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(American Instagram Star)

Birthday: July 14, 1998 (Cancer)

Born In: White Plains, New York, United States

Trill Sheik is an American social-media personality and singer who is known for his incredible voice that he often displays in his social-media posts. He began his career as an R&B artist and later ventured into various fields of entertainment. He is active on both 'Twitter' and 'Instagram.' He has also displayed his talent on ‘ (now known as TikTok).' Trill owns a 'YouTube' channel where he mostly posts videos about his life and relationships. He has often spoken about his sexual orientation and boldly displays his affection for his partner.
Quick Facts

Boyfriend: Jonathan

Also Known As: Sheikur Person

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

U.S. State: New Yorkers

City: White Plains, New York

Social-Media Fame
Trill always had a passion for singing and entertaining people. He began his stint on social media as an R&B artist. Back then, he was better known as “Sheikur.” He performed as part of the musical duo 'Heart-lyss.'
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Trill later turned toward 'Instagram,' where he had a page named 'IAmTrillSheik.' He earned over 200 thousand followers on the platform. However, the account was hacked and he had to permanently delete the profile. He then created his new 'Instagram' profile, 'sheikurwolvess,' which has now earned more than 100 thousand followers. Trill is also active on 'TikTok,' where he mostly posts lip-syncs. He has performed on the original tracks of Nicki Minaj. He has also showcased his incredible voice through his posts.
Trill owns a 'YouTube' channel where he posts about his life and relationships. He has publicly admitted to being gay and has been in a couple of relationships. He made a video that showed him coming out as gay to his mother. However, he did not directly tell his mother about his sexual orientation. His mother found out about his orientation by stalking him online. Trill was very young when he realized that he was attracted to men. His mother seemed very calm about Trill’s orientation when he revealed it to her. His channel, ‘Sheik T.V,’ now has a little over 83 thousand subscribers.
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Personal Life
Trill was born Sheikur Person, on July 14, 1998, in White Plains, New York. He is from Tennessee, US. Trill has a sister who owns an 'Instagram' profile titled 'dedepiped.' He did a 'WILDEST QUESTIONS
Would You Rather' video with his sister. Trill’s mother is his biggest supporter. She also owns an 'Instagram' page named 'nikkibidnez.' The video that showed him coming out about his sexual orientation featured his mother showing her love and support to her son and all the young gay couples in the community.
Trill has dated social-media influencer Shawnlit in the past. Their relationship began in December 2015 but fell apart later. Trill once made a video on why he hated Shawnlit’s former boyfriend, Brandon. Following the break-up, Trill has been in a relationship with 'Instagram' star Jonathan, also known as "wolvesandgods."
Trill has an affinity toward men with beards and tattoos.

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