Famous People From North Dakota
Being the 39th state of the United States of America, North Dakota is situated in the Upper Midwestern region of the country. Although the capital of North Dakota is Bismarck, the largest city of the state is Fargo. It is often referred to as ‘Peace Garden State’ or ‘Roughrider State’. A recent boom in oil extraction in the state has resulted in population increase and low unemployment. The state enjoys a continental climate with extreme conditions such as hot summers and cold winters. Several famous personalities have been born and raised in the state of North Dakota. The ever-so-popular rapper Wiz Khalifa was born in North Dakota. Numerous well-known actors such as Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Kellen Lutz and Angie Dickinson are all from this state. The state of North Dakota has produced some famous musicians as well, such as the likes of Johnny Lang, Bobby Vee and Peggy Lee also call North Dakota their homes. North Dakota has also shaped many athletes and sportsman. MLB catcher Chris Coste is a fine example of sportsmen from North Dakota. Even astronaut James Buchli hails from this state. Keep reading to know all the other eminent celebrities who are from North Dakota & celebs born in North Dakota.
Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa
08 September 1987, American
American Rapper & Songwriter
Josh Duhamel Josh Duhamel
14 November 1972, American

Leslie BibbLeslie Bibb
17 November 1974, American
Actress, Model

Leslie StefansonLeslie Stefanson
10 May 1971, American
Actress, Model, Artist, Sculptor

Kellan LutzKellan Lutz
15 March 1985, American
Actor, Model

Lawrence WelkLawrence Welk
11 March 1903, American
Alan RitchsonAlan Ritchson
28 November 1984, American
Actor, Model, Singer, Songwriter

Bobby VeeBobby Vee
30 April 1943, American

Charlie KorsmoCharlie Korsmo
20 July 1978, American
Former Child Actor

Shadoe StevensShadoe Stevens
03 November 1947, American
Radio Host
Susan GestonSusan Geston
1953 AD, American
Jeff Bridges’ Wife

Cara MundCara Mund
1994 AD, American
Miss America 2018
Aarika WolfAarika Wolf
24 March 1994, American

Angie DickinsonAngie Dickinson
30 September 1931, American
American actress

Peggy LeePeggy Lee
26 May 1920, American
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Jazz
Gary JohnsonGary Johnson
01 January 1953, American

Owen KingOwen King
21 February 1977, American
Leonard PeltierLeonard Peltier
12 September 1944, American

Lynn AndersonLynn Anderson
26 September 1947, American
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Television actor

Jonny LangJonny Lang
29 January 1981, American
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter
Ann SothernAnn Sothern
22 January 1909, American
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Doug McDermottDoug McDermott
03 January 1992, American
Basketball player
Mark DriscollMark Driscoll
11 October 1970, American
Pastor, Writer

Paula BroadwellPaula Broadwell
09 November 1972, American
journalist, biographer

Warren ChristopherWarren Christopher
17 October 1925, American

Kevin CramerKevin Cramer
21 January 1961, American
Neal D. BarnardNeal D. Barnard
1953 AD, American
physician, psychiatrist, jazz musician, jazz
CariDee EnglishCariDee English
22 May 1984, American
Model, actor

Nicole LinkletterNicole Linkletter
27 February 1985, American

John HoevenJohn Hoeven
13 March 1957, American

James M. McPhersonJames M. McPherson
11 October 1936, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer
Clyfford StillClyfford Still
30 November 1904, American

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Greg RaymerGreg Raymer
25 June 1964, American
Poker player

Travis HafnerTravis Hafner
03 June 1977, American
Baseball Player

James RosenquistJames Rosenquist
29 November 1933, American

Mancur OlsonMancur Olson
22 January 1932, American
Economist, Political scientist, University
Michael LeeMichael Lee
19 November 1969, British
songwriter, drummer

Clint HillClint Hill
04 January 1932, American
Special agent
Arnold Eric SevareidArnold Eric Sevareid
26 November 1912, American
Commentator, Journalist, Screenwriter