Famous People From Nepal
A landlocked country located along the Himalayan range, Nepal is a mountainous country of South Asia. Address of eight of ten tallest mountains of the world, it has become an important country on the world map in terms of landscape and terrain. Nepal was a constitutional monarchy for the better part of its history. Ruled by the Shah dynasty since 1768, it was only in 2008 that the politics of the country took a detour to set the foundation for a Republic of Nepal to be formed. The topsy-turvy phase of Nepal began in 1996 when the Communist demanded for the takeover of the royal parliamentary system by People’s Republic. The 2001 royal massacre which led to the death of the King Birendra and subsequent enthronement of King Gyanendra saw the last phase of monarchy. With the democracy movement engulfing the entire nation, King Gyanendra finally relinquished all his sovereign powers and Nepal became Republic of Nepal. In the post-monarchial phase, Nepal has witnessed numerous political tensions and power-sharing battles. Governments have toppled and new political mandates have been ordered. Dr Ram Baran Yadav took up as the first President of Nepal. In 2015, he announced a new Constitution of Nepal which has transformed the country into a federally democratic republic. With this segment, find out in detail about famous Nepalese leaders.
Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha
0563 BC
Founder of Buddhism
Girija Prasad Koirala Girija Prasad Koirala
04 July 1924
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Begum Hazrat MahalBegum Hazrat Mahal
1820 AD
Wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah

Jung Bahadur Rana Jung Bahadur Rana
18 June 1816
Former Ruler & Prime Minister of Nepal

Baburam BhattaraiBaburam Bhattarai
18 June 1954
35th Prime Minister of Nepal

Sushil KoiralaSushil Koirala
12 August 1939
Former Prime Minister of Nepal
Prachanda Prachanda
11 December 1954
Prime Minister of Nepal

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai Krishna Prasad Bhattarai
24 December 1924
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Gyanendra of NepalGyanendra of Nepal
07 July 1947
Binod ChaudharyBinod Chaudhary
14 April 1955

Ram Baran YadavRam Baran Yadav
04 February 1948
0573 BC

Man Mohan AdhikariMan Mohan Adhikari
09 June 1920
Prime minister of Nepal

Ganesh Man SinghGanesh Man Singh
09 November 1915
Political leader

Jigme Khesar Namgyal WangchuckJigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck
21 February 1980
Druk Gyalpo