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Darian Orlando is the older sister of Johnny Orlando, a famous YouTuber and pop singer. Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, career, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 23, 1998

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Pisces

Born in: Mississauga

Famous as: Instagram Star

Height: 5'5" (165 cm), 5'5" Females


father: Dale

mother: Meredith

siblings: Johnny Orlando, Maddie

City: Mississauga, Canada

Popularity Index
Vloggers #806 Instagram Singers #15 YouTubers #127
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Darian Orlando is the older sister of Johnny Orlando, a famous YouTuber and pop singer. Her parents as well as siblings are popular on Instagram and other social media platforms. Darian has on numerous occasions appeared in the videos of her siblings’ YouTube channels. Johnny has spoken about Darian’s contribution towards his successful career. She has written many of Johnny’s songs including ‘Replay’, ‘Summertime,’ and ‘Never Give Up.’ Darian often posts videos on the family’s Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) account.

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Social Media Success
  • Darian was interested in creative activities right from her childhood. She liked filming videos the most. Later, she turned her attention towards editing and that is how she developed an interest in video making. As a token of affection towards her brother Johnny, she filmed a video featuring him and that turned out to be quite good. Thanks to her video making skills, the video turned her brother into a star. Darian was then encouraged by her parents to pursue her studies in the field of filmmaking and editing.
  • Thanks to her parents’ advice, Darian took up a four year course in filmmaking. Simultaneously, she continued creating videos for her brother. Johnny’s charisma and Darian's excellent video making skills helped Johnny’s YouTube channel rack up millions of views. It all began with the cover version of a popular Justin Bieber song. Since then, Darian has been the backbone of her brother’s YouTube success.
  • She now plays multiple roles: videographer, editor, content creator, producer, and business manager of her celebrity brother. In addition to that, she also manages the pre and post video filming procedures, such as coming up with ideas, shooting the video, editing, managing her brother’s social media accounts, managing his emails, working on the comments and feedbacks, etc.
  • Since Darian likes to work in a systematic manner, she maintains a definite procedure throughout her work hours. Darian also looks after her brother’s public relations, branding as well as marketing. She completely understands the requisites for a successful career in pop singing. Being a humble person, Darian never hesitates to seek advice from established YouTubers in order to improve herself.
  • Darian’s parents too, have helped a lot in shaping their children’s career in their respective fields. In an attempt to help their kids with a good career, they moved from Oakville, Ontario, to Los Angeles. When Darian and her family moved to Los Angeles, Darian earned the title ‘YouTube MBA’ for displaying excellent managerial skills. As a creative head of her brother’s business, Darian has also written a couple of songs for him like ‘Summertime,’ ‘Never Give Up,’ and ‘Replay.’ Each one of those songs has gone on to become chartbuster.
  • In an exclusive interview, Johnny spoke about the incredible bond between him and Darian. He also went on to say that Darian is the only one to be credited for his career growth so far.
  • Apart from helping Johnny, Darian also plays the role of an editor, creative head, and business manager of her sister Lauren. Lauren is also a YouTuber. Darian has appeared in her sister's videos on several occasions.
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