The astrological influence of Venus is said to determine the individuality and uniqueness of individuals born on October 15. Since Venus is both the ruler of the zodiac sign and the date in which these individuals are born, it casts a powerful influence on the personality traits and characteristic of those born on this date. Talking about the positive attributes, October 15 individuals are charming by nature with a lively spirit. They are generous, kind and patient towards others which makes them sociable and friendly. Other fortes include witty and intelligent mind and strong communication skills. The negative attributes of these individuals are mostly triggered by periods of loneliness and solitude. In such circumstances, these people can either be extremely tearful or overconfident.

Anthony JoshuaAnthony Joshua
29, British
Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche
55, German
Philosopher and Philologist

Lee IacoccaLee Iacocca
94, American

Bailee MadisonBailee Madison
19, American
T.V. Actress

Dominic WestDominic West
49, British

Michel FoucaultMichel Foucault
57, French
French philosopher
Vanessa MarcilVanessa Marcil
50, American

A.P.J. Abdul KalamA.P.J. Abdul Kalam
83, Indian
Former President of India

Tanya RobertsTanya Roberts
63, American

Keyshia ColeKeyshia Cole
37, American
Linda LavinLinda Lavin
81, American
Singer, Actress

Fela KutiFela Kuti
58, Nigerian
Virgil Virgil
51, Ancient Roman

Emeril LagasseEmeril Lagasse
59, American
Chef, Restaurateur

Dominic SandovalDominic Sandoval
33, American
Sebastián YatraSebastián Yatra
24, Colombian

Tito JacksonTito Jackson
65, American
Mario PuzoMario Puzo
78, American
Novelist, Screenwriter

Paul Walter HauserPaul Walter Hauser
32, American

Malu TrevejoMalu Trevejo
16, Cuban, Spanish, American
Instagram Star
Kiko MizuharaKiko Mizuhara
28, Japanese, American
Actress, Model

Stephen TompkinsonStephen Tompkinson
53, British
Mohammed Zahir ShahMohammed Zahir Shah
92, Afghan
Former King of Afghanistan

John Kenneth GalbraithJohn Kenneth Galbraith
97, Canadian

Marie StopesMarie Stopes
77, British
Paleobotanist & Women’s Rights Activists

David TrimbleDavid Trimble
74, British
First Minister of Northern Ireland
Evangelista TorricelliEvangelista Torricelli
39, Italian
Sali BerishaSali Berisha
74, Albanian
Former President & Prime Minister of Albania

Lil' KleineLil' Kleine
24, Dutch

Mervyn LeRoyMervyn LeRoy
86, American
Film Director and Producer

Arthur M SchlesingerArthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
89, American
Robert BenchleyRobert Benchley
55, American

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Jarrod SchulzJarrod Schulz
41, American
Reality TV Star

Ted LernerTed Lerner
93, American
Real Estate Developer

Mesut OzilMesut Ozil
30, German

19, American
P G WodehouseP G Wodehouse
93, British, American
Playwright and Author

Kimberly SchlapmanKimberly Schlapman
49, American
Singer, Chef
Spencer OwenSpencer Owen
30, British
YouTuber, Gamer

Zephan ClarkZephan Clark
17, British
TikTok ( Star

Lee Dong-haeLee Dong-hae
32, South Korean
Sophia BirlemSophia Birlem
14, American
Instagram Star

William Christopher ZeiseWilliam Christopher Zeise
58, Danish
Organic Chemist
William BrentWilliam Brent
23, American

Yoon Jong shinYoon Jong shin
49, South Korean

Serena Skov CampbellSerena Skov Campbell
30, Danish
Girlfriend Of Aziz Ansari

Penny MarshallPenny Marshall
75, American

Eric BenétEric Benét
52, American
Andy ColeAndy Cole
47, British

Andy ColeAndy Cole
47, British

David TrezeguetDavid Trezeguet
41, French
Association football player

Digangana SuryavanshiDigangana Suryavanshi
21, Indian
Television actor, Singer
Sarah FergusonSarah Ferguson
59, British

Nicky BarnesNicky Barnes
85, American
Drug lord
Prannoy RoyPrannoy Roy
69, Indian

48, American

Michael LewisMichael Lewis
58, American
John L. SullivanJohn L. Sullivan
59, American

Chris de BurghChris de Burgh
70, Argentinian, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Songwriter
Didier DeschampsDidier Deschamps
50, French
Association football player, Association football

Hulagu KhanHulagu Khan
46, Iranian
Mongol ruler

Mira NairMira Nair
61, Indian
Actor, Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter
Peter GottiPeter Gotti
79, American

Prince Christian of DenmarkPrince Christian of Denmark
13, Danish
Joni Eareckson TadaJoni Eareckson Tada
69, American

Carol II of RomaniaCarol II of Romania
59, Portuguese

Jere BurnsJere Burns
64, American

Italo CalvinoItalo Calvino
61, Italian, American
Writer, Poet, Politician, Journalist, Reporter,
29, Italian
Rapper, Record producer
Bruno SennaBruno Senna
35, Brazilian
Racing driver

Blaine GabbertBlaine Gabbert
29, American
American football player

Jorge CamposJorge Campos
52, Mexican
Association football player, Association football

44, Ancient Roman
Poet, philosopher, writer
Frederick William IV of PrussiaFrederick William IV of Prussia
65, German

Xi ZhongxunXi Zhongxun
88, Chinese

Frederick FleetFrederick Fleet
77, British

Vyacheslav GlazkovVyacheslav Glazkov
34, Ukrainian

Mikhail LermontovMikhail Lermontov
26, Russian
Jaci VelasquezJaci Velasquez
39, American
Singer, Actor, Musician

Fred HoibergFred Hoiberg
46, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach
38, American

Chris CunninghamChris Cunningham
Film director, Film editor

Jimmy LinJimmy Lin
44, Taiwanese
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Racecar driver
Ola KamaraOla Kamara
29, Norwegian
Association football player

Paul ReynaudPaul Reynaud
87, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Stanley FischerStanley Fischer
75, Israeli, American
Economist, Educationist, Writer, Professor, Banker

Vítor BaíaVítor Baía
49, Portuguese

Elena DementievaElena Dementieva
37, Russian
Tennis player

Tom BoonenTom Boonen
38, Belgian
Sport cyclist
Bai JingtingBai Jingting
25, Chinese

Hubert DreyfusHubert Dreyfus
89, American
Philosopher, University teacher
Moshe SharettMoshe Sharett
70, Israeli, Ukrainian
Politician, Diplomat, Translator

43, Indian
Roscoe TannerRoscoe Tanner
67, American
Tennis player

Götz OttoGötz Otto
51, German
Actor, Racecar driver
Irvin McDowellIrvin McDowell
66, American

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 15

Individuals born on October 15 are blessed with the usual Libran charm and stylish good taste. These people are energetic and enthusiastic in their approach and have strong communication skills. Kind, generous and complimenting, October 15 borns are quite independent with a tendency to speak their mind. What is unique about them is their compromising ability. They are quick to apologise their mistake and do not have any ego hassles. October 15 individuals have a natural penchant for natural beauty and a preference for harmonious surroundings. Like other Librans, they crave for attention and are sociable by nature. These people hate solitude and isolation and instead prefer to be amidst loved ones.

The general healthiness of individuals born on October 15 is robust and sound. This is mainly because of their enthusiastic nature and a typical zestfulness of life. However, these people need to watch out on their diet to stay healthy and blessed. October 15 folks have an affinity for sweet and find sensibly eating difficult. As such, they more than often miss out on the essential nutrients required for the daily living. Including exercise in the daily routine would go a long way in ensuring good health. However, these people must be cautious while exercising as they are prone to lower back problem.

Call them spendthrift, call them impulsive, October 15 individuals love to go over the board when it comes to spending money. As such, more often than not they spend far beyond their budgeted plan. This attitude is mostly prevalent in the youth days, but gets mellowed when these people settle down in a relationship. They learn the art of handling money with time and start becoming more responsible financially.

Lack of confidence can come in way of October 15th folks making job choice a difficult decision to make. However, their friendly disposition coupled with a flexible approach makes these people adept at learning new skills. Also, October 15 people are great at communicating thought, beliefs and ideas and have a naturally charming disposition which assists them in finding a suitable career option.  Whatever they choose, these people have the ability to excel in the task they take up and work hard to make a bright and shinning future.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Romantically, October 15th folks are idealistic people with a sentimental mind-set about love and passion. These people hate to be in solitude and appreciate togetherness and intimacy. They need a partner who admires and pampers them. Being flattered by compliments, gifts and romantic gestures is also enjoyed by those born on this day. Though these people have a flirtatious attitude, once committed, they stay true to their partner. In a long terms relationship, October 15 individuals are intensely loyal and loving. They are also fair-minded and have a forgiving attitude which helps them in maintain the stability of the relationship. October 15 individuals make excellent parents. They adhere to every wish, demand and desire of their children and work hard to make life a smooth sail for the little ones.  

Lucky Color: White, Cream, Rose, Pink
Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51,
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 15, 24