The typified personality traits of individuals born on October 6th are influenced by the celestial body, Venus. Not only does the planet rule the zodiacal group in which these individuals fall, it also governs the actual date. Thus, the double influence of the planet intensifies the characteristic features of kindness, harmony, loyalty and pleasant mannerism in October 6th borns. These people are blessed with a cheery cooperativeness, persuasiveness and amiability. They have the ability to plan well in advance and are futuristic by nature. Nonetheless, like all, these people do have their share of weaknesses as well. October 6th individuals may sometimes show temperamental and atypical self-absorbed behavior but this is mainly in unfair situations. 

LeBron James Jr.LeBron James Jr.
14, American
Son of LeBron James
Elisabeth ShueElisabeth Shue
55, American

Ryan ToysReviewRyan ToysReview
8, American
Ioan GruffuddIoan Gruffudd
45, Welsh

Jazz JenningsJazz Jennings
18, American
LGBTQ Rights Activist, Internet Personality,

Carole LombardCarole Lombard
33, American
Jenny LindJenny Lind
67, Swedish
Opera Singer

Le CorbusierLe Corbusier
77, Swiss, French
Jeremy SistoJeremy Sisto
44, American

Thor HeyerdahlThor Heyerdahl
87, Norwegian
Yoo Ah-inYoo Ah-in
32, South Korean

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino
82, Italian, American
Hafez al-AssadHafez al-Assad
69, Syrian
Former President of Syria
Roshon FeganRoshon Fegan
27, American
Actor, Rapper

Ellen TravoltaEllen Travolta
79, American
Jacqueline ObradorsJacqueline Obradors
52, American

Hans ZhangHans Zhang
34, Chinese
Janet GaynorJanet Gaynor
77, American

Tony DungyTony Dungy
63, American
Former NFL Coach & American Football Player

Meghnad SahaMeghnad Saha
62, Indian
Valerie AdamsValerie Adams
34, New Zealander
Shot Putter

Richard DedekindRichard Dedekind
84, German
30, British
YouTube Star, Twitch Star

Ernest WaltonErnest Walton
91, Irish
Rio Mangini Rio Mangini
16, American
Actor, Musician

Pamela DavidPamela David
40, Argentinian
Television Personality & Model
Daniel Nguyen (NampaikidDaniel Nguyen
25, American
Instagram Star

Anllela SagraAnllela Sagra
25, Colombian
Fitness Model
Nicole CorralesNicole Corrales
21, Brazilian
Instagram Star

Sergio CalderonSergio Calderon
18, American
Jordan MatterJordan Matter
52, American
Photographer, Author

Shahabuddin NagariShahabuddin Nagari
63, Bangladeshi

13, American
Ricky HattonRicky Hatton
40, British
Boxer, Autobiographer

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Britt EklandBritt Ekland
76, Swedish
Actor, Writer, Autobiographer, Television
Kasper DolbergKasper Dolberg
21, Danish
Danish footballer

Nazem KadriNazem Kadri
28, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Sunny NijarSunny Nijar
33, Indian
Model, Actor

George WestinghouseGeorge Westinghouse
67, American
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor
Gerry AdamsGerry Adams
70, Irish, British
Bobby FarrellBobby Farrell
61, Aruban

Bruce GrobbelaarBruce Grobbelaar
61, Zimbabwean
Association football player, Association football
Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer
59, American
Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist

Steve ScaliseSteve Scalise
53, American
Siad BarreSiad Barre
75, Somalian

Bruno BichirBruno Bichir
51, Mexican
Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor

Mark SchwarzerMark Schwarzer
46, Australian, German
Association football player
Morné MorkelMorné Morkel
34, South African

Richie BenaudRichie Benaud
84, Australian
Cricketer, Journalist
Inga ArvadInga Arvad
59, Danish

Romero BrittoRomero Britto
55, Brazilian
Sculptor, Painter
Isaac BrockIsaac Brock
43, British

Matteo RicciMatteo Ricci
57, Italian
explorer, cartographer, writer, missionary,
Frederick VII of DenmarkFrederick VII of Denmark
55, Danish
Chiang Wei-kuoChiang Wei-kuo

Marshall RosenbergMarshall Rosenberg
80, American
Psychologist, Academic, Non-fiction writer
Levon AronianLevon Aronian
36, Armenian
Chess player

Roland GarrosRoland Garros
29, French
aviator, rugby union player
Serge NubretSerge Nubret
72, French
Actor, Film actor

Basil ZaharoffBasil Zaharoff
87, French, Greek
Arms trader, Businessperson, Philanthropist

Helen WillsHelen Wills
92, American
Tennis player, Writer, Autobiographer, Poet
Ernesto LaclauErnesto Laclau
78, Argentinian
Philosopher, University teacher, Sociologist

Goh Keng SweeGoh Keng Swee
91, Malaysian
Joan LittlewoodJoan Littlewood
87, British

Jürgen KohlerJürgen Kohler
53, German
Association football player, Association football
Yves LetermeYves Leterme
58, Belgian
Politician, Diplomat

Casey NicholawCasey Nicholaw
56, American
Choreographer, Music director
Wenceslaus III of BohemiaWenceslaus III of Bohemia
16, Czech, Polish
Joseph LoweryJoseph Lowery
97, American
civil rights activists

Méret OppenheimMéret Oppenheim
72, Swiss, German
Photographer, Writer, Painter, Model, Visual
Vladimir GusinskyVladimir Gusinsky
66, Spanish, Israeli, Russian
Politician, Businessperson

Jonathan AlterJonathan Alter
61, American
Columnist, Journalist
George CarmanGeorge Carman
71, British

Lawrence OkoyeLawrence Okoye
27, British
Athletics competitor, American football player

Mario CapecchiMario Capecchi
81, Italian, American
George R. PriceGeorge R. Price
52, American
Mathematician, Geneticist

Robert LanglandsRobert Langlands
82, Canadian
Mathematician, University teacher
Kennet AnderssonKennet Andersson
51, Swedish
Association football player

Riccardo GiacconiRiccardo Giacconi
87, Italian
Subramaniam RamadoraiSubramaniam Ramadorai
73, Indian

Hotaru YamaguchiHotaru Yamaguchi
28, Japanese
Association football player
Paul SmithPaul Smith
36, British
Thomas TroelsenThomas Troelsen
37, Danish
Songwriter, Record producer, Composer

Abraham RobinsonAbraham Robinson
55, American
Mathematician, Engineer, University teacher
Lonnie JohnsonLonnie Johnson
69, American
aerospace engineer, engineer

Edwin FischerEdwin Fischer
73, Swiss
Swiss classical pianist
Samuel DixonSamuel Dixon
45, Australian
Songwriter, Record producer

Xavier MertzXavier Mertz
30, Swiss
Explorer, Alpine skier
George Horace LorimerGeorge Horace Lorimer
70, American

Caroline GordonCaroline Gordon
85, American
Novelist, Short story writer, Critic
Mikael DorsinMikael Dorsin
37, Swedish
Association football player

Lhendup DorjiLhendup Dorji
71, Bhutanese
Prime Minister
Liu YangLiu Yang
40, Chinese
Chinese astronaut

Ricardo Domingos Barbosa PereiraRicardo Domingos Barbosa Pereira
25, Portuguese
Association football player
Louis-Philippe I of FranceLouis-Philippe I of France
76, French

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 6

Like most Librans, October 6 individuals have a strong sense of justice and fairness. They are highly idealistic with great expectations. These individuals are naturally friendly and appreciate harmony and beauty in the surroundings. They are endowed with a cooperative temperament and hence are sociable and affable. Unlike most others, October 6 individuals hate to be alone. They dislike solitude and loneliness and love to be amongst the crowd. Towards others, these people are warm, considerate and affectionate. They have strong communicative spirit, dreamy imagination and creative mind.  What’s more, individuals born on this day are highly optimistic and have a tendency to look at the brighter aspect of things.

More than physical health, it is psychological and emotional health that October 6 individuals need to take care of to stay fit and healthy. Since these individuals are prone to moodiness and sulkiness, they should indulge in regular exercise routine to enhance and uplift their frame of mind. Other than this, October 6 individuals have a variety of nervous disorder that is mainly caused due to feelings of dissatisfaction and discontent. They need to curb the same to experience sound and robust health.

Financially, October 6th individuals are cautious folks. They have the habit of checking all financial matters twice. Also, these people take keen interest in all the finer details of financial matters. Due to the cross-checking habit, it is rarely that October 6 individuals get into any financial trouble. Additionally, since these individuals are not the spendthrift types, they do not indulge in any impulsive shopping and instead save money for future use.

Endowed with a creative streak and a flair for imagination and ingenuity, October 6th individuals do well in the field of art. Their interest and appreciation for the finer and beautiful things makes them highly appropriate for a career in arts. Other than this, the high level of friendliness and sociability makes them adept for a job that allows them to mingle with people. Individuals with this birthday can also do well in the field of law due to their strong sense of justice.  Whatever profile they choose, a job that provides complete satisfaction is the best option for those born on this date.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Librans born on October 6th are idealistic individuals when it comes to relationships. They share a loving bond with friends, family and associates. In matters of romance, these people crave for emotional stability and a need for togetherness. An ideal partner is one who makes these individuals sweep off their feet. October 6 individuals use their charm and charisma to impress their loved one. Once committed, they are an affectionate and truly dedicated companion who loves unconditionally. While their indecision can irritate the partner, their willingness to compromise would make the relationship strong and stable. Switching to parenthood is not easy for those born on this date. They seek the love and commitment from their partner to take the big step in life. However, once they have made their mind, they make efforts to be the best guardians for their children and shower the little ones with utmost love and affection.   

Lucky Color: White, Cream, Rose, Pink
Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 12, 24