Throughout history, there have been many German women musicians who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great German female musicians such as Clara Wieck Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Nico, Elke Sommer, Kim Petras.
Lena Meyer-LandrutLena Meyer-Landrut
23 May 1991, German
Clara Wieck SchumannClara Wieck Schumann
13 September 1819, German
Musician & Composer

Fanny Mendelssohn HenselFanny Mendelssohn Hensel
14 November 1805, German
Musician and Composer

Kim PetrasKim Petras
27 August 1992, German
Singer, Model

24 March 1960, German
Singer, Musician, Actor, Singer-songwriter

Elke SommerElke Sommer
05 November 1940, German
Actor, Singer, Painter, Model, Musician
Clara SchumannClara Schumann
13 September 1819, German
Pianist, Composer, Music educator

Nina HagenNina Hagen
11 March 1955, German
Actor, Singer

Anne-Sophie MutterAnne-Sophie Mutter
29 June 1963, Swiss, German
Violinist, Music educator

Lisa FischerLisa Fischer
Angela GossowAngela Gossow
05 November 1974, German
Singer, Journalist, Writer, Songwriter

Fanny MendelssohnFanny Mendelssohn
14 November 1805, German
Composer, Pianist
Barbara OrbisonBarbara Orbison
10 January 1950, German, American
Record producer, Music publisher, Composer

Cosima WagnerCosima Wagner
24 December 1837, German
Composer, Writer, Director

Yvonne CatterfeldYvonne Catterfeld
02 December 1979, German
Actor, Voice actor, Singer, Songwriter
Deva PremalDeva Premal
1970 AD, German

Anna Magdalena BachAnna Magdalena Bach
22 September 1701, German
Singer, Composer
Julia FischerJulia Fischer
15 June 1983, German
Violinist, University teacher, Pianist

Mandy CapristoMandy Capristo
21 March 1990, German
Singer, Model, Pianist

Hanna SchygullaHanna Schygulla
25 December 1943, German, Polish
Singer, Musician, Stage actor, Film actor
Bettina von ArnimBettina von Arnim
04 April 1785, German
Writer, Salon-holder, Composer, Novelist

31 July 1964, German
Catharina HagenCatharina Hagen
11 March 1955, German