Throughout history, there have been many Japanese women film & theater personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Japanese female film & theater personalities such as Rinko Kikuchi, Ayako Fujitani, Kiko Mizuhara, Sola Aoi, Maria Ozawa.
Sonoya MizunoSonoya Mizuno
01 July 1986, Japanese, British
Ayako FujitaniAyako Fujitani
07 December 1979, Japanese
Actor, Writer, Novelist

Rinko KikuchiRinko Kikuchi
06 January 1981, Japanese

Rie TakahashiRie Takahashi
27 February 1994, Japanese
Voice Actress

Ayane SakuraAyane Sakura
29 January 1994, Japanese
Voice Actress

Miyuki SawashiroMiyuki Sawashiro
02 June 1985, Japanese
Voice Actor
Rila FukushimaRila Fukushima
16 January 1989, Japanese

Kiko MizuharaKiko Mizuhara
15 October 1990, Japanese, American
Actress, Model

18 December 1976, Japanese
Actress, Model
Satomi IshiharaSatomi Ishihara
24 December 1986, Japanese

Reina TriendlReina Triendl
23 January 1992, Austrian, Japanese
Naoko MoriNaoko Mori
29 November 1971, Japanese

Haruka AyaseHaruka Ayase
24 March 1985, Japanese

Erika SawajiriErika Sawajiri
08 April 1986, Japanese

Asa AkiraAsa Akira
03 January 1986, Japanese, American

Merle DandridgeMerle Dandridge
31 May 1975, Japanese, American
Samaire ArmstrongSamaire Armstrong
31 October 1980, Japanese, American

Maaya UchidaMaaya Uchida
27 December 1989, Japanese

Liv UllmannLiv Ullmann
16 December 1938, Japanese, Norwegian

Kana HanazawaKana Hanazawa
25 February 1989, Japanese
Voice Actress
Maria OzawaMaria Ozawa
08 January 1986, Japanese
Adult Film Star, AV idol, Stripper, Actor, Glamour

Kairi SaneKairi Sane
23 September 1988, Japanese
Professional Wrestler
Sada AbeSada Abe
28 May 1905, Japanese
Geisha, Criminal

Maaya SakamotoMaaya Sakamoto
31 March 1980, Japanese

Tao OkamotoTao Okamoto
22 May 1985, Japanese
Rie KugimiyaRie Kugimiya
30 May 1979, Japanese
Voice actress

Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki
02 October 1978, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Songwriter, Model, Actor,
Junko TakeuchiJunko Takeuchi
05 April 1972, Japanese

Empress MichikoEmpress Michiko
20 October 1934, Japanese

Chiaki KuriyamaChiaki Kuriyama
10 October 1984, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model, Seiyū, Fashion model
Mie HamaMie Hama
20 November 1943, Japanese

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Miyoshi UmekiMiyoshi Umeki
08 May 1929, Japanese, American
Actor, Singer, Television actor
Yui HatanoYui Hatano
24 May 1988, Japanese

Marica HaseMarica Hase
26 September 1981, Japanese
Adult Film Stars

Masako NozawaMasako Nozawa
25 October 1936, Japanese

Sakura MiyawakiSakura Miyawaki
19 March 1998, Japanese
Akiko WakabayashiAkiko Wakabayashi
13 December 1939, Japanese
Namie AmuroNamie Amuro
20 September 1977, Japanese
Record producer

Sola AoiSola Aoi
11 November 1983, Japanese
Adult Film Star, Actor, Singer, AV idol, Tarento

Ayana TaketatsuAyana Taketatsu
23 June 1989, Japanese

Keiko KitagawaKeiko Kitagawa
22 August 1986, Japanese
Actor, Model, Fashion model, Film actor
Kyary Pamyu PamyuKyary Pamyu Pamyu
01 January 1993, Japanese

Eleanor MatsuuraEleanor Matsuura

Mao IchimichiMao Ichimichi
01 February 1992, Japanese

Ryoko YonekuraRyoko Yonekura
01 August 1975, Japanese
Japanese actress

Mamiko NotoMamiko Noto
06 February 1980, Japanese
Yuma AsamiYuma Asami
24 March 1987, Japanese
Actor, Adult Film Star, Model, Singer, AV idol,

Akiho YoshizawaAkiho Yoshizawa
03 March 1984, Japanese
Actor, Adult Film Star, AV idol, Glamor model
Kou ShibasakiKou Shibasaki
05 August 1981, Japanese

Yū AoiYū Aoi
17 August 1985, Japanese
Actor, Fashion model, Model

Kyoko FukadaKyoko Fukada
02 November 1982, Japanese
Actor, Model, Singer, Seiyū, Musician
Riyo MoriRiyo Mori
24 December 1986, Japanese

Aino KishiAino Kishi
01 February 1988, Japanese
AV idol, Glamor model
Haruka KurodaHaruka Kuroda
1977 AD, Japanese

Sayaka AkimotoSayaka Akimoto
Japanese actress

Sumire MorohoshiSumire Morohoshi
23 April 1999, Japanese

Meiko KajiMeiko Kaji
24 March 1947, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Musician

Nanako MatsushimaNanako Matsushima
13 October 1973, Japanese
Japanese actress
Tina YuzukiTina Yuzuki
29 October 1986, Japanese
Film actor, Singer, Adult Film Star, Actor, AV

Mao InoueMao Inoue
09 January 1987, Japanese
Actor, Child actor

Kaho MinamiKaho Minami
20 January 1964, Japanese

Masako NatsumeMasako Natsume
17 December 1957, Japanese
Actor, Model, Poet
Crystal KayCrystal Kay
26 February 1986, Japanese, American
Actor, Singer, Seiyū

Yūka ŌsawaYūka Ōsawa
22 December 1986, Japanese
Yōko OgawaYōko Ogawa
30 March 1962, Japanese
Novelist, Writer

Meisa KurokiMeisa Kuroki
28 May 1988, Japanese
Japanese actress

Setsuko HaraSetsuko Hara
17 June 1920, Japanese
Momoe YamaguchiMomoe Yamaguchi
17 January 1959, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Lyricist

Eihi ShiinaEihi Shiina
03 February 1976, Japanese
Actor, Model, Fashion model
Hotaru AkaneHotaru Akane
25 October 1983, Japanese
Adult Film Star, Model, AV idol, Actor, Tarento,

Eiko IshiokaEiko Ishioka
12 July 1938, Japanese
Art Director

Nozomi SasakiNozomi Sasaki
08 February 1988, Japanese
actor, model, fashion model, tarento, singer
16 November 1986, Japanese

Takako FujiTakako Fuji
27 July 1972, Japanese
Japanese actress
Aoi MiyazakiAoi Miyazaki
30 November 1985, Japanese
Actor, Model, Fashion model, Child actor

Suzuka OhgoSuzuka Ohgo
05 August 1993, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū, Child actor

Aya UetoAya Ueto
14 September 1985, Japanese

Yukie NakamaYukie Nakama
30 October 1979, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū
Haruna KawaguchiHaruna Kawaguchi
10 February 1995, Japanese
Yuki UchidaYuki Uchida
16 November 1975, Japanese
Japanese actress

Atsuko IkedaAtsuko Ikeda
07 March 1931, Japanese

Yuko OshimaYuko Oshima
17 October 1988, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū, Child actor, Model

Takako MatsuTakako Matsu
10 June 1977, Japanese
Japanese actress
Tetsuko KuroyanagiTetsuko Kuroyanagi
09 August 1933, Japanese
Japanese actress

Rino SashiharaRino Sashihara
21 November 1992, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Actor, Tarento, Model

Yua AidaYua Aida
12 August 1984, Japanese
AV idol, Adult Film Star, Glamor model

Mina FujiiMina Fujii
15 July 1988, Japanese
Japanese actress

Minami TakahashiMinami Takahashi
08 April 1991, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū
Naomi KawaseNaomi Kawase
30 May 1969, Japanese
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor, Film

Yuriko YoshitakaYuriko Yoshitaka
22 July 1988, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū
Yu YamadaYu Yamada
05 July 1984, Japanese
Japanese model

Anne SuzukiAnne Suzuki
27 April 1987, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū, Child actor
Yūko MiyamuraYūko Miyamura
04 December 1972, Japanese
Actor, Engineer, Seiyū, Director of audiography,
Erina ManoErina Mano
11 April 1991, Japanese