The typified personality traits of individuals born on October 19 are dependent on the planetary position of the celestial bodies, Sun and Venus. While Sun is the ruler of the birth date of these individuals, Venus governs the zodiacal group to which they belong. Together, they determine the uniqueness and individuality of those born on this date. October 19 individuals are blessed with an open mind and fair imagination. They have a lively persuasiveness and persistence in them which makes them unique and distinct. Despite the positive traits of the personality, these individuals can be stubborn, critical and outspoken in an emotionally upsetting situation. These people are also susceptible to getting angry and impatient once in a while.

Jon FavreauJon Favreau
53, American
Rebecca FergusonRebecca Ferguson
36, Swedish

John LithgowJohn Lithgow
74, American

Trey ParkerTrey Parker
50, American

Michael GambonMichael Gambon
79, Irish, British

Gillian JacobsGillian Jacobs
37, American
Lil DurkLil Durk
27, American

Brendan DasseyBrendan Dassey
30, American
Convicted Murderer

Sam AllardyceSam Allardyce
65, British
Football Manager

Joyce VincentJoyce Vincent
38, British
Omar GoodingOmar Gooding
43, American

Ty PenningtonTy Pennington
55, American
TV Host

Art ParkinsonArt Parkinson
18, Irish

Peter ToshPeter Tosh
42, Jamaican
Reggae Musician
Floyd Mayweather Sr.Floyd Mayweather Sr.
67, American

Amy CarterAmy Carter
52, American
Jimmy Carter's Daughter
LaWanda PageLaWanda Page
81, American

Breaux GreerBreaux Greer
43, American
Olympic Athlete

Stephen WardStephen Ward
50, British
Accused in the Profumo Affair scandal
Ken StottKen Stott
65, British, Scottish

Michael SteeleMichael Steele
61, American
Peter MaxPeter Max
82, American
American artist

Jim RogersJim Rogers
77, American
American businessman

Tracy GriffithTracy Griffith
54, American

Drew DoberDrew Dober
31, American
Mixed Martial Artist
Leigh HuntLeigh Hunt
74, British
English Essayist, Poet & Critic
Cheyenne FloydCheyenne Floyd
27, American
Reality TV Personality

Carlo UrbaniCarlo Urbani
46, Italian

Jean DaussetJean Dausset
92, French

Muhammad Ali BograMuhammad Ali Bogra
53, Pakistani
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Arzaylea RodriguezArzaylea Rodriguez
25, American
Social Media Personality

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Auguste LumièreAuguste Lumière
91, French
Inventor of cinematograph

Sam PottorffSam Pottorff
24, American
Vlogger, YouTube Personality

Candice PoolCandice Pool
42, South African
Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur

Tanner ZagarinoTanner Zagarino
21, American
Model, Instagram star, Blogger
Gabby MurrayGabby Murray
18, American
TikTok Star

Miguel Ãngel AsturiasMiguel Ãngel Asturias
74, Guamanian
Maria ShabalinMaria Shabalin
17, American
TikTok ( & Instagram Personality

Kayden StephensonKayden Stephenson
23, American

Ryan MinajRyan Minaj
25, American
Philip PullmanPhilip Pullman
73, British
Writer, Novelist, University teacher, Playwright,

Evander HolyfieldEvander Holyfield
57, American
Sunny DeolSunny Deol
63, Indian
Actor, Film director, Film producer

Jason ReitmanJason Reitman
42, Canadian, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor

Chris KattanChris Kattan
49, American

Louis OosthuizenLouis Oosthuizen
37, South African

David LabravaDavid Labrava
57, American
Desmond HarringtonDesmond Harrington
43, American

Sylvia BrowneSylvia Browne
77, American
Essayist, Psychic

Verónica CastroVerónica Castro
67, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Presenter

Jonathan HaidtJonathan Haidt
56, American
John EdwardJohn Edward
50, American

Steve DoocySteve Doocy
63, American
television personality
José BautistaJosé Bautista
39, Dominican

Vanessa MarshallVanessa Marshall
50, American
Actor, Model

Yakubu GowonYakubu Gowon
85, Indian, Nigerian
Politician, Military personnel
Joe BryantJoe Bryant
65, American
Basketball Players

Gökhan SakiGökhan Saki
36, Turkish
Kickboxer, Mixed martial artist, Thai boxer
Gloria JonesGloria Jones
74, American

Nauheed CyrusiNauheed Cyrusi
37, Austrian, Irish, Indian, British

Kool KeithKool Keith
56, American
Jennifer HollidayJennifer Holliday
59, American

Lewis MumfordLewis Mumford
94, American
Architect, Historian of technology, Historian,
Grover NorquistGrover Norquist
63, American

Russell KirkRussell Kirk
75, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, Literary critic,

Juanita MooreJuanita Moore
99, American

Heikki KovalainenHeikki Kovalainen
38, Finnish
Formula One driver
Thomas BrowneThomas Browne
77, British
Philosopher, Writer
Umberto BoccioniUmberto Boccioni
33, Italian
Painter, Sculptor, Artist

Marsilio FicinoMarsilio Ficino
65, Italian
Philosopher, Writer, Cleric, Astrologer, Poet

Angus DeatonAngus Deaton
74, British, American
Economist, Professor

Gunnar NordahlGunnar Nordahl
73, Swedish
Association football player, Association football
Red McCombsRed McCombs
92, American

James BevelJames Bevel
72, American

Hal B. WallisHal B. Wallis
87, American
Film producer

Mansha PashaMansha Pasha
32, Pakistani

Vinicius de MoraesVinicius de Moraes
66, Brazilian
Poet, Singer, Composer, Journalist, Diplomat,
DJ SammyDJ Sammy
50, Spanish
Club DJ, Disc jockey

False Dmitriy IFalse Dmitriy I
50, Russian
Jean Bastien-ThiryJean Bastien-Thiry
35, French
Engineer, Aerospace engineer, Military personnel

Emil GilelsEmil Gilels
68, Russian

Walter Bradford CannonWalter Bradford Cannon
73, American
Charles E. MerrillCharles E. Merrill
70, American

Gerrard WinstanleyGerrard Winstanley
66, British
Religious Reformer
Li YuanhongLi Yuanhong
63, Chinese

George FentonGeorge Fenton
69, British
Actor, Composer, Musician, Music educator, Film

Ben FlowerBen Flower
32, Welsh
Rugby league player, Rugby union player

Karl WallingerKarl Wallinger
62, British
Record producer, Music publisher
Jérémy ChatelainJérémy Chatelain
35, French

Bronwyn BishopBronwyn Bishop
77, Australian
Politician, Solicitor
Raúl TamudoRaúl Tamudo
42, Spanish
Association football player

Dave GuardDave Guard
56, American
Singer, Banjoist, Singer-songwriter, Composer,
Anna GalvinAnna Galvin
50, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Nir BarkatNir Barkat
60, Israeli
Politician, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Yeslam bin LadinYeslam bin Ladin
69, Saudi Arabian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 19

Endowed with a persuasive charm and grace, individuals born on October 20th are unique in their disposition and mannerism. They have an imaginative mind and a warm, thoughtful nature. Like most Librans, these people bank on their high moralistic standard and ideals and have a balanced approach in life. They are worshippers of justice and equality and like everything to be fair and unbiased. What makes them different from their zodiacal counterparts is their conscientious, competitive side and elegant and good mannerism. Individuals with an October the nineteenth birthday possess a naturally curious broad mind, firm yet flexible opinions and a strong craving for knowledge. Overall, these people are quite cheerful and enthusiastic with an outgoing and sociable side to their individuality.

Healthcare issues frequently pop up in the life of individuals born on October 19. This is mainly due to their likelihood to take health a tad bit casually. Though these individuals look for a healthy lifestyle, they more often than not make a wrong dietary choice which is the direct result of their preference for sweets. Watching on this diet by planning meal times is a good way to ensure stability. Also, since these people are prone to sensitivity, minor allergies and skin irritation would be a constant problem for those with this birthdate. Another possible health weakness for October 18 folks is bladder and kidney problem. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking adequate rest would help solve the problem.

Financially, individuals born on nineteenth of October are stable and secure. Being business minded, these people are sensible and bold in their decisions related to money. Not only this, they are alert to the opportunities to generate extra income. Saving is one of the foremost concerns of those with this birthday. These people are likely to save their money for future use rather than satiate their craving for impulsive shopping.

More than a high pay scale, it is personal satisfaction that matters to individuals born on October 19. These people look forward to make a contribution to the society and thus, base their job choice according to their priority. Blessed with a natural warmth and thoughtfulness, these individuals do well in caring professions or one that includes a public service role. Whatever the choice it, their diligence, good mannerism and cheery enthusiasm makes them succeed in their chosen employment.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Individuals born on October 19th possess an idealistic view of romance. These people look for a partner with whom they can share their joys and sorrows. Emotionally, they need a lot of affection and attention from their better half. As such, these people look for a soul mate who fulfils their demand and is utmost caring and loveable. However, this does not mean that October 19 individuals are demanding in the relationship. They are, in fact, incredibly loving and intensely loyal and dedicated to their partner. They value the special closeness and enjoy the intimate sharing element of a personal relationship. The romance and love quotient runs high when they are around. October 20th individuals mostly have a harmonious relationship as they are great listeners and communicators. They are generous in case of love and indulge in displaying spontaneous gestures of love. As far as parenting is concerned, these people are strict disciplinarians. However, they can be indulgent as well if the situation demands.  

Lucky Color: Copper, Gold
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19