Died On August 13th

Discover the most famous people who died on August 13. The list includes people like Florence Nightingale, Julia Child, Eugène Delacroix, James Roosevelt, René Laennec. Famous personalities featured on this list, include journalists, political leaders, artists and poets and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Florence NightingaleFlorence Nightingale
12 May 1820, British
Julia ChildJulia Child
15 August 1912, American

H. G. WellsH. G. Wells
21 September 1866, British

Mickey MantleMickey Mantle
20 October 1931, American
Baseball Player

René LaennecRené Laennec
17 February 1781, French
Inventor of Stethoscope

Eugène DelacroixEugène Delacroix
26 April 1798, French
Ignaz SemmelweisIgnaz Semmelweis
01 July 1818, Austrian, Hungarian

James RooseveltJames Roosevelt
23 December 1907, American
United States Congressman, US Military Officer,

Charles WaltersCharles Walters
17 November 1911, American
Film Director, Choreographer

Eduard BuchnerEduard Buchner
20 May 1860, German
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Les PaulLes Paul
09 June 1915, American
Guitarist, Banjoist, Inventor, Jazz musician, Jazz

Jules MassenetJules Massenet
12 May 1842, French
Composer, Musicologist, Music educator, University
John Everett MillaisJohn Everett Millais
08 June 1829, British
Painter, Illustrator

Tony JayTony Jay
02 February 1933, British
Actor, Singer, Dub actor, Stage actor, Television

Phil RizzutoPhil Rizzuto
25 September 1917, American
Radio Personality, Famous Baseball Players
Tim RichmondTim Richmond
07 June 1955, American
Racing driver

Maximus the ConfessorMaximus the Confessor
0580 AD, Georgian
Tigran PetrosianTigran Petrosian
17 June 1929, Georgian
Chess player, Writer, Journalist

Helen Gurley BrownHelen Gurley Brown
18 February 1922, American
American author

David LangeDavid Lange
04 August 1942, New Zealander
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
August BebelAugust Bebel
22 February 1840, German
Politician, Writer

1529 AD, French, Italian
Hayato IkedaHayato Ikeda
03 December 1899, Japanese
Prime Minister, Politician

Jean VincentJean Vincent
29 November 1930, French
Association football player, Association football

Yakub KolasYakub Kolas
03 November 1882, Belarusian

Herbert George WellsHerbert George Wells
21 September 1866, British
Journalist, Historian, Novelist
Anthony BlackburnAnthony Blackburn
10 February 1916, British
Vladimir SolovyovVladimir Solovyov
28 January 1853, Russian

Rene Theophile Hyacinthe LaennecRene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec
17 February 1781, French

Mickey Charles MantleMickey Charles Mantle
20 October 1931, American