Astrologically, the influence of the planets Venus and Jupiter are solely responsible for forming the probability of the personality of individuals born on October 21st. Both the planets, which are the ruling bodies of the zodiacal group and the actual date respectively, determine the uniqueness and individuality of people of this birthday. October 21st individuals have a charming personality with intelligent communication skills. What’s more, these people have an optimistic attitude towards life which makes them inspirational and interesting folks for people around. However, these people are restless and tend to worry about things due to which they may become quite sulky and argumentative.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian
38, American
Reality TV Star, Model, Socialite
Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher
60, American

Kane BrownKane Brown
25, American
Hope HicksHope Hicks
30, American
PR Consultant

Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu
69, Israeli
Prime Minister of Israel

Amber RoseAmber Rose
35, American
Model, Actress, Rapper
Ken WatanabeKen Watanabe
59, Japanese

Marzia BisogninMarzia Bisognin
26, Italian
YouTube Personality, Fashion Designer
Deng LunDeng Lun
26, Chinese

LaTanya RichardsonLaTanya Richardson
69, American
Actress & Producer
Doja CatDoja Cat
23, American

Alfred NobelAlfred Nobel
63, Swedish
Lee Chong WeiLee Chong Wei
36, Malaysian
Badminton Player
Will EstesWill Estes
40, American

Celia CruzCelia Cruz
77, American
Jade JaggerJade Jagger
47, French, British

Hari NefHari Nef
26, American
Dizzy GillespieDizzy Gillespie
75, American

Liliane BettencourtLiliane Bettencourt
94, French
Businesswoman, Socialite

Benjamin KeoughBenjamin Keough
26, American
Grandson of Elvis Presley
Michael SwangoMichael Swango
64, American
Serial Killer

Leo BurnettLeo Burnett
79, American
Businessman, Advertising Executive
Judith SheindlinJudith Sheindlin
76, American
Judge, Reality TV Personality

Louriza TroncoLouriza Tronco
25, Canadian
Canadian Actress
Alphonse de LamartineAlphonse de Lamartine
78, French

Kaycee RiceKaycee Rice
16, American
Kiera BridgetKiera Bridget
18, British
YouTube star
Samuel ColeridgeSamuel Coleridge
61, British
Poet and Philosopher

Cody JohnsCody Johns
29, American
Vine Star, Actor
Milana CocoMilana Coco
23, Russian
YouTuber, Vlogger

Aisha AtkinsAisha Atkins
41, American
Socialite, Reality TV Star
15, American
Video Gamer

Ursula K. Le GuinUrsula K. Le Guin
89, American
American author of novels

Ricky RubioRicky Rubio
28, Spanish
Spanish basketball player
Shammi KapoorShammi Kapoor
79, Indian, British Indian Ocean Territory

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Samuel Taylor ColeridgeSamuel Taylor Coleridge
61, British
Poet, Philosopher, Theologian, Writer, Literary
Zack GreinkeZack Greinke
35, American
Baseball player

Paul IncePaul Ince
51, British
Association football player
Manfred MannManfred Mann
78, British
jazz musician, pianist, record producer, composer

Josh RitterJosh Ritter
42, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Steve LukatherSteve Lukather
61, American
Guitarist, Singer, Banjoist, Record producer,
Melora WaltersMelora Walters
58, Saudi Arabian, American

Louis KooLouis Koo
Hongwu EmperorHongwu Emperor
69, Chinese

Geoffrey BoycottGeoffrey Boycott
78, British
Rich MullinsRich Mullins
41, American
Singer, Musician, Composer

Steve CropperSteve Cropper
77, American
Record producer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Elvin BishopElvin Bishop
76, American
Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Peter MandelsonPeter Mandelson
65, British

Brent MydlandBrent Mydland
37, American
Musician, Singer
Ronald McNairRonald McNair
35, American
Physicist, Astronaut

Nick OliveriNick Oliveri
47, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist
Francisco GentoFrancisco Gento
85, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Bernard TomicBernard Tomic
26, Australian
Tennis player
Georg SoltiGeorg Solti
84, Hungarian
Conductor, Pianist, Musician, Composer, Music
Sam VokesSam Vokes
29, British
Association football player

Kieran RichardsonKieran Richardson
34, British
Martin GardnerMartin Gardner
95, American
Mathematician, Writer, Journalist, Literary

Damien MartynDamien Martyn
47, Australian
Mike KeenanMike Keenan
69, Canadian
Ice hockey coach, Ice hockey player

Edogawa RanpoEdogawa Ranpo
70, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Literary critic,

Charlotte CaffeyCharlotte Caffey
65, American
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist
Robert PlutchikRobert Plutchik
78, American
Psychologist, Emotion psychologist, University

Nikita MikhalkovNikita Mikhalkov
73, Russian
Ninet TayebNinet Tayeb
35, Israeli
Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Stage actor

Andre GeimAndre Geim
60, British, Russian
Physicist, Inventor, Professor, Scientist
Christopher von UckermannChristopher von Uckermann
32, Mexican
Singer, Television actor, Actor, Songwriter

Ivan SilayevIvan Silayev
88, Russian
Politician, Engineer
Chin PengChin Peng
88, Chinese
Hanif MohammadHanif Mohammad
84, Pakistani

Malcolm ArnoldMalcolm Arnold
84, British
Composer, Trumpeter, Conductor, Jazz musician,
Carin GöringCarin Göring
42, Swedish

Oswald AveryOswald Avery
77, Canadian
Biologist, Physician, Geneticist
David CampeseDavid Campese
56, Australian
Rugby union player

Mary BlairMary Blair
66, American
Artist, animator, designer

Almen AbdiAlmen Abdi
32, Swiss
Association football player
Darius KhondjiDarius Khondji
63, French

Rose McDowallRose McDowall
59, British
Wolfgang KetterleWolfgang Ketterle
61, German
Physicist, University teacher

Yoram GlobusYoram Globus
77, Israeli
Film producer
Henri GuisanHenri Guisan
85, Swiss

John L. HollandJohn L. Holland
89, American
Psychologist, Scientist
Ashwini NachappaAshwini Nachappa
51, Indian
Actor, Athletics competitor
Edmondo De AmicisEdmondo De Amicis
61, Italian
Italian novelist

Alex Ifeanyichukwu EkwuemeAlex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme
85, Nigerian, British
5th Vice President of Nigeria
Marcell JankovicsMarcell Jankovics
77, Hungarian
Film director, Screenwriter

Shane BuntingShane Bunting
47, Canadian
David Ian CampeseDavid Ian Campese
56, Australian

Kimiko MatsuzakaKimiko Matsuzaka
49, Japanese
Adult Film Star, AV idol, Glamor model
Éric ChahiÉric Chahi
51, French
Game designer

Nemanja VidićNemanja Vidić
37, Serbian
Serbian footballer

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 21

October 21st individuals are the most active among their counterparts. These people are excellent communicators and have the ability to impress people through their charming mannerism and intelligent disposition. Optimistic and futuristic, October 21st folks have a modern instinctive outlook which helps them to plan ahead. They are outgoing and friendly towards people with varied interests. Endowed with a breezy, light-hearted and highly understanding nature, these people are good at negotiating and offering advice to people. Another ability that makes these people unique is their highly inventive and imaginative mind and their inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn. These attributes make these people a leader rather than a follower. Overall, October 21st individuals possess a naturally eloquent, tactful and caring temperament and strongly seek harmony in everything.

The general health of individuals born on October 21st is mostly decent. They may experience ill health and weight gain problems due to their liking for rich food and a proneness to indulge in sweets.  October 21st individuals need to indulge in a regular fitness routine to stay disciplined and healthy. Walking would prove to be beneficial as it not only helps these individuals stay physically fit, but also minimizes stress levels. Also, these individuals need to check on their sleep patterns as they are prone to bouts of insomnia due to emotional stress. Being emotionally relaxed is quintessential for those born on this date to stay happy and healthy.

The financial stability or security is not a matter of concern for individuals having their birthday on October 21st. As such, rate of pay or a high payscale is never the guiding force towards making a professional choice for these individuals. Though they are not concerned about money, once in a while, they do tend to spend impulsively and are reluctant to save for the future. Due to this, they can suffer from a financial crises situation occasionally.

Having a definite or a single career is mostly not applicable to those born on October 21st. These people are extremely versatile in nature and have a strong personality. Due to the same, they get bored by monotony of work very early and look forward to switching jobs frequently, their multi-talented approach helping them in the same. Since these people are leaders by birth, they take up the same position at work as well. Additionally, born under the Libra sign, October 21st individuals are blessed with a balancing nature and hence are ideally suited for managerial positions or vocations with loads of responsibilities.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Librans born on October 21st are extremely sensitive and as such, love to be pampered and spoiled by their family, friends, and lover. These people have an idealistic view of romance and are the perfectionist types who truly believe in romance. An ideal mate for these individuals is one who exceeds the high expectations of these individuals and stimulates them intellectually as well as mentally. In the romantic association, these people are adventurous, fun-loving and spontaneous. They seek for a loyal and trustworthy soul mate. Though these people need a partner who shares their ambitions and hobbies, the soul mate should not be an interfering one and should understand their need for space. In matters of children, October 21st individuals are sensitive. They are fun-loving and more of companions towards their little ones.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Number: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30