The Prime Minister of Israel is the executive head of the country – vested with much of the governing powers. As such, it makes this position highly coveted and prized. The President of Israel serves as the head of the state but his role is largely ceremonial. Prime Minister of Israel holds most of the real power and as such is often regarded as the most powerful figure of Israeli politics. Ever since the establishment of the office of the Prime Minister on May 14, 1948, Israel has had about twelve Prime Ministers, including the incumbent PM Benjamin Netanyahu who is currently serving his fourth term (since 2009) after his first spell from 1996 to 1999. Netanyahu has become the only prime minister in Israel's history to have been elected three times in a row. Furthermore, he is currently the second longest-serving Prime Minister in Israel's history after David Ben-Gurion. Interestingly, upon completion of his current term, he would become the longest-serving Prime Minister in the history of Israel. David Ben-Gurion served as the first prime minister of Israel. He resigned in 1954 only to reclaim his post a year later in 1955. Gurion’s second spell as a prime minister lasted for eight years until 1963. He was the first PM to head the country under the banner of two political parties. To know more about the premiers of Israel, their life and works, read through the following section.
Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu
21 October 1949
Prime Minister
Golda MeirGolda Meir
03 May 1898
Former Prime Minister of Israel

David Ben-GurionDavid Ben-Gurion
16 October 1886

Ariel SharonAriel Sharon
26 February 1928
Prime Minister of Israel

Shimon PeresShimon Peres
02 August 1923
Former President of Israel

Menachem BeginMenachem Begin
16 August 1913
Former Prime Minister of Israel
Yitzhak ShamirYitzhak Shamir
22 October 1915
Former Prime Minister of Israel

David Ben GurionDavid Ben Gurion
16 October 1886