List of famous Cambodians with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Famous Cambodians

Ever since Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) flapped through the temple ruins of Cambodia in “Tomb Raider”, the place has bustled with globetrotters. This famous South East Asian tourist bubble attracts hordes of urban explorers year on year, thanks to its eye candies like the temple of Angkor and beaches of Sihanoukville and all the upcountry adventures it has to offer. But if you thought that the list of attractions concluded with that, well, you could not be more wrong! Over the years, Cambodia has earned equal plaudits for its outstanding natives who have brought unparalleled glory to the land. From dictators to journalists and from religious leaders to architects, the world has witnessed a string of Cambodians enlighten and empower the world with their laudable contributions. Let us explore the lives of some such famous Cambodians in the biographies below. The timeline, trivia, and lesser known facts about their lives will surely open up a treasure-trove of exciting truths before you.
Pol PotPol Pot
(Dictator, War Criminal)

19 May 1925

15 April 1998

Kampong Thom Province, French Indochina


Hun SenHun Sen
(Prime Minister of Cambodia)

05 August 1952

Stueng Trang District


Norodom SihanoukNorodom Sihanouk
(Former Ruler of Cambodia)

31 October 1922

15 October 2012

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh


Norodom SihamoniNorodom Sihamoni
(Ruler of Cambodia)

14 May 1953

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh


Carmen VillalobosCarmen Villalobos
(Actress, Model)

13 July 1983

Barranquilla, Colombia


Lon NolLon Nol
(Cambodian Politician)

13 November 1913

17 November 1985

Prey Veng Province


Nuon CheaNuon Chea
(Chief Ideologist of the Khmer Rouge)

07 July 1926

Voat Kor


Kem SokhaKem Sokha
(Cambodian Politician)

27 June 1953



Sam RainsySam Rainsy

10 March 1949

Phnom Penh


Suryavarman IISuryavarman II

1150 AD


Jayavarman VIIJayavarman VII

1125 AD

1218 AD


Kang Kek IewKang Kek Iew

17 November 1942

Kampong Thom Province


Jayavarman IIJayavarman II
Norodom SuramaritNorodom Suramarit

06 March 1896

03 April 1960

Phnom Penh


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