Lex Luger Biography

(American Retired Professional Wrestler and Five-Time WWE United States Heavyweight Champion)

Birthday: June 2, 1958 (Gemini)

Born In: Buffalo, New York, United States

Lex Luger is an American former professional wrestler, who won the 'WCW World Heavyweight Championship' twice. He has been inducted into multiple wrestling “halls of fame.” His third reign as the 'NWA Heavyweight United States Champion,' for 523 days, was the longest by any wrestler in the history of the profession. He had chosen wrestling as a career option after his football career failed to take off, despite being a member of the highly acclaimed 'National Football League' (NFL) team 'Green Bay Packers.' He was introduced to wrestling by Bob Roop, a professional wrestler and trainer, who took him under his wing. Later, he was coached by Hiro Matsuda and Barry Windham, both of whom were professional wrestlers and trainers. Luger shared a love–hate relationship with the latter.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Lawrence Wendell Pfohl

Age: 66 Years, 66 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Peggy Fulbright (m. 1981–2003)

children: Brian Pfohl, Lauren Ashley Pfohl

Born Country: United States

American Men University Of Miami

Height: 6'4" (193 cm), 6'4" Males

Ancestry: German American

City: Buffalo, New York

U.S. State: New Yorkers

More Facts

education: Pennsylvania State University, University Of Miami

Childhood, Early Life & Football Career
Lex Luger was born Lawrence Wendell Pfohl, on June 2, 1958, in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
He attended a school in Orchard Park, Erie County, New York. Back then, he was a promising football player.
He joined the 'Pennsylvania State University' on a football scholarship. After his freshman year, he transferred to the 'University of Miami.' However, his stint at these universities were not too successful.
He played professional football for the 'Montreal Alouettes’ in the 'Canadian Football League.' Later, he signed a contract with the 'Green Bay Packers.' However, he could not play due to injuries and other reasons.
Luger ended his football career after playing for the 'Tampa Bay Bandits,' the 'Memphis Showboats,' and the ‘Jacksonville Bulls,' in the 1984 'United States Football League.'
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Wrestling Career
In 1985, after being trained by Hiro Matsuda, Luger adopted the ring name “Lex Luger,” inspired by the 'DC' villain 'Lex Luthor.'
He was cast as a heel and made his debut in the 1985 'Championship Wrestling from Florida' territory of the 'National Wrestling Alliance’ (NWA).
On October 31, 1985, he won a wrestling match for the first time. In November 1985, he earned the title of the 'Southern Heavyweight Champion.'
He then fought Ric Flair at the 'Battle of the Belts III,' for the title of the 'NWA World Heavyweight Champion,' but eventually tied. Thus, Flair defended the title.
Luger started working with 'Jim Crockett Promotions' under the pseudonym “The Total Package” and began using his signature finishing move, an Argentine backbreaker known as “The Human Torture Rack.”
His first booking was as an associate to the 'Four Horsemen,' Ric Flair's stable. After Ole Anderson was expelled, he became a full-time member of the group. His first major feud was on July 11, 1987, with Nikita Koloff. He won the 'NWA United States Heavyweight Championship' title, now called the 'WWE United States Championship,’ by defeating her in a steel cage.
He lost the title to Dusty Rhodes in a steel cage in November 1987. Eventually, Luger quit 'Horsemen.'
Luger then formed the tag team known as 'The Twin Towers,' along with Barry Windham. Their first match was held on February 3, 1988. They won the 'NWA World Tag Team Championship,' currently known as the 'WCW World Tag Team Championship.' However, a few days later, they lost the title to the duo of Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson from the 'Horsemen,' as Windham double-crossed Luger.
A few days later, Luger, who was without a teammate, partnered with Sting and won the 'Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament.'
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During his ongoing feud with the 'Horsemen,' Luger challenged their leader, Ric Flair, for the title of the 'NWA World Heavyweight Champion' on July 10, 1988. Luger was severely manhandled by other members of the 'Horsemen' before the match. As Luger was almost about to win, the referee claimed there had been a “kayfabe” (staged injury) and cited the 'Maryland State Athletic Commission' rules to halt the contest abruptly. Their feud ended in December 1988.
He began the year 1989 by winning his second 'NWA United States Heavyweight Championship,' against Windham.
On March 18, 1989, his new teammate, Michael P.S. Hayes, turned on him, setting himself as a competitor to the U.S. title, against Luger. Hayes earned the title but lost to Luger in a rematch 2 weeks later.
He retained the U.S. title against the challenger Flyin' Brian Pillman at the 'Halloween Havoc 1989: Settling the Score' and again in a rematch at the 'Clash of the Champions IX: New York Knockout,' putting an end to their feud.
Due to an unforeseen turn of events, Luger was elevated to challenge Flair's title of the 'NWA World Heavyweight Champion' in February 1990. However, he failed. Nevertheless, in the last match of the feud, held a few months later, Luger won against Flair in a steel-caged contest at the 'Capital Combat.'
At the 'Halloween Havoc: 1990,' he lost the 'NWA United States Heavyweight Champion' title to Stan Hansen. However, he regained it from him at 'Starrcade 1990: Collision Course.' He defended the title against Dan Spivey, with whom he had feuded, at 'WrestleWar 1991: WarGames.'
Luger's contest against Flair for the 'WCW World Heavyweight Championship' title, which was supposed to be held on June 14, 1991, never took place. Due to the events that followed, Flair was stripped of the title.
As a consequence of these incidents, Luger and Windham were pitted against each other, resulting in Luger's first 'WCW World Heavyweight Championship' title match on June 14, 1991, at 'The Great American Bash.'
He continued to defend the title by defeating many challengers, ultimately losing it to Sting at ‘SuperBrawl II' on February 29, 1992.
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After the loss, Luger left the ‘WCW’ and joined the 'World Bodybuilding Federation’ (WBF). However, this association did not last long, as he met with a motorcycle accident soon after. Before he recovered from it, the federation became defunct.
As the 'WBF' had closed down, he joined the 'World Wrestling Federation’ (WWF), later renamed the 'World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.’ (WWE). For a brief period, he used the pseudoym “Narcissus,” which was later changed to “The Narcissist.”
His motorcycle accident was included in the ‘WWE's gimmick, which became controversial, as other wrestlers opposed it. Luger had to adhere to certain restrictions, including wearing an elbow pad. However, Luger frequently removed it during the contests.
At ‘WWE,’ Luger had a major feud with Mr. Perfect, whom he defeated at 'WrestleMania IX' on April 4, 1993.
In mid-1993, Luger was made the fan-favorite character and renamed “The All-American” and “Made in the U.S.A.”
On July 4, he reached the 'U.S.S. Intrepid' in a helicopter. There, he body-slammed the 'WWF World Heavyweight Champion,' Yokozuna, who weighed 600 pounds (270 kg). This feat was unsuccessfully attempted by many, both within and outside the ‘WWF.’ However, he lost the titled to Yokozuna at the much-anticipated and highly publicized challenge at 'SummerSlam 1993.'
Luger started a feud with Ludvig Borga in late 1993. On November 24, 1993, Luger, along with his team, the 'All-Americans,' challenged Borga and his team, including Yokozuna, which was called the 'Foreign Fanatics.' Luger pinned Borga and won the match.
At the 'Royal Rumble 1994,’ Luger and Bret Hart were declared the joint-winners. As a result, Luger was given a chance to earn the 'WWF World Heavyweight Championship' from Yokozuna, which he lost, as he was disqualified at 'WrestleMania X.'
In early 1995, Luger formed a tag team, 'The Allied Powers,' with Davey Boy Smith. They won against many teams. Due to their winning streak, they earned an opportunity to fight for the 'WWF World Tag Team Championship' at 'In Your House 2: The Lumberjacks,' against Owen Hart and Yokozuna's team, but ended up losing the match.
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On September 11, 1995, Luger lost to Hulk Hogan after he challenged him for the 'WCW World Heavyweight Championship' title.
After ‘Halloween Havoc’ (1995), he joined the 'Dungeon of Doom' stable.
At ‘Starrcade (1995): World Cup of Wrestling,' Luger, representing the ‘WCW,’ won against Masa Chono from the 'New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co. Ltd.’ (NJPW).
Luger and Sting teamed up and defeated the tag team 'Harlem Heat' on January 22, 1996, to lift the 'WCW World Tag Team Championship.'
He won the 'WCW World Television Championship,' defeating Johnny B. Badd, on February 17, 1996. He lost it on February 18 and won it again on March 6, 1996, .
The 'Dungeon of Doom' and the 'Horsemen' joined hands to form the 'Alliance to End Hulkamania,' to defeat the team led by Hulk Hogan. However, they lost, as Luger made an error. Hence, he was expelled from the stable.
He unsuccessfully challenged The Giant for the 'WCW World Heavyweight Championship' at the 1996 'The Great American Bash.'
He then teamed up with The Giant to defeat 'The Outsiders' to win the 'World Tag Team Championship.'
Luger won the title of the 'WCW World Heavyweight Championship' from Hulk Hogan in an impromptu match on August 4, 1997, but lost it to him just 5 days later, on August 9, 1997.
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He won the 'United States Heavyweight Championship,' for a record-equalling fifth time, after beating Bret Hart on August 10, 1998, in an impromptu title match. However, he later lost it to Hart.
After ‘Fall Brawl’ (1999), Luger announced that “Lex Luger” was dead and would henceforth be called “The Total Package.”
Using this new nickname, he formed the tag teams 'Team Package' and 'Totally Buffed,’ with Flair and Buff Bagwell, respectively.
After 2002, he participated in wrestling matches sporadically. He also toured Europe along with the 'World Wrestling All-Stars' and won the 'WWA World Heavyweight Championship.' He lost the championship to Sting on December 13, his last appearance on the tour.
In 2003, Luger moved to 'Total Nonstop Action Wrestling,' now called 'Impact Wrestling.' He also occasionally participated in their contests.
He played his final match on August 26, 2006, tagging along with Bagwell. They defeated Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett in the main event of the 'United Wrestling Federation Event.'
He was inducted into the ‘Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame’ on September 22, 2007.
In 2012, he was inducted into the 'TNA Hall of Fame.'
He currently works with the ‘WWE’ on their ‘Wellness Policy,’ which he had started in 2011.
Family & Personal Life
In 1979, he married Peggy Fulbright. They divorced in 2003. They have a son, Brian (born on January 1, 1986), and a daughter, Lauren Ashley (born on September 24, 1990).

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