospace Engineer
Anthony AdamsAnthony Adams
18 June 1980, American
American football player

Franco HarrisFranco Harris
07 March 1950, American
American Football Player
Kerry CollinsKerry Collins
30 December 1972, American
American footballer

Charlie DentCharlie Dent
24 May 1960, American

Trace McSorleyTrace McSorley
23 August 1995, American
American football player
Kelly AyotteKelly Ayotte
27 June 1968, American
Former United States Senator

Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson
19 November 1979, American
American Football player
Joonas SuotamoJoonas Suotamo
03 October 1986, Finnish

John UrschelJohn Urschel
24 June 1991, Canadian

Mark DeklinMark Deklin
03 December 1967, American
William J. PerryWilliam J. Perry
11 October 1927, American

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Hugh RodhamHugh Rodham
02 April 1911, American
Steve McCurrySteve McCurry
24 February 1950, American
photojournalist, photographer, journalist

Sean LeeSean Lee
22 July 1986, American
American football player

David MorrellDavid Morrell
24 April 1943, American
Writer, Screenwriter, University teacher

Mark ParkerMark Parker
21 October 1955, American
Tamba HaliTamba Hali
03 November 1983, Liberian, American
Football player
Benjamin BloomBenjamin Bloom
21 February 1913, American
Psychologist, School teacher, University teacher

Mike GesickiMike Gesicki
03 October 1995, American
American Football player

Jef RaskinJef Raskin
09 March 1943, American
Programmer, Computer scientist, Writer, University

Iris Marion YoungIris Marion Young
02 January 1949, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, University
Jack CrawfordJack Crawford
07 September 1988, British, American
Football player

Roland G. Fryer, Jr.Roland G. Fryer, Jr.
04 June 1977, American

Tim ShawTim Shaw
27 March 1984, American
Football player

Julius J. EpsteinJulius J. Epstein
22 August 1909, American

Marian Ewurama AddyMarian Ewurama Addy
07 February 1942, Ghanaian
Albert KligmanAlbert Kligman
17 March 1916, American

Vance PackardVance Packard
22 May 1914, American
Diane AckermanDiane Ackerman
07 October 1948, American
Poet, Author, Writer

Miles Chamley-WatsonMiles Chamley-Watson
03 December 1989, British, American

Monica AksamitMonica Aksamit
18 February 1990, American
Omar EasyOmar Easy
29 October 1977, American
Football player

Raquel RodríguezRaquel Rodríguez
28 October 1993, Costa Rican
Soccer player
Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson
25 August 1973, American
American football player

Barney EwellBarney Ewell
25 February 1918, American

Tim ManoaTim Manoa
09 September 1964
American football player

Jan JaglaJan Jagla
25 June 1981, German
Basketball player

Oliver SmithOliver Smith
13 February 1918, American
Scenic Designer
Alex BentleyAlex Bentley
27 October 1990, Belarusian, American
Basketball player

Tony StewartTony Stewart
09 August 1979, American
Football player

Bhawoh JueBhawoh Jue
24 May 1979, American
Football player

Paul M. DotyPaul M. Doty
01 June 1920, American
Lemuel JohnsonLemuel Johnson
15 December 1941, Sierra Leonean

Adriana DornAdriana Dorn
30 December 1986, Nicaraguan
Beauty pageant contestant
Samuel Kurtz HoffmanSamuel Kurtz Hoffman
15 April 1902, American

The famous Pennsylvania State University, located in the United States is one of the best educational institutions in the world and is popular especially among students who are looking for intensive research oriented courses. The campus of this esteemed institution is called the 'University Park' and is spread over 3.9 square kilometers. According to sources, the land which currently belongs to the institution was donated by a yesteryear politician named James Irvine. When it started back in 1855, this institution was relatively smaller in size and then known as ‘Farmers’ High School Of Pennsylvania’. Since then, this University has progressed by leaps and bounds. Several buildings are located on the ‘University Park’ campus, namely ‘Waring Commons’, ‘Warnock Commons’, ‘Redifer Commons’ and ‘Pollock Commons’. The alumni of this famous institution include several noteworthy names such as photographer Steve McCurry, pilot Guion bluford, comedian Keegan-Michael Key and Basketball player John Amaechi. Steve McCurry is famous for clicking remarkable award winning pictures which have got attention from people all over the world. His picture of the ‘Afghan Girl’, clicked in the 1980s, was published in the ‘National Geographic Magazine’ continues to haunt the world and is a favorite among many photography aspirants. Another notable alumnus of the ‘Pennsylvania State University’ is entrepreneur Bennett Cohen, co-owner of the renowned ice cream manufacturing giant ‘Ben & Jerry’s’. We have compiled a list of notable alumni of the renowned ‘Pennsylvania State University’ who have left a lasting impression on the minds of many with their accomplishments.