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Kaito Ishikawa
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Birthday: October 13, 1993

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Libra

Born Country: Japan

Born in: Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan

Famous as: Voice Actor

Voice Actors Japanese Men

Height: 5'8" (173 cm), 5'8" Males

City: Tokyo, Japan

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Who is Kaito Ishikawa?

Kaito Ishikawa is a Japanese voice actor who is best known for voicing characters in ‘Your Name’, ‘Devil May Cry 4’, and ‘One Punch Man’. He is currently affiliated with Pro-Fit. Born in Bunkyō in Tokyo, Ishikawa became inclined towards acting at a young age. He participated in a play in the 5th grade and then went on to have a successful stint in the theatre club where he worked for three years. Although his parents initially opposed his idea of acting, Ishikawa persuaded them and attended Pro-Fit's voice acting school. He made his professional debut in the 2011 radio show ‘Akiba’s Trip’. Since then, the talented acted has voiced characters in several films, video games, stage plays, etc. Besides acting, Ishikawa loves snowboarding. He also participated in baseball games, gymnastics, and tennis in school.
Childhood & Early Life
Kaito Ishikawa was born on October 13, 1993, in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan. Not much information is available about his family.
In the 5th grade, he appeared in a play titled ‘Gamba no Daibouken’ at the school’s art festival.
During high school, he aimed to be a seiyuu and then went on to have his seiyuu training. Following his schooling, he joined a theatre club where he worked for three years.
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Kaito Ishikawa made his professional debut in 2011 when he was cast to play a mob character in the radio show ‘Akiba’s Trip’. The following year, he voiced students B and C in the anime TV series 'Waiting in the Summer'.
In 2012, he lent his voice to male students in 'Phi-Brain - Puzzle of God: The Orpheus Order' and 'To Love-Ru: Darkness'. The same year, the actor contributed to 'Say I Love You', a Japanese manga by Kanae Hazuki as well as the Japanese show 'The Pet Girl of Sakurasou'.
In 2013, he contributed his voice to the character of Jan Manes in the theatrical animation ‘Code Geass: Akito the Exiled’. That year, Ishikawa also had roles in 'AKB0048 Next Stage', 'Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet', and 'A Certain Scientific Railgun S'.
He was next cast as Tobio Kageyama in ‘Haikyū’, a Japanese shōnen manga series. Released in 2014, the manga earned the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award. As of 2019, the manga had more than 35 million copies in print.
Also in 2014, Ishikawa had a voice role in 'The Pilot's Love Song', a series based on a light novel series by Koroku Inumura, set in a fictional universe.
His projects in 2014 also included the TV shows ‘Ace of Diamond’, ‘Terror in Resonance’, ‘Terra Formars’, ‘Lord Marksman and Vanadis’ and ‘Hero Bank’ as well as the video games ‘Super Robot Wars Original Generation Coffin of the End’ and ‘Azure Striker Gunvolt’.
In 2015, the voice actor lent his voice to Ren Sakakibara in ‘Assassination Classroom’. The series follows the everyday lives of a powerful octopus-like creature serving as a homeroom teacher, and his students committed to the job of assassinating him in order to save the planet. That year, Ishikawa also starred in Kyōkai no Rinne aka Rin-ne, a series about a girl who gains the power to witness ghosts.
From 2015 to 2019, he voiced the character of Genos in 'One-Punch Man'. The superhero web comic series tells the story of a superhero named Saitama who can conquer his enemies with a single punch but seeks to discover a worthy challenger after growing bored while fighting the evil.
Also in 2015, the voice actor had roles in the video games ‘Devil May Cry 4 (Special Edition)’, ‘Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly’, ‘Possession Magenta’ and ‘Touken Ranbu’.
In 2016, he was cast as Tenya Iida in ‘My Hero Academia’, a story that follows a boy born without any power in the world of superpowers who dreams of becoming a hero himself.
From 2016 to 2019, he played the role of Kaki in season 12 of the Pokémon animated series 'Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon'. The season followed Pikachu and Ash Ketchum as they go the Pokémon School and discover how to use the power of Z-moves.
Throughout 2016, Ishikawa voiced characters in several series such as ‘Kuromukuro’, ‘Twin Star Exorcists’, ‘Macross Delta’, ‘First Love Monster’, and ‘Servamp’, to name a few.
During 2017, he undertook several projects like 'Hand Shakers' and 'Sagrada Reset'. He also contributed to ‘Chronos Ruler’ and ‘Tsuredure Children’. While the former centers on “Chronos Rulers” who fight the time-eating demons, the latter tells various romantic stories of young male and female students of a high school.
He voiced characters in ‘Beatless’, ‘Pop Team Epic’, ‘Dame x Prince Anime Caravan’, ‘Space Battleship Tiramisu’, ‘Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru 2’, ‘Seven Senses of the Re'Union’ and ‘Happy Sugar Life’ in 2018.
In the year 2019, he played the role of Langris Vaude in 'Black Clover'. The series followed a young boy born without any magic power who plans to become the next Wizard King. That year, Ishikawa also had voice roles in 'The Rising of the Shield Hero', '7 Seeds', and To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts’.
In 2020, he featured in ‘number24’, ‘BNA: Brand New Animal’, and ‘Wave, Listen to Me’.

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