Kate Rodriguez Biography

(Argentine Model, Actor and Dancer)

Birthday: November 5, 1989 (Scorpio)

Born In: Panama

Kate Rodriguez is a Panama-born Argentine model, actor, dancer, singer, and TV personality. She grew up in Samaria, a notorious town in Panama. She ran away from home as a teenager and somehow finished school while staying with her grandmother. She the moved to Argentina and worked at clubs. She eventually struck gold with the dance variety show Showmatch. She later appeared in a host of movies and series, the most notable being the comedy show Polémica en el bar. She has also worked as a Playboy model and has promoted many well-known brands.

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Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females

Born Country: Panama

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Early Life & Struggle

Kate Rodriguez was born on November 5, 1989, in Panama. She grew up amidst extremely hostile conditions in Samaria, a town in Panama.

She once recalled that at 13, one of her neighbors was raped and killed and thrown on their patio. The whole area was riddled with drug dealers, sex offenders, and murderers.

Her parents were shepherds, and the family was extremely religious. Kate and her sister, who was a year younger than her, were expected to always cover themselves up in front of their neighbors, so as not to provoke anyone.

Kate Rodriguez has not been in touch with her parents since she left home as a teenager. She later came to know that her parents had divorced because of issues in the church. Her father was the head of the local church. In a council, his colleagues wanted to remove him from the position and offered the place to her mother. She accepted it, arguing that it was a sign from God. However, Kate’s father thought it was an act of treason. Thus, Kate’s parents separated.

When she was around 16 or 17, Kate told her parents she did not wish to go to church. Her parents, who were extremely religious, packed all her belongings and asked her to leave. She thus left home and wandered on the streets for 2 days.

Her grandmother found her and took her in. Kate spent the next 5 years staying at her grandmother’s house and studying. She still often calls herself the “black sheep” of her family.

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Career: Rise as a Dancer, Model & Singer

After finishing high school, Kate Rodriguez started working at a finance company. She saved every peso she earned with the objective of leaving Panama. She also helped her maternal grandmother financially.

Kate’s initial aim was to move to Wisconsin, U.S., but she then saw a YouTube video of Marcelo Tinelli, the popular host of the Argentine entertainment variety program Showmatch, and decided to try her luck in the entertainment world.

She left Panama for Argentina at 22. She initially stayed with a distant aunt in Córdoba and then moved to Buenos Aires.

Kate Rodriguez then began teaching dance in clubs. She earned about 50 pesos a month, taking two classes a week. She spent her nights working as a dancer in bowling alleys. During this time, she lived in a boarding house near Ideas del Sur, a production company founded by Marcelo Tinelli.

While she auditioned for shows, she also performed at small clubs. After four unsuccessful castings, she finally appeared on Showmatch at 26.

Showmatch is a popular Argentine dance variety TV show, currently aired on Channel 13. It has featured many celebrity guests such as footballer Ronaldinho and former boxer Mike Tyson. However, the show has also generated controversy and has been accused of objectification of women. Nevertheless, after appearing on the show, she began receiving offers from Quiero and TyC Sports.

In 2014, Kate Rodriguez appeared as a dancer staff on Bailando por un sueño. In 2016, Kate posed for Playboy Argentina. The same year, she appeared as a panelist on Tocala.

In 2016-2017, she appeared as a guest in the series Mejor de noche and as a panelist on Morfi, Todos A La Mesa.

In 2016, she also appeared as Amante del ladrón in the series Susana Giménez. The same year, she appeared as Chica del boliche in Educando a Nina and as Kate in the comedy series Polémica en el bar. The following year, she appeared as Nara in Fontanarrosa, a Real Idol.

In 2017-2019, Kate Rodriguez appeared in the series PH: Podemos hablar. In 2018, she was seen as a guest in the series Nunca es tarde. The same year, she appeared in Morfi, todos a la mesa, again, but this time in a plum role (as Doctora Caribe/Embajadora de Panamá) in 30 episodes. That year, she was also featured in the series 100 días para enamorarse. She will be seen in the film Existir, which is set to release in 2021.

Kate was featured in erotic YouTube videos of Carnal TV, which showed her making cocktails in a seductive way. She promotes many top-notch brands, such as Natubel, a lingerie brand based in Buenos Aires, and Itsitio, a gaming platform. She is managed by the agency Folouers Inc.

On Social Media

Kate’s Instagram account, katepma, has gained more than 752 thousand followers. One of her recent posts is with her pet dog, Coco. In July 2020, she posted a photo with a grand assortment of sweets and snacks.

She joined Twitter in October 2012, and her account, katepma, has gained more than 107.4 thousand followers. Kate is also quite popular on TikTok.

Kate as a Person

When asked if she believes in God, she responded by saying that she did not believe in the God that her parents taught her to believe in, as she does not want her children to grow up fearing going to hell.

She grew up as an insecure and depressed lady and had bouts of panic attacks. However, she feels she was truly empowered when she cut off all her toxic ties with her family.

At 32, she went back to Panama and brought her brother, who was 10 years younger than her, with her to Argentina. She was scared his future would be ruined if he stayed back.

Kate, surprisingly, had no photos of her childhood for a long time. Much later, her grandmother sent her a photo of hers in a white dress, with long wavy hair, sitting in a Paraguayan hammock. It had been clicked when she was about 9 or 10, on Kate’s birthday, when her parents had taken her to a beauty salon as a gift and done up her hair.

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