The probability of the personality of October 25 individuals is based on the influence of two planets, Pluto and Neptune. While the former rules the zodiacal group to which these people belong, the latter is the governor of the actual date. Together, the two planets determine the individuality and uniqueness of those with this birthdate. October 25 individuals are energetic, resolute and dependable. While their creativity and ingenuity makes these people adept at working, their persuasive manner and sympathetic affectionate nature makes them helpful but not pushy. Additionally, self-reliance and pride helps these individuals stay motivated with a zest for life. however, not all is good for October 25 folks as they are prone to being annoyingly stubborn and uncommunicative even during the slight degrees of disarray or discord. Intolerance and impatience are other personality weakness of October 25th borns.

Katy PerryKaty Perry
35, American
Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso
91, Spanish

34, American

David FurnishDavid Furnish
57, Canadian

James CarvilleJames Carville
75, American
Political Consultant

Valter SkarsgårdValter Skarsgård
24, Swedish
Adam GoldbergAdam Goldberg
49, American

Sophie GradonSophie Gradon
32, British

Klaus BarbieKlaus Barbie
77, German
Nazi Leader
Sara DylanSara Dylan
80, American
Bob Dylan's Ex-wife

Chandler ParsonsChandler Parsons
31, American
Basketball Player
Georges BizetGeorges Bizet
36, French

Max StirnerMax Stirner
49, German

Ren ZhengfeiRen Zhengfei
75, Chinese
CEO of Huawei

Évariste GaloisÉvariste Galois
20, French

Jeanne CooperJeanne Cooper
84, American
Adam PascalAdam Pascal
49, American
Actor, Singer, Musician

Dan GableDan Gable
71, American

Ata JohnsonAta Johnson
71, American
Dwayne Johnson's Mother

Tyler AlvarezTyler Alvarez
22, American
Tegan MarieTegan Marie
16, American
Singer, YouTube Star

Harvey PetitoHarvey Petito
16, Australian
Ivanita LomeliIvanita Lomeli
22, American
Model, Instagram Star

Anna GettyAnna Getty
47, German, American

17, American
TikTok Star
Enoch TrueEnoch True
21, American
Social Media Personality

Loren JordanLoren Jordan
30, American
Reality TV Star
Daxton ButlerDaxton Butler
6, American
YouTube Star

Frank SheeranFrank Sheeran
83, American
Trade unionist

Bob KnightBob Knight
79, American
Basketball coach, Basketball player
Mehcad BrooksMehcad Brooks
39, American

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Soni RazdanSoni Razdan
63, Indian, British
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
62, American

Chad SmithChad Smith
58, American
drummer, musician

Esther DufloEsther Duflo
47, French
Economist, Professor

Rylan Clark-NealRylan Clark-Neal
31, British
TV Presenter
Antony StarrAntony Starr
44, New Zealander
John MatuszakJohn Matuszak
38, American

Shaun Wright-PhillipsShaun Wright-Phillips
38, British
Association football player

Helen ReddyHelen Reddy
78, Australian, American

Persia WhitePersia White
47, American
Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael Richardson
55, American
Actor, Dub actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Pedro MartínezPedro Martínez
48, Dominican
Baseball pitcher

Marion RossMarion Ross
91, American
actor, television actor, stage actor, film actor

Samantha BeeSamantha Bee
50, Canadian
Journalist, Actor, Television actor, Screenwriter

Minnie PearlMinnie Pearl
83, American
Richard E. ByrdRichard E. Byrd
68, American
Explorer, Officer, Oceanographer, Aviator

Jon AndersonJon Anderson
75, British
Singer, Composer
Leslie GrossmanLeslie Grossman
48, American

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of BrabantPrincess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant
18, Belgian

Lamont BentleyLamont Bentley
31, American
Zadie SmithZadie Smith
44, British
Writer, Novelist, Essayist

Phil DanielsPhil Daniels
61, British
Aparna SenAparna Sen
74, Indian

Gale Anne HurdGale Anne Hurd
64, American

Mathieu AmalricMathieu Amalric
54, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Johann Strauss IIJohann Strauss II
73, Austrian

Jack Haley Jr.Jack Haley Jr.
67, American
Film director
Josh HendersonJosh Henderson
38, American

Billy BartyBilly Barty
76, American

Thomas Babington MacaulayThomas Babington Macaulay
59, British

Chris NormanChris Norman
69, British
Darron GibsonDarron Gibson
32, Irish

Chrissy AmphlettChrissy Amphlett
53, Australian
Street artist, Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Michael GregerMichael Greger
47, American
General Practitioner

Bat for LashesBat for Lashes
40, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,

Russ MeyerRuss Meyer
74, American
Baseball Player
Lynn TolerLynn Toler
60, American
Lawyer, Judge

Shakthisree GopalanShakthisree Gopalan
31, Indian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Umesh YadavUmesh Yadav
32, Indian

Perry SaturnPerry Saturn
53, American
Professional wrestler

Chely WrightChely Wright
49, American
singer-songwriter, musician, activist,
Glenn TiptonGlenn Tipton
71, British

Peter AertsPeter Aerts
Kickboxer, Boxer
Michael WestonMichael Weston
46, American

Rosa MendesRosa Mendes
40, Canadian
Professional wrestler, Model

Fritz HaarmannFritz Haarmann
45, German
Serial killer

Glynis BarberGlynis Barber
64, South African
Actor, Film actor, Television actor
Daniele PadelliDaniele Padelli
34, Italian
Association football player
Anita RaniAnita Rani
42, British
journalist, television presenter

Karl PolanyiKarl Polanyi
77, Hungarian
Economist, Anthropologist, Economic historian,

Lawrence KohlbergLawrence Kohlberg
59, American
Psychologist, Academic, Non-fiction writer

Masako NozawaMasako Nozawa
83, Japanese
Jack Kent CookeJack Kent Cooke
84, Canadian, American

Matthias JabsMatthias Jabs
64, German
Composer, Entrepreneur, Guitarist, Songwriter

Funmilayo Ransome-KutiFunmilayo Ransome-Kuti
77, Nigerian
Teacher, Politician, Activist

Levi EshkolLevi Eshkol
73, Israeli, Ukrainian

Wendel ClarkWendel Clark
53, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Melinda McGrawMelinda McGraw
56, American

John Francis DodgeJohn Francis Dodge
55, American
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Anne TylerAnne Tyler
78, American

Ed RobertsonEd Robertson
49, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer
Julia MorleyJulia Morley
80, British
John BerrymanJohn Berryman
57, American
Poet, Writer, University teacher

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 25

The personality traits of October 25th individuals include being strong willed, loyal, decisive and observant. What makes them different from other Scorpion mates is their tendency to be endowed with an ambitious mind and enthusiastic nature. These people are highly innovative, imaginative and receptive and possess a strong creative streak. They have immense concentration power and persuasive capability, which makes them in demand almost everywhere they go.  Due to the organized nature, individuals born on October 25th seek order, discipline and control in everything they do. They have a youthful approach towards life and a proud, self-reliant disposition. Emotionally, these people are affectionate and sympathetic towards the feelings of others.

October 25th born individuals are blessed with an average healthiness. These people usually have a tendency to ignore the symptoms of illness or sickness which causes a hindrance in the overall vitality. One more aspect that affects the healthiness of these individuals is their inability to vent out anger or frustration. Due to the same, they often get stressed out psychologically which impacts the physical being of these individuals. October 25th folks should include some amount of physical exercise such as walking, running, or swimming in their daily routine to channelize their energy in a positive direction. Also, since these people are prone to gaining weight, they should watch out on what they eat, especially sweets.

Financial security is a cakewalk for individuals born on October 25th. More than work satisfaction, it is rate of pay that is the determining factor while making the career choice. As such, monetary issues are never a concern for these individuals. People born on this date pay significant importance to saving and securing the future. Their concentration ability coupled with decision making skills makes them adept at coping with financial matters.

While making a career choice, October 25th individuals pay a lot of importance regarding the rate of pay that the work offers. The occupation that guarantees financial growth as well as security is mostly the correct option for those with this birthday. October 25th born individuals are highly enthusiastic and ambitious. It is these attributes that help these individuals climb the ladder of success. What’s more, high concentration ability, decision-making skills, hard-working nature and a talent to be organized and independent makes these people gain recognition and appreciation at workplace.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships are important to Scorpions born on October 25th. In matters of love and romance, these people are fond of challenges and like to pursue their lover. As such, an ideal mate for these individuals is one who plays hard to get and keeps these people feel excited and challenged. Towards their partner, October 25th individuals are patient, thoughtful and compassionate. They are alert and sensitive to the wishes of their soul mate and generally fond of expressive their love and emotion. A perfect partner is one who helps bring out the sociable and friendly side of these individuals and makes them open and trusting. When in love with someone born on this date, you have to comply with his/her over possessive, occasionally moody and a bit demanding nature. Taking up the responsibility of being parents is a big move for these individuals. As such, they are likely to spend considerable time in measuring their decision. However, once they have decided, they make excellent parents who are equally thoughtful, compassionate and caring as others.

Lucky Color: Dark Green Shades
Lucky Number: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 25