The state of Oregon, formed in 1848, is said to be the ninth largest state in the entire continent. Journalist Ann Curry, actress and singer Courtney Love, model Holly Madison as well as actress Lisa Rinna belong to the state of Oregon. Holly Madison hogged the limelight after becoming a ‘Playboy’ playmate and the girlfriend of the billionaire Hugh Hefner. Courtney Love has acted in several acclaimed flicks like ‘The People vs Larry Flynt’, ‘Man On The Moon’ and ‘Trapped’. Matt Groening’s ability to sketch caricatures of famous cartoon characters and celebrities within no time has earned him appreciation not just from Americans, but in other parts of the world too. Although all these celebrities weren’t born in Oregon, they share a special bond with the state they grew up. We have listed the names of other distinguished personalities from Oregon.
River PhoenixRiver Phoenix
23 August 1970, American
Tonya HardingTonya Harding
12 November 1970, American
Former Figure Skater, Boxer

Rebecca SchaefferRebecca Schaeffer
06 November 1967, American
Actress & Model

Terri IrwinTerri Irwin
20 July 1964, Australian, American

Katee SackhoffKatee Sackhoff
08 April 1980, American

Lisa Brennan-JobsLisa Brennan-Jobs
17 May 1978, American
Daughter of Steve Jobs
Kaitlin OlsonKaitlin Olson
18 August 1975, American

Matt GroeningMatt Groening
15 February 1954, American
Cartoonist, Animator

Sally StruthersSally Struthers
28 July 1947, American

Phil KnightPhil Knight
24 February 1938, American
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.
Paige VanZantPaige VanZant
26 March 1994, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Taya KyleTaya Kyle
04 September 1974, American
Activist, Author
Linda LavinLinda Lavin
15 October 1937, American
Singer, Actress

Holly MadisonHolly Madison
23 December 1979, American
Author, Model, Reality TV Star

Max HandelmanMax Handelman
03 May 1973, American
Bridgette WilsonBridgette Wilson
25 September 1973, American
Actress, Model, Singer

Scott HattebergScott Hatteberg
14 December 1969, American
Baseball Player
Beverly ClearyBeverly Cleary
12 April 1916, American

Sara Jean UnderwoodSara Jean Underwood
26 March 1984, American
Actress, Model & TV host.

Ryan PotterRyan Potter
12 September 1995, American
Margaux HemingwayMargaux Hemingway
31 January 1954, American
Model. Actress

Steve PrefontaineSteve Prefontaine
25 January 1951, American
Long-distance Runner
Holiday ReinhornHoliday Reinhorn
12 March 1964, American
Fiction Writer

Bill BowermanBill Bowerman
19 February 1911, American
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.

Ime UdokaIme Udoka
09 August 1977, Nigerian, American
American-Nigerian Basketball Player

Bridget MarquardtBridget Marquardt
25 September 1973, American
Brenda StrongBrenda Strong
25 March 1960, American
Jacoby EllsburyJacoby Ellsbury
11 September 1983, American
Baseball Player

Hannah StockingHannah Stocking
04 February 1992, American
Instagram Star, Model

Summer McKeenSummer McKeen
12 May 1999, American
YouTube Star

Barbara MintyBarbara Minty
11 June 1953, American
Steve McQueen's Ex Wife
Barbara NivenBarbara Niven
26 February 1953, American

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Austin BrownAustin Brown
25 June 2002, American
Instagram Star

Ashton EatonAshton Eaton
21 January 1988, American

Zach KingZach King
04 February 1990, American
Vine star, YouTuber & Filmmaker

Bryan RandallBryan Randall
1966 AD, American
Jim ElliotJim Elliot
08 October 1927, American

Kellin QuinnKellin Quinn
24 April 1986, American
Rock Singer
Peter HollensPeter Hollens
04 March 1982, American

Soni Nicole BringasSoni Nicole Bringas
02 February 2002, American
Actress, Dancer

Richie SexsonRichie Sexson
29 December 1974, American
Former Baseball Player
Diego Velazquez (TV Actor)Diego Velazquez (TV Actor)
05 December 2001, American

RadioJH AudreyRadioJH Audrey
02 August 2003, American
18 April 1994, Ethiopian, American

Matt CutshallMatt Cutshall
13 February 1985, American
Social Media Star

Parris McBrideParris McBride
 , American
Wife of George R. R. Martin

Jesse UnderhillJesse Underhill
01 July 1998, American
TikTok Star

John ReedJohn Reed
22 October 1887, American
Journalist, Poet
21 March 1997, American

Mallory EvertonMallory Everton
20 September 1989, American
Comedian, Actress

Paul Simon Paul Simon (Politician)
29 November 1928, American
Senator from Illinois

Julia KellyJulia Kelly
 , French
Mariah FolkertsMariah Folkerts
15 January 1991, American

Paige McKenziePaige McKenzie
14 April 1995, American
YouTuber, Actress, Author
Rachel UnderhillRachel Underhill
22 January 2002, American
TikTok Star

Dani DanielsDani Daniels
23 September 1989, American

Isaiah MustafaIsaiah Mustafa
11 February 1974, American
Ndamukong SuhNdamukong Suh
06 January 1987, American
American football player

Eric Christian OlsenEric Christian Olsen
31 May 1977, American
Jane PowellJane Powell
01 April 1929, American

Danny AingeDanny Ainge
17 March 1959, American
Professional Basketball Player

Ty BurrellTy Burrell
22 August 1967, American
Matt LattanziMatt Lattanzi
01 February 1959, American

Kari Ann PenicheKari Ann Peniche
20 March 1984, American
Kathleen HannaKathleen Hanna
12 November 1968, American

Virginia AdmiralVirginia Admiral
04 February 1915, American

Tommy ThayerTommy Thayer
07 November 1960, American

Dana VespoliDana Vespoli
22 September 1972, American
Travis KnightTravis Knight
13 September 1973, American
David AndersDavid Anders
11 March 1981, American

Donald MalarkeyDonald Malarkey
31 July 1921, American

Aja VolkmanAja Volkman
04 March 1987, American

Bruce AbbottBruce Abbott
28 July 1954, American
Brad WilkBrad Wilk
05 September 1968, American
Drummer, Musician

Galen RuppGalen Rupp
08 May 1986, American
Long-distance runner, Athletics competitor

Kevin EastmanKevin Eastman
30 May 1962, American
Comics artist, Publisher, Screenwriter

Esperanza SpaldingEsperanza Spalding
18 October 1984, American
Music educator, Jazz musician, Singer

Raymond CarverRaymond Carver
25 May 1938, American
Short story writer
Raymond CarverRaymond Carver
25 May 1938, American
Short story writer

Kim RhodesKim Rhodes
07 June 1969, American
Doc SeverinsenDoc Severinsen
07 July 1927, American

Mitch PileggiMitch Pileggi
05 April 1952, Italian, American

Joel David MooreJoel David Moore
25 September 1977, American
Lily CarterLily Carter
15 April 1990, American

Jason James RichterJason James Richter
29 January 1980, American
Justin KirkJustin Kirk
28 May 1969, American

Johnnie RayJohnnie Ray
10 January 1927, American

George DantzigGeorge Dantzig
08 November 1914, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Statistician

Tinker HatfieldTinker Hatfield
30 April 1952, American
Darcy LaPierDarcy LaPier
09 July 1965, American

Alex RossAlex Ross
22 January 1970, American
Comics artist, Illustrator, Painter
Jeff MerkleyJeff Merkley
24 October 1956, American

Dale MurphyDale Murphy
12 March 1956, American
Baseball player
Douglas EngelbartDouglas Engelbart
30 January 1925, American
American engineer

Chris BottiChris Botti
12 October 1962, American
Composer, Jazz musician, Radio personality
Damon StoudamireDamon Stoudamire
03 September 1973, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach