Whether you are looking for a backpacking adventure or an exotic escape or just wish to brush up on your general intelligence quotient, having Nicaragua on your list will expose you to a world of new possibilities and newer perceptions. Boasting of indigenous history, culture and cuisine this ‘land of lakes and volcanoes’ has plenty of attractions to offer to anyone who has the nerve and the verve to explore this tropical hotspot. Besides its jaw-dropping Colonial architecture, picturesque volcanic landscape, spine-chilling past, and warm-hearted locals, Nicaragua ranks high when it comes to its reservoir of talented and famous men and women. That is right! From politics to literature, the Nicaraguans have stamped their excellence in myriad fields and how. Without further ado, let us explore the treasury of famous Nicaraguans and discover all about their lives, trials, and tribulations through their timelines, trivia, and facts chronicled in their biographies below.
Bianca JaggerBianca Jagger
02 May 1945
Daniel OrtegaDaniel Ortega
11 November 1945
President of Nicaragua

Ricardo MayorgaRicardo Mayorga
03 October 1973
Professional Boxer, MMA

Augusto César SandinoAugusto César Sandino
18 May 1895
Nicaraguan revolutionary Leader

Rubén DaríoRubén Darío
18 January 1867

Anastasio Somoza GarcíaAnastasio Somoza García
01 February 1896
President of Nicaragua
Violeta ChamorroVioleta Chamorro
18 October 1929
Political leader

Ernesto CardenalErnesto Cardenal
20 January 1925
Poet, Revolutionary, Politician, Priest

Arnoldo AlemánArnoldo Alemán
23 January 1946
President of Nicaragua
Enrique BolañosEnrique Bolaños
13 May 1928
Former President of Nicaragua

Anastasio Somoza DebayleAnastasio Somoza Debayle
05 December 1925
Alexis ArguelloAlexis Arguello
19 April 1952

Luis Somoza DebayleLuis Somoza Debayle
18 November 1922

José Santos ZelayaJosé Santos Zelaya
01 November 1853

Juan Bautista SacasaJuan Bautista Sacasa
21 December 1874
Political figure

Tomás BorgeTomás Borge
13 August 1930
Adolfo CaleroAdolfo Calero
22 December 1931

Claribel AlegríaClaribel Alegría
12 May 1924

Emiliano Chamorro VargasEmiliano Chamorro Vargas
11 May 1871
Political Leader

Nora AstorgaNora Astorga
10 December 1948
Fernando CardenalFernando Cardenal
26 January 1934

Pablo Antonio CuadraPablo Antonio Cuadra
04 November 1912
Román y Reyes, Víctor ManuelRomán y Reyes, Víctor Manuel
13 October 1872
president of Nicaragua

Emilio Álvarez MontalvánEmilio Álvarez Montalván
31 July 1919

Patrick Joseph Frawley, Jr.Patrick Joseph Frawley, Jr.
26 May 1923