Unlike the other super powers like America and Great Britain, Germany’s political system is relatively new. It was in 1949 that the current political system of Germany was developed after the country was consolidated as the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany is a democratic, federal parliamentary republic with the Chancellor as the executive head. The role of the Chancellor is equivalent to that of a Prime Minister as in other countries. Ever since its independence, Germany has had numerous political leaders donning the role and responsibility of the Chancellor, right from its first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer who was followed by Ludwig Erhard to Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Schorder and the current and three times Chancellor in a row Angela Merkel. Merkel created history in 2005 by becoming the first female Chancellor to head Germany. However, before the Federal Republic of Germany was formed, the German empire witnessed the rule of some of historical Chancellors who through their deeds and misdeeds, exerted great influence in the world over. Adolf Hitler is one such name. A fanatical leader and initiator of World War II, he led Germany and many other countries into the abyss. Others include Catherine the Great, Martin Bormann, Joseph Goebbels and like. Explore in details about the life and works of German political leaders with this segment.
Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
20 April 1889
Nazi Leader, German Dictator and Chancellor of
Joseph GoebbelsJoseph Goebbels
29 October 1897
German Nazi politician

Angela MerkelAngela Merkel
17 July 1954
Chancellor of Germany

Otto von BismarckOtto von Bismarck
01 April 1815
German Statesman

Rudolf HessRudolf Hess
26 April 1894
Deputy Führer

Karl DönitzKarl Dönitz
16 September 1891
Naval Officer
Maximilian Carl Emil WeberMax Weber
21 April 1864

Martin BormannMartin Bormann
17 June 1900
Private Secretary of Adolf Hitler

Joachim von RibbentropJoachim von Ribbentrop
30 April 1893
Nazi Minister

Kurt von SchleicherKurt von Schleicher
07 April 1882
Former Chancellor of Germany
Konrad AdenauerKonrad Adenauer
05 January 1876
Former Chancellor of Germany

Willy BrandtWilly Brandt
18 December 1913
Former Chancellor of Germany
Helmut KohlHelmut Kohl
03 April 1930
Former Chancellor of Germany

Gustav StresemannGustav Stresemann
10 May 1878
Chancellor of Germany

Johannes RauJohannes Rau
16 January 1931
Former President of Germany
Lord ActonLord Acton
10 January 1834

Ursula von der LeyenUrsula von der Leyen
08 October 1958
Physician, Politician
Frederick III, German EmperorFrederick III, German Emperor
1831 AD

Gyles BrandrethGyles Brandreth
08 March 1948

Magda GoebbelsMagda Goebbels
11 November 1901
William JoyceWilliam Joyce
24 April 1906
Politician, Journalist, Radio personality

Erich HoneckerErich Honecker
25 August 1912
Politician, Autobiographer, Non-fiction writer
Frank-Walter SteinmeierFrank-Walter Steinmeier
05 January 1956
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer

Emil MauriceEmil Maurice
19 January 1897

Pyotr StolypinPyotr Stolypin
14 April 1862

Manfred WeberManfred Weber
14 July 1972
William the SilentWilliam the Silent
24 April 1533
Hans FrankHans Frank
23 May 1900
Lawyer, Politician

Franz von PapenFranz von Papen
29 October 1879
Chancellor , Prime Minister

Gerhard SchröderGerhard Schröder
07 April 1944
Lawyer, Politician, Consultant, Non-fiction writer

Otto I, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor
23 November 0912
Sigismund, Holy Roman EmperorSigismund, Holy Roman Emperor
14 February 1368
King of Hungary

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Ananda MahidolAnanda Mahidol
20 September 1925

Klemens von MetternichKlemens von Metternich
15 May 1773
Diplomat, Politician

Frederick William III of PrussiaFrederick William III of Prussia
03 August 1770
Composer, Politician

Roland FreislerRoland Freisler
30 October 1893
Judge, Politician, Lawyer
Anton DrexlerAnton Drexler
13 June 1884

Helmut SchmidtHelmut Schmidt
23 December 1918
Politician, Economist, Civil servant, Non-fiction
Hjalmar SchachtHjalmar Schacht
22 January 1877
Economist, Banker, Politician

Lina HeydrichLina Heydrich
14 June 1911

Helmuth von Moltke the ElderHelmuth von Moltke the Elder
26 October 1800
Writer, Officer, Historian
Wilhelm FrickWilhelm Frick
12 March 1877
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Manfred RommelManfred Rommel
24 December 1928
Writer, Politician, Jurist
Henry IV, Holy Roman EmperorHenry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
11 November 1050

Friedrich EbertFriedrich Ebert
04 February 1871
Politician, President

Frederick William IV of PrussiaFrederick William IV of Prussia
15 October 1795

Walter UlbrichtWalter Ulbricht
30 June 1893

Tom DaschleTom Daschle
09 December 1947
Robert LeyRobert Ley
15 February 1890

Gregor StrasserGregor Strasser
31 May 1892
Politician, Pharmacist

Baldur von SchirachBaldur von Schirach
09 May 1907
Politician, Screenwriter

Ernst ThälmannErnst Thälmann
16 April 1886
Politician, Worker, Revolutionary, Trade unionist
Nero Claudius DrususNero Claudius Drusus
14 January 0038
Roman Politician

Ferdinand I of RomaniaFerdinand I of Romania
24 August 1865
Lutz Graf Schwerin von KrosigkLutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
22 August 1887
Politician, Jurist, Diplomat, Economist

Egon KrenzEgon Krenz
19 March 1937
German Politician

Ludwig III of BavariaLudwig III of Bavaria
07 January 1845
Clement FreudClement Freud
24 April 1924

Carol I of RomaniaCarol I of Romania
20 April 1839
Augustus II the StrongAugustus II the Strong

Prince Maximilian of BadenPrince Maximilian of Baden
10 July 1867

Karl LiebknechtKarl Liebknecht
13 January 1871
German socialist
Ludwig ErhardLudwig Erhard
04 February 1897
Economist, Politician, University teacher

Josef TerbovenJosef Terboven
23 May 1898
Wolfgang SchäubleWolfgang Schäuble
18 September 1942

Otto StrasserOtto Strasser
10 September 1897
Journalist, Politician, Writer

Karl Hermann FrankKarl Hermann Frank
24 January 1898

Konstantin von NeurathKonstantin von Neurath
02 February 1873
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer
Artur AxmannArtur Axmann
18 February 1913
Henry VI, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
31 October 1165
monarch, writer, composer

Joachim GauckJoachim Gauck
24 January 1940
Politician, Pastor, Non-fiction writer, University

Henry the LionHenry the Lion
1129 AD

Heiko MaasHeiko Maas
19 September 1966
Politician, Triathlete
Alfred von TirpitzAlfred von Tirpitz
19 March 1849
Politician, Officer

Carl Friedrich GoerdelerCarl Friedrich Goerdeler
31 July 1884
Politician, Jurist

Eduard BernsteinEduard Bernstein
06 January 1850
Politician, Philosopher, Writer, Economist

Wilhelm PieckWilhelm Pieck
03 January 1876

Johann Friedrich StruenseeJohann Friedrich Struensee
05 August 1737
Politician, Physician
Rudolf DielsRudolf Diels
16 December 1900

Henry II, Holy Roman EmperorHenry II, Holy Roman Emperor
06 May 0973
Walter HallsteinWalter Hallstein
17 November 1901
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher

Juana BormannJuana Bormann
10 September 1893

Walther RathenauWalther Rathenau
29 September 1867
Politician, Engineer, Writer, Entrepreneur,
Richard von WeizsäckerRichard von Weizsäcker
15 April 1920
Politician, Lawyer, Military personnel

Theodor HeussTheodor Heuss
31 January 1884
Politician, University teacher, Journalist
Walther FunkWalther Funk
18 August 1890
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician

Henry V, Holy Roman EmperorHenry V, Holy Roman Emperor
11 August 1086

Kurt Georg KiesingerKurt Georg Kiesinger
06 April 1904
Politician, Lawyer, Judge

Daniel Cohn-BenditDaniel Cohn-Bendit
04 April 1945
Politician, Journalist, Television presenter,
Martin SchulzMartin Schulz
20 December 1955
Politician, Bookseller, Non-fiction writer

Fritz SauckelFritz Sauckel
27 October 1894
Henry III, Holy Roman EmperorHenry III, Holy Roman Emperor
28 October 1017

Clara ZetkinClara Zetkin
05 July 1857
Politician, Journalist, Feminist
Henry VII, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
1275 AD

Markus WolfMarkus Wolf
19 January 1923
Writer, Journalist
Günter SchabowskiGünter Schabowski
04 January 1929
Journalist, Politician