May 7th natives are strongly ruled by principles in life and have a penchant for the betterment of the society and the people in general. They often put the need of others before theirs and work continuously to strive for their security and advancement. However, it is due to this that these individuals need to be cautious lest people take unfair advantage of them. May 7th individuals have easy-going nature and are compassionate souls. They are driven by the need to be equally creative and successful in whatever they do.

Anthony ProvenzanoAnthony Provenzano
71, American
Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore
80, Indian
Poet and Author

Alex SmithAlex Smith
35, American
American Football Player

Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
53, Russian

Susan AtkinsSusan Atkins
61, American

Gary CooperGary Cooper
60, American
American film actor
J BalvinJ Balvin
34, Colombian

Traci LordsTraci Lords
51, American

Josip Broz TitoJosip Broz Tito
87, Yugoslav
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
83, American

Owen HartOwen Hart
34, Canadian
Professional Wrestler
Lela LorenLela Loren
39, American

Rico NastyRico Nasty
22, American
Musical Artist

Johnny UnitasJohnny Unitas
69, American
American Football Player

Breckin MeyerBreckin Meyer
45, American

Mr BeastMr Beast
21, American
YouTuber, Vlogger
Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms
63, German
Composer and pianist

Anne BaxterAnne Baxter
62, American

Robert BrowningRobert Browning
77, British
Poet & Playwright

Chiara FerragniChiara Ferragni
32, Italian
Fashion Blogger, Businesswoman
Will OspreayWill Ospreay
26, British

Robert HegyesRobert Hegyes
60, American
Yoon So-heeYoon So-hee
26, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Gaurav ChaudharyGaurav Chaudhary
28, Indian

Robbie KnievelRobbie Knievel
57, American
Effie GrayEffie Gray
69, Scottish

Asghar FarhadiAsghar Farhadi
47, Iranian
Film Director
Olympe de GougesOlympe de Gouges
45, French

Angela CarterAngela Carter
51, British

Dylan GelulaDylan Gelula
25, American
Ronald DeWolfRonald DeWolf
57, American
Son of Scientology’s founder Lafayette Ronald

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Totie FieldsTotie Fields
48, American
Edwin H. LandEdwin H. Land
81, American

Chumel TorresChumel Torres
37, Mexican
YouTube Star, Writer

Sidney AltmanSidney Altman
80, Canadian, American
Molecular Biologist

Carrie HennCarrie Henn
43, American
Kevin SteenKevin Steen
35, Canadian
Professional Wrestler
Evita PeronEvita Peron
33, Argentinian
Argentine film actress

Helga LovekatyHelga Lovekaty
27, Russian
Model, Instagram Star

Lee Sang-hyeokLee Sang-hyeok
23, South Korean
Professional Gamer

Azim AzimzadeAzim Azimzade
63, Azerbaijani
Sarah BaskaSarah Baska
22, American

Otto Wilhelm von StruveOtto Wilhelm von Struve
85, German

Dale AtwoodDale Atwood
34, American

Emily Beth SternEmily Beth Stern
36, American
Actress, Singer, Howard Stern's Daughter

Chad TepperChad Tepper
27, American
YouTube Star
Tahani AndersonTahani Anderson
16, American

James NeeseJames Neese
20, American
YouNow Star
Coby PersinCoby Persin
25, American

Alexander LudwigAlexander Ludwig
27, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Model

Eva PerónEva Perón
33, Argentinian
Actor, Politician
Aidy BryantAidy Bryant
32, American

Amyra DasturAmyra Dastur
26, Indian
Erica FernandesErica Fernandes
26, Indian

Michael P. MurphyMichael P. Murphy
29, American

Martin BryantMartin Bryant
52, Australian
Mass Murderer

David TomlinsonDavid Tomlinson
83, British

Brian KilmeadeBrian Kilmeade
55, American
Television presenter
Kathleen ZellnerKathleen Zellner
62, American

Thomas PikettyThomas Piketty
48, French
Economist, University teacher

Youri TielemansYouri Tielemans
22, Belgian
Association football player

Tim RussertTim Russert
58, American
Michael RosenMichael Rosen
73, British
Writer, Children's writer, YouTuber, Novelist,

Amy HeckerlingAmy Heckerling
67, American
Amy HeckerlingAmy Heckerling
65, American
Film director

Shawn MarionShawn Marion
41, American
Basketball Player

Ashwini BhaveAshwini Bhave
47, Indian
Yōsuke KubozukaYōsuke Kubozuka
40, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model

Bill KreutzmannBill Kreutzmann
73, American
Gary HerbertGary Herbert
72, American

Taylor WilsonTaylor Wilson
25, American
Nuclear scientist

Gene WolfeGene Wolfe
87, American
Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of RoseberyArchibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery
82, British
Former British Prime Minister

Gustave Le BonGustave Le Bon
90, French
Physician, Anthropologist, Archaeologist,
William BainbridgeWilliam Bainbridge
59, American
Naval Commander

Marcus LoewMarcus Loew
57, American

Anne DudleyAnne Dudley
63, British
Composer, Musician, Pianist, Conductor, Film score

Thom HartmannThom Hartmann
68, American
Radio personality, Author, Journalist, Writer
Jenny SavilleJenny Saville
49, British
Lisa RaittLisa Raitt
51, Canadian

Ruth Prawer JhabvalaRuth Prawer Jhabvala
85, British
Screenwriter, Novelist, Writer

Ruggero DeodatoRuggero Deodato
80, Italian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

Archibald MacLeishArchibald MacLeish
89, American
Librarian, Poet, Playwright, Writer, University
Teresa BrewerTeresa Brewer
76, American

Dariga NazarbayevaDariga Nazarbayeva
56, Kazakh
Singer, Politician

Carlos AlomarCarlos Alomar
68, American

Joseph Gurney CannonJoseph Gurney Cannon
90, American

Tony O'ReillyTony O'Reilly
83, Irish, British
Rugby Player
Prairie PrincePrairie Prince
69, American

Jan Peter BalkenendeJan Peter Balkenende
63, Dutch
Jurist, Politician, University teacher, Lawyer
Thomas ReidThomas Reid
86, Scottish

Nicholas HytnerNicholas Hytner
63, British
Theatre director, Film director
Ruud LubbersRuud Lubbers
80, Dutch
Economist, Politician, Diplomat, Entrepreneur,
Dick WilliamsDick Williams
82, American
Baseball manager

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 7

People born on this day are strong and dominating. They need to learn how to control their jealously and at times can be insecure. These people are natural artists and have a strong need for organization. People born on this day have common sense and strong willpower. These people will not give up until they reach the top. These people are also creative and have a down to Earth approach when dealing with life situations. They are also driven by love and the need for acceptance. They are courageous and can handle tough life situations and have a solid attitude. These people are beautiful and sensitive yet strong willed.

People born on this day have a tendency to use food as a means to make them feel better. They are emotional eaters and food is always on their minds. These people have to remember not to overeat. May 7 natives often do not express concern for their health. In order to stay healthy, they must take an interest in being fit and staying active. Since these people are prone to stress, they must exercise daily in order to handle the amount of stress they are facing. They must find a productive outlet for their stress.

People born on this day need a calling not just a career. They strive for financial security but have to know that their work matters. They need to have the finer things in life including a big house in order to feel successful.

People born on this day are drawn to a career by abstract circumstances. They do not have a specific plan for it, rather follow what they feel is a calling. These people are great at managing money. They also make good artists due to their natural creativity. They also strive for fame and fortune which makes them desire to be actors or musicians.

Relationships, Marriage, and Family
May 7th natives have complicated family relationships with their parents. In their young years, they are often astringed from their families but they reconcile after a certain age. When people born on this day get into wedlock, they provide a lifelong commitment to their partner. They shower selfless love to their partner and have no ego issues in love relationships. However, sometime, May 7th natives get jealous in their relationship. They need to control the same before it ruins the blissfulness of the association. These people are naturally drawn to parenthood and make great parents. They have the ability to inspire their children and encourage them.

Lucky Colors: Dark Green
Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79
Lucky Days (of the month): 12th
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday