Instrumental music is good to hear and soothing to feel but can you hear it every time? Not really, for after some time, you definitely need to hear some words. That is the power that lyrics add on to music! While admiring a song, most of us give credit to the musician who came up with the unique tune or the singer who added a new dimension with his versatile sound but how many of us do recognize the effort of a lyricist? A highly creative job, lyricists or songwriters help the music rise to the next level by complementing it with some meaningful lyrics that helps convey the essence of the song. Their main job is to play with words so as to come up with lyrics suiting the song type – catchy, romantic, soulful, mourning, happy, gay, and so on. Not many know that to be a successful lyricist, one has to possess knowledge about the various music genres and styles. Just like every other country in the world, Canada has a long list of lyricists and songwriters who helped Canadian music achieve greater levels. These include Neil Young, Robbie Robertson, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Dowie, Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers, Joni Mitchell and so on. Check this write-up and find out in details about the life and works of famous Canadian lyricists and songwriters.
Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne

27 September 1984

The WeekndThe Weeknd

16 February 1990

Michael BubleMichael Bublé

09 September 1975

Bryan AdamsBryan Adams

05 November 1959

Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen

21 September 1934

Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen

21 November 1985

Chad KroegerChad Kroeger

15 November 1974

Paul Albert AnkaPaul Anka

30 July 1941

Gordon LightfootGordon Lightfoot

17 November 1938

Mac DeMarcoMac DeMarco

30 April 1990

Neal PeartNeil Peart

12 September 1952

Adam GontierAdam Gontier

25 May 1978

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03 July 1993

Edison Chen Edison Chen

07 October 1980

Alannah MylesAlannah Myles

25 December 1958

Shane HarteShane Harte

28 November 1996

K. D. Lang K. D. Lang

02 November 1961

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Alanis MorisetteAlanis Morisette

01 June 1974

Hailey ReeseHailey Reese

30 January 1996

Jann ArdenJann Arden

27 March 1962

Ron SexsmithRon Sexsmith

08 January 1964

Jim CuddyJim Cuddy

02 December 1955

Sarah HarmerSarah Harmer

12 November 1970

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Hawksley WorkmanHawksley Workman

04 March 1975

Basia BulatBasia Bulat

13 April 1984

Martina SorbaraMartina Sorbara

13 November 1978

Emm GrynerEmm Gryner

08 June 1975

Adam CohenAdam Cohen

18 September 1972

Melissa StorwickMelissa Storwick

13 November 1998