Famous People From Cambodia
Perched on the southern portion of Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a populous country bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Gulf of Thailand. Formerly known as Khmer Empire, the country served as the home of first ancient Khmer kingdom. The Kingdom of Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy with an elected monarch as the head of the state. It also has a head of government, who is primarily vested with executive powers and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the country. The political landscape of the country is not a vibrant one – it suffers from lack of political freedom and has mainly an authoritarian kind-of leadership enwrapped over superficial democracy. Hun Sen is the current Prime Minister of Cambodia who has been in the office since 1985. An undisputed ruler, his rule is now in the league with long-running dictators such as Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazabayev. Interestingly, Hun Sen does not have any political background. In fact, he hails from a peasant family and has become the longest serving non-royal leader in Southeast Asia. Quite unbelievable isn’t it? For more interesting facts about the life of Cambodian political leaders, read on.
Pol PotPol Pot
19 May 1925
Dictator, War Criminal
Hun SenHun Sen
05 August 1952
Prime Minister of Cambodia

Norodom SihanoukNorodom Sihanouk
31 October 1922
Former Ruler of Cambodia

Norodom SihamoniNorodom Sihamoni
14 May 1953
Ruler of Cambodia

Lon NolLon Nol
13 November 1913
Cambodian Politician

Nuon CheaNuon Chea
07 July 1926
Chief Ideologist of the Khmer Rouge
Sam RainsySam Rainsy
10 March 1949

Norodom RanariddhNorodom Ranariddh
02 January 1944

Kem SokhaKem Sokha
27 June 1953
Cambodian Politician

Son SannSon Sann
05 October 1911
Suryavarman IISuryavarman II
1094 AD

Kang Kek IewKang Kek Iew
17 November 1942
Ta MokTa Mok
1924 AD
Cambodian Military chief

Son SenSon Sen
12 June 1930
Cambodian politician