Don’t go by the size of Nepal - instead, go by its heights! Nepal is home to eight of the ten world’s highest mountains, all within merely 143,000 sq kms area. Unbelievable as this may seem to be, Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world lies in Nepal and so does Tilicho Lake, the highest lake on earth. A landlocked mountainous country, Nepal proffers travellers with its spectacular landscape, alluring mountain peaks and mesmerizing lakes. But there is more to this beautiful country than its stunning natural beauty – its nationals. Nepal is home to amazingly talented men and women who are the true jewels of the country. These nationals have through their work and life helped Nepal gain an important position on the world map. Right from Prithvi Narayan Shah who was the founder of Nepal and till date referred to as the most famous King of Nepal to Narayan Gopal, the Sur Samrat or the King of Vocals of Nepal, the bold, courageous and valiant Pasang Lhama Sherpa who became the first Nepali women to conquer Mount Everest to Tenzing Norgay the first mountaineer to stand atop Everest alongside Sir Edmund Hillary, the list is endless. Go through this section and find out in details about famous Nepalese and their contributions.
Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha
0563 BC
Founder of Buddhism
Tenzing NorgayTenzing Norgay
29 May 1914

Sandeep LamichhaneSandeep Lamichhane
02 August 2000

Chandra Bahadur DangiChandra Bahadur Dangi
30 November 1939
Shortest Adult Male in Recorded History

Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Birendra of Nepal
28 December 1945
11th King of Nepal

Anatoli BoukreevAnatoli Boukreev
16 January 1958
Begum Hazrat MahalBegum Hazrat Mahal
1820 AD
Wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah

Jung Bahadur Rana Jung Bahadur Rana
18 June 1816
Former Ruler & Prime Minister of Nepal

Girija Prasad Koirala Girija Prasad Koirala
04 July 1924
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Baburam BhattaraiBaburam Bhattarai
18 June 1954
35th Prime Minister of Nepal
Sushil KoiralaSushil Koirala
12 August 1939
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Prachanda Prachanda
11 December 1954
Prime Minister of Nepal
Krishna Prasad Bhattarai Krishna Prasad Bhattarai
24 December 1924
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Gyanendra of NepalGyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
07 July 1947
Former King of Nepal

Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah DevMahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
11 June 1920
Former King of Nepal
Manisha KoiralaManisha Koirala
16 August 1970

Udit NarayanUdit Narayan
01 December 1955
Playback Singer
Mala SinhaMala Sinha
11 November 1936

Gyanendra of NepalGyanendra of Nepal
07 July 1947

Yama BuddhaYama Buddha
30 May 1987
Music Department,Actor,Soundtrack
Amrita AchariaAmrita Acharia
31 July 1987

Peter AufschnaiterPeter Aufschnaiter
02 November 1899
Explorer, Cartographer, Geographer, Rock climber
Binod ChaudharyBinod Chaudhary
14 April 1955

Mahendra of NepalMahendra of Nepal
11 June 1920

Apa SherpaApa Sherpa
1960 AD

Prashant TamangPrashant Tamang
04 January 1983
Singer, Actor
Ram Baran YadavRam Baran Yadav
04 February 1948
Pasang Lhamu SherpaPasang Lhamu Sherpa
10 December 1961

Babu Chiri SherpaBabu Chiri Sherpa
22 June 1965

0573 BC

Ang RitaAng Rita
1948 AD
Jigme Khesar Namgyal WangchuckJigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck
21 February 1980
Druk Gyalpo

Tul Bahadur PunTul Bahadur Pun
23 March 1923
Military personnel

Nawang GombuNawang Gombu
01 May 1936