People born on June 12th fall under the sun sign of Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and its symbol is The Twins. Geminis are intelligent, humorous and notoriously quick to change moods. They are easily bored and interested in many different topics, and are also very social and friendly. People born on the 12th of any month share many of these characteristics with Geminis, so you'll find them amplified in anyone with a June 12th birthday. Excellent in business and willing to wheel and deal their way to success, June 12th natives will nearly always come out on top.

George H. W. BushGeorge H. W. Bush
94, American
41st U.S. President
Anne FrankAnne Frank
15, German

Anthony EdenAnthony Eden
79, British
Prime Minister of UK

Jordan PetersonJordan Peterson
57, Canadian
Clinical Psychologist

Richard AyoadeRichard Ayoade
42, British

Dave FrancoDave Franco
34, American
Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho
27, Brazilian

Artem ChigvintsevArtem Chigvintsev
37, American, Russian
Dancer, Choreographer

Adriana LimaAdriana Lima
38, Brazilian
Jason MewesJason Mewes
45, American

Rick HoffmanRick Hoffman
49, American
Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson
34, American

Otto SkorzenyOtto Skorzeny
67, Austrian, Spanish
Military Officer

Mark HenryMark Henry
48, American
Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Wrestler

David RockefellerDavid Rockefeller
48, American

Louisa GummerLouisa Gummer
28, American
Timothy BusfieldTimothy Busfield
62, American

Pat SummittPat Summitt
64, American

Egon Schiele Egon Schiele
28, Austrian

Cody HornCody Horn
31, American
Eamonn WalkerEamonn Walker
57, British

T. B. JoshuaT. B. Joshua
56, Nigerian
Televangelist and Faith Healer
Jenilee HarrisonJenilee Harrison
61, American

Adam MontoyaAdam Montoya
35, American
YouTuber, video game commentator

Jenna JosephJenna Joseph
26, American
Tyler Joseph's Wife
E. SreedharanE. Sreedharan
87, Indian
Metro Man

Charles KingsleyCharles Kingsley
55, British
Alissa VioletAlissa Violet
23, American
Instagram Star, YouTuber, Viner

Jeff SeidJeff Seid
25, American
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

Kevin WuKevin Wu
29, American
Steven KellySteven Kelly
23, American
Instagram Star, Viner

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Danny GonzalezDanny Gonzalez
25, American
Mikey TuaMikey Tua
17, American

Jerome JarreJerome Jarre
29, French
Entrepreneur, Viner

Cleo WattenströmCleo Wattenström
27, Belgian
Tattoo Artist

Skylynn FloydSkylynn Floyd
10, American
Jim NaborsJim Nabors
89, American
American actor
Jrue HolidayJrue Holiday
29, American
Basketball player

40, Swedish

Frank RosenthalFrank Rosenthal
79, American
Entrepreneur, Manager, Journalist

Frances O'ConnorFrances O'Connor
52, Australian, British
Chick CoreaChick Corea
78, American
Pianist, Composer, Jazz musician

Marv AlbertMarv Albert
78, American
Sports commentator

Lil DuvalLil Duval
42, Bahamian, American

Earl WatsonEarl Watson
40, Mexican, American
Basketball coach

Christopher McQuarrieChristopher McQuarrie
51, American
Brad DelpBrad Delp
55, American

Vic DamoneVic Damone
89, American
Mario CasasMario Casas
33, Spanish

Peter LynchPeter Lynch
62, Canadian

Georgina CampbellGeorgina Campbell
27, British
Christine SinclairChristine Sinclair
36, Canadian
Association football player

Kenny Wayne ShepherdKenny Wayne Shepherd
42, American
Singer, Composer, Guitarist
Diego MilitoDiego Milito
40, Argentinian

Abbey Lee KershawAbbey Lee Kershaw
32, Australian
Model, Actor

Antawn JamisonAntawn Jamison
43, American
Basketball player

Nanabhai BhattNanabhai Bhatt
83, Indian, British Indian Ocean Territory

John WettonJohn Wetton
67, British
Javed MiandadJaved Miandad
62, Pakistani

Mel RodriguezMel Rodriguez
46, American

David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of FleetDavid Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet
62, Canadian

Uta HagenUta Hagen
84, German, American
Peter MadsenPeter Madsen
77, Danish

Bun E. CarlosBun E. Carlos
69, American
Vikramaditya MotwaneVikramaditya Motwane
43, Indian
film director, choreographer, screenwriter

Paula MarshallPaula Marshall
55, American

Richard M. ShermanRichard M. Sherman
91, American
Ferdinand SchörnerFerdinand Schörner
81, German

Timothy SimonsTimothy Simons
41, American
Tim DeKayTim DeKay
56, American

Pete FarndonPete Farndon
30, British

69, American
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist
Harriet MartineauHarriet Martineau
74, British
Linguist, Journalist, Economist, Historian,

John GourleyJohn Gourley
38, American
Finesse MitchellFinesse Mitchell
47, American

Djuna BarnesDjuna Barnes
90, American

Amanda LindhoutAmanda Lindhout
38, Canadian
Journalist, Autobiographer

Meredith BrooksMeredith Brooks
61, American
Mauricio IslaMauricio Isla
31, Chilean
Chilean footballer
Ahmadu BelloAhmadu Bello
55, Nigerian

Angela AhrendtsAngela Ahrendts
59, American

Hideki MatsuiHideki Matsui
45, Japanese
baseball player

John A. RoeblingJohn A. Roebling
63, German, American
Civil engineer, Architect
Klaus BadeltKlaus Badelt
52, German
Composer, Film score composer

Norman HartnellNorman Hartnell
77, British
Fashion designer

Johanna SpyriJohanna Spyri
74, Swiss
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Heinz-Christian StracheHeinz-Christian Strache
50, Austrian
Politician, Dental technician

Bounty KillerBounty Killer
47, Jamaican
Reg PresleyReg Presley
71, British

Vladimir ArnoldVladimir Arnold
72, Ukrainian, Russian
Mathematician, Topologist, Professor, Scientist
Blake RossBlake Ross
34, American
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer, Blogger

Anni AlbersAnni Albers
94, German, American
Textile Artist
Ana TijouxAna Tijoux
42, French
Singer, Songwriter
Thomas SørensenThomas Sørensen
43, Danish

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 12

People born on this day have an excellent, quick-witted sense of humor, a great imagination and huge amounts of intellectual curiosity. They'll explore any and every subject, then quickly move on to the next. Youthful and fun, they are likely to be the life of any party, and they are natural networkers. They are highly artistic and bring a sense of creativity and artistry to anything they do. They love board games, puzzles and any other activity that provides a mental challenge. They can occasionally be moody and prone to negative thinking, but this usually passes quickly.

June 12 natives are blessed with looking younger than their age. When injured or sick, their bodies heal more quickly than most. They are prone to problems in their shoulders, hands, and lungs (bronchitis and asthma are common). Also, watch for nervous disorders, mental health issues, depression and a tendency to under-eat. They should make sure to get enough potassium in their diets.

For June 12 natives money is a means of pursuing their numerous interests, not an end unto itself. They don't care how much money they have, and they are not great at managing it, but they are very good at making it. They have always got fresh ideas or schemes for earning income, but they should be careful about overspending and racking up debt.

Any career that involves verbal skills, written or spoken, is excellent for someone born on this date. Marketing, acting, public relations or teaching are all good career choices. Journalism, which combines writing and research skills, is an ideal choice. They also do very well in business.

Relationship, Marriage and Children
Life with this partner is never boring: it's an ever-changing roller-coaster ride. If stability and routine is what you're looking for, you might want to rethink a relationship with someone born on June 12. The way to their heart is through their mind; you can win them over with friendly debate and a sharp wit. Traditional roles do not suit them; they prefer equality in a marriage. Because they get bored easily, they can be prone to straying; avoid this by keeping your relationship fresh and challenging. They parent with fun and humor. They love giving their children intellectual challenges, and will encourage debate and lively conversation at the dinner

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