Famous People From Delaware
Located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States of America is the state of Delaware. With its capital city as Dover and the largest city being Wilmington, Delaware is divided into three counties. It is often referred to as ‘The First State’, as it was the first one to be ratified into the constitution. The state of Delaware is also popularly called various other names such as ‘The Small Wonder’, ‘The Diamond State’ and ‘Blue Hen State’. Many celebrated individuals were born and brought up in Delaware. One fine example would be the six time Grammy winner Stephen Marley, the son of the famous reggae icon Bob Marley. Artists such as George Thorogood and Chuck Wicks were also born in this state. Delaware has created several distinguished and famous actors such as the hilarious Aubrey Plaza, Teri Polo, Ryan Phillippe, Elisabeth Shue. Although the popular Joe Biden was born in Pennsylvania, he was raised in the state of Delaware, where he even represented in the Senate. Even athletes such as Paul Goldschmidt, Colin Burns, Devin Smith and Mark Eaton are from the state. Keep reading to know more people from Delaware & celebs born in Delaware.
Beau BidenBeau Biden
03 February 1969, American
Son of Joe Biden
Ashley BidenAshley Biden
08 June 1981, American
Joe Biden's Daughter

Elisabeth ShueElisabeth Shue
06 October 1963, American

Ryan PhillippeRyan Phillippe
10 September 1974, American

Valerie BertinelliValerie Bertinelli
23 April 1960, American

Teri PoloTeri Polo
01 June 1969, American
Judge ReinholdJudge Reinhold
21 May 1957, American

Bryan StevensonBryan Stevenson
14 November 1959, American

John Gallagher Jr.John Gallagher Jr.
17 June 1984, American
Sara DylanSara Dylan
25 October 1939, American
Bob Dylan's Ex-wife

Annie Jump CannonAnnie Jump Cannon
11 December 1863, American
By maybe John Thomas Scharf [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsCaesar Rodney
07 October 1728, American
Former Governor of Delaware

Daniel NathansDaniel Nathans
30 October 1928, American

Javi MarroquinJavi Marroquin
11 December 1992, American
Reality Star

Molly O MaliaMolly O Malia
22 May 2001, American
Instagram Star, Model

Neal BridgesNeal Bridges
23 April 1987, American
E-sports Player
Taylor ReillyTaylor Reilly
22 December 1997, American

Jonah GreenJonah Green
01 June 1995, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Hunter BidenHunter Biden
04 February 1970, American

Aubrey PlazaAubrey Plaza
26 June 1984, American
Vincente MinnelliVincente Minnelli
28 February 1903, American
Theatre director, Film director

Doug HutchisonDoug Hutchison
26 May 1960, American
George ThorogoodGeorge Thorogood
24 February 1950, American

Jimmie AllenJimmie Allen
18 June 1986, American

Stephen MarleyStephen Marley
20 April 1972, Jamaican, American
Cynthia RothrockCynthia Rothrock
08 March 1957, American
Actor, Taekwondo athlete, Karateka

Elena Delle DonneElena Delle Donne
05 September 1989, American
Basketball player
Daniel PfeifferDaniel Pfeiffer
24 December 1975, American

Dave SheridanDave Sheridan
10 March 1969, American

Clifford BrownClifford Brown
30 October 1930, American
American jazz trumpeter
Thomas CapanoThomas Capano
11 October 1949, American

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Mary Ann Shadd CaryMary Ann Shadd
09 October 1823, Canadian, American
Henry HeimlichHenry Heimlich
03 February 1920, American
Physician, University teacher

Howard PyleHoward Pyle
05 March 1853, American
American illustrator

Michael Newbold CastleMichael Newbold Castle
02 July 1939, American

Pierre S. du PontPierre S. du Pont
15 January 1870, American
Susan StromanSusan Stroman
17 October 1954, American
Theatre Director
Oliver EvansOliver Evans
13 September 1755, American

John P. MarquandJohn P. Marquand
10 November 1893, American

Thomas F. BayardThomas F. Bayard
29 October 1828, American

Harry CooverHarry Coover
06 March 1917, American
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
15 September 1918, American

John M. ClaytonJohn M. Clayton
24 July 1796, American

Thomas MacdonoughThomas Macdonough
31 December 1783, American
Naval officer

E. R. SquibbE. R. Squibb
04 July 1819, American

Betnijah LaneyBetnijah Laney
29 October 1993, American
Basketball player
George RossGeorge Ross
10 May 1730, American
Politician, Lawyer, Judge

Samuel DaviesSamuel Davies
03 November 1723, American
American minister
Henry StommelHenry Stommel
27 September 1920, American

Walter McCroneWalter McCrone
09 June 1916, American

Jacob JonesJacob Jones
29 February 1768, American
Naval officer
Robert Montgomery BirdRobert Montgomery Bird
05 February 1806, American

John Bassett MooreJohn Bassett Moore
03 December 1860, American
George David CumminsGeorge David Cummins
11 December 1822, American

Joseph H. BurchenalJoseph H. Burchenal
21 December 1912, American

Michael FlynnMichael Flynn
03 June 1984, American

Michael FlynnMichael Flynn
28 September 1947, American