Throughout history, there have been many Mexican women film & theater personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Mexican female film & theater personalities such as Salma Hayek, Kate del Castillo, Stephanie Sigman, Maite Perroni, Karol Sevilla.
Salma HayekSalma Hayek
02 September 1966, Mexican, American
Eiza GonzálezEiza González
30 January 1990, Mexican

Lupita Nyong'oLupita Nyong'o
01 March 1983, Kenyan, Mexican

Kate del CastilloKate del Castillo
23 October 1972, Mexican

Sara RamirezSara Ramirez
31 August 1975, Mexican, American

Danna PaolaDanna Paola
23 June 1995, Mexican
Stephanie SigmanStephanie Sigman
28 February 1987, Mexican, American

Laura HarringLaura Harring
03 March 1964, Mexican, American

Maite PerroniMaite Perroni
09 March 1983, Mexican
Actress, Singer
Karol SevillaKarol Sevilla
09 November 1999, Mexican
Actress, Singer

Ona GrauerOna Grauer
16 November 1975, Canadian, Mexican
Paulina GotoPaulina Goto
29 July 1991, Mexican

Barbara MoriBarbara Mori
02 February 1978, Mexican
Film actress

Patricia Azarcoya ArcePatricia Azarcoya Arce
 , Mexican
Actress & TV Producer

Africa ZavalaAfrica Zavala
12 August 1985, Mexican

Yasmi MendeguiaYasmi Mendeguia
28 December 1996, Argentinian, Mexican
Karla SouzaKarla Souza
11 December 1985, Mexican

Camila SodiCamila Sodi
14 May 1986, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Model

Ana Brenda ContrerasAna Brenda Contreras
24 December 1986, Mexican

Ana de la RegueraAna de la Reguera
08 April 1977, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Model
Aislinn DerbezAislinn Derbez
18 March 1986, Mexican

Olivia HarrisonOlivia Harrison
18 May 1948, Mexican, British, American
Martha HigaredaMartha Higareda
24 August 1983, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Screenwriter

Dolores del RíoDolores del Río
03 August 1905, Mexican
singer, dancer, stage actor, film actor,

Lupe VélezLupe Vélez
18 July 1908, Mexican
Film actor, Stage actor
Melina PerezMelina Perez
09 March 1979, Mexican, American

Adriana BarrazaAdriana Barraza
05 March 1956, Mexican
Television actor, Actor, Film actor
Aracely ArámbulaAracely Arámbula
06 March 1975, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Model

Esperanza BaurEsperanza Baur
1924 AD, Mexican

Katy JuradoKaty Jurado
16 January 1924, Mexican
Actor, Journalist, Critic, Television actor, Film
Victoria RuffoVictoria Ruffo
31 May 1962, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

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Verónica CastroVerónica Castro
19 October 1952, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Presenter
Paulina RubioPaulina Rubio
17 June 1971, Mexican

María FélixMaría Félix
08 April 1914, Mexican

Belinda PeregrínBelinda Peregrín
15 August 1989, Spanish, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Pianist, Television actor, Model,

Alessandra RosaldoAlessandra Rosaldo
11 September 1971, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor
Linda ChristianLinda Christian
13 November 1923, Mexican
Actor, Film actor
Natalia Cordova-BuckleyNatalia Cordova-Buckley
25 November 1982, Mexican, American

Dulce MaríaDulce María
06 December 1985, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Composer, Poet, Vedette, Television

Yalitza AparicioYalitza Aparicio
11 December 1993, Mexican

Angélica RiveraAngélica Rivera
02 August 1969, Mexican
Television actor, Politician, Actor, Model
Silvia PinalSilvia Pinal
12 September 1931, Mexican
Politician, Television actor, Film actor, Stage

Elpidia CarrilloElpidia Carrillo
16 August 1961, Mexican
Actor, Camera operator, Film actor

Ximena SariñanaXimena Sariñana
29 October 1985, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Television actor,

Silvia NavarroSilvia Navarro
14 September 1978, Mexican
Actor, Television actor

Kitten NatividadKitten Natividad
13 February 1948, Mexican
Adult Film Star, actor, model, glamour model,
Ludwika PaletaLudwika Paleta

Alejandra GuzmánAlejandra Guzmán
09 February 1968, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor
Jacqueline BracamontesJacqueline Bracamontes
23 December 1979, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Model, Beauty pageant

Mayrín VillanuevaMayrín Villanueva

Itatí CantoralItatí Cantoral
13 May 1975, Mexican
singer, television actor, film actor, stage actor
Blanca SotoBlanca Soto
05 January 1979, Mexican
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Ninel CondeNinel Conde
29 September 1970, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Model
Adela NoriegaAdela Noriega
24 October 1969, Mexican
Actor, Television actor

Lorena RojasLorena Rojas
10 February 1971, Mexican

Giselle ItiéGiselle Itié
03 October 1982, Brazilian, Mexican
actor, television actor, film actor

Laura ZapataLaura Zapata
30 July 1956, Mexican
actor, television actor

Isela VegaIsela Vega
05 November 1939, Mexican
Actor, Model, Singer-songwriter, Television actor,
Florinda MezaFlorinda Meza
08 February 1949, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Susana GonzálezSusana González
02 October 1973, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Model

Sandra EcheverríaSandra Echeverría
11 December 1984, Mexican
actor, singer, television actor

Rosenda MonterosRosenda Monteros
31 August 1935, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor
María Antonieta de las NievesMaría Antonieta de las Nieves
22 December 1950, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Mariana SeoaneMariana Seoane
10 June 1976, Mexican
Singer, Actor, Television actor, Model
Esmeralda PimentelEsmeralda Pimentel
08 September 1989, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Model

Laura FloresLaura Flores
23 August 1963, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Daniela RomoDaniela Romo
27 August 1959, Mexican
Singer, Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor
Zuria VegaZuria Vega

Chantal AndereChantal Andere
25 January 1972, Mexican
actor, singer, television actor
María Elena VelascoMaría Elena Velasco
17 December 1940, Mexican
Actor, Screenwriter, Television actor, Film actor

Juana BarrazaJuana Barraza
1956 AD, Mexican
amateur wrestler, serial killer, professional

Nailea NorvindNailea Norvind
16 February 1970, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Stage actor
Altaír JaraboAltaír Jarabo
07 August 1986, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Model

Margarita MagañaMargarita Magaña
25 July 1979, Mexican
Helena RojoHelena Rojo
18 August 1944, Mexican
Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor, Model

Nora SalinasNora Salinas
07 June 1976, Mexican
actor, television actor, film actor, model

Elizabeth ÁlvarezElizabeth Álvarez
30 August 1977, Mexican
Actor, Television actor

Daniela CastroDaniela Castro
17 August 1966, Mexican
Lisette MorelosLisette Morelos
Lumi CavazosLumi Cavazos
21 December 1968, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Sara MaldonadoSara Maldonado
10 March 1980, Mexican
Actor, Television actor

Lupita TovarLupita Tovar
27 July 1910, Mexican
Actor, Film actor

Lola BeltránLola Beltrán
07 March 1932, Mexican
Lupita JonesLupita Jones
06 September 1968, Mexican
Model, Actor, Beauty pageant contestant

Ana SerradillaAna Serradilla
09 August 1978, Mexican
Television actor, Putita, Film actor

Patricia Reyes SpíndolaPatricia Reyes Spíndola

Adriana LouvierAdriana Louvier
18 September 1982, Mexican
actor, television actor, film actor

Yuliana PenicheYuliana Peniche
29 August 1982, Mexican
Elena GarroElena Garro
11 December 1916, Mexican

Fernanda RomeroFernanda Romero
1983 AD, Mexican
actor, singer, model
10 May 1917, Mexican
actor, film actor, television actor

Rosaura RevueltasRosaura Revueltas
06 August 1910, Mexican
Grettell ValdézGrettell Valdéz