Bulgaria, a country in southeastern Europe, boasts of having one of the richest folk heritages in the world. The history, culture and heritage of the country has been influenced by a number of ancient civilizations, including the Thracians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Ostrogoths, Slavs, Varangians and especially Bulgars. Owing to their rich heritage, Bulgarians have played a major role in influencing the development of European arts and culture, and have made immense contributions to humanity, especially over the past two centuries. One of the earliest known composers of Medieval Europe was Yoan Kukuzel who reformed the entire Byzantine musical writing system.

Nina DobrevNina Dobrev

09 January 1989

Hristo StoichkovHristo Stoichkov
(Football Player)

08 February 1966

Hristo BotevHristo Botev
(Bulgarian Revolutionary)

06 January 1848

Stefka KostadinovaStefka Kostadinova
(Olympic athlete)

25 March 1965

Krisia TodorovaKrisia Todorova

01 April 2004

Yane SandanskiYane Sandanski
(National Hero in Bulgaria)

18 May 1872

Elin PelinElin Pelin

08 July 1877

Peyo YavorovPeyo Yavorov

01 January 1878

Georgi IvanovGeorgi Ivanov

02 July 1940

Dora GabeDora Gabe

26 August 1886

Simeon Saxe-Coburg-GothaSimeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
(Prime Minister)

16 June 1937

Dimitar BerbatovDimitar Berbatov
(Association football player)

30 January 1981

Kubrat PulevKubrat Pulev

04 May 1981

Grigor DimitrovGrigor Dimitrov
(Tennis player)

16 May 1991


0500 AD

Georgi MarkovGeorgi Markov
(Writer, Journalist)

01 March 1929

Julia KristevaJulia Kristeva
(Philosopher, Writer, Feminist)

24 June 1941

Boris III of BulgariaBoris III of Bulgaria
(Political figure)

30 January 1894


0201 AD

Stiliyan PetrovStiliyan Petrov
(Association football player)

05 July 1979

Ahmed IIIAhmed III

30 December 1673

Valeri BojinovValeri Bojinov
(Association football player)

15 February 1986

Boyko BorisovBoyko Borisov
(Prime Ministe)

13 June 1959

Blagoy IvanovBlagoy Ivanov
(Mixed martial artist)

09 October 1986

Veselin TopalovVeselin Topalov
(Chess player)

15 March 1975


0250 AD

Walther FunkWalther Funk
(Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician)

18 August 1890

Todor ZhivkovTodor Zhivkov

07 September 1911

Kristalina GeorgievaKristalina Georgieva
(Economist, University teacher)

13 August 1953

Constantine VConstantine V

0718 AD

Ivelin PopovIvelin Popov
(Association football player)

26 October 1987

Georgi DimitrovGeorgi Dimitrov
(Bulgarian Politician)

18 June 1882

Tzvetan TodorovTzvetan Todorov
(Non-fiction writer, Historian, Semiologist, Literary critic)

01 March 1939

Simeon I of BulgariaSimeon I of Bulgaria

0864 AD

Nikephoros INikephoros I

0760 AD

Martin PetrovMartin Petrov
(Association football player)

15 January 1979

Irina BokovaIrina Bokova
(Diplomat, Politician, General director)

12 July 1952

Boris I of BulgariaBoris I of Bulgaria

0825 AD

Christian RakovskyChristian Rakovsky
(Military physician, Politician, Diplomat, Journalist, Writer, Physician, Lawyer)

13 August 1873

France PrešerenFrance Prešeren
(Poet, Lawyer, Writer, Poet lawyer)

03 December 1800

Kaloyan of BulgariaKaloyan of Bulgaria

1170 AD

Aleksandar TonevAleksandar Tonev
(Association football player)

03 February 1990

Tsvetana PironkovaTsvetana Pironkova
(Tennis player)

13 September 1987

Stanimir StoilovStanimir Stoilov
(Association football player, Association football manager)

13 February 1967

Rosen PlevnelievRosen Plevneliev
(Politician, Engineer, Entrepreneur)

14 May 1964

Ahmed DoganAhmed Dogan

29 March 1954

Omurtag of BulgariaOmurtag of Bulgaria
(Ruler of Bulgaria)
Georgi ParvanovGeorgi Parvanov
(Politician, Historian)

28 June 1957

Zhelyu ZhelevZhelyu Zhelev

03 March 1935

Volen SiderovVolen Siderov
(Photographer, Journalist, Writer, Politician)

19 April 1956

Krum of BulgariaKrum of Bulgaria
(Khan of Bulgaria)

0750 AD

Petar StoyanovPetar Stoyanov

25 May 1952

Samuil of BulgariaSamuil of Bulgaria
(Former Tsar of Bulgaria)

0958 AD

Aleksandar VezenkovAleksandar Vezenkov
(Basketball player)

06 August 1995

Filipp KirkorovFilipp Kirkorov

30 April 1967

Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-DeanAnna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean
(Bulgarian harpist)

03 August 1960

Sergey StanishevSergey Stanishev
(Prime Minister)

05 May 1966

Diogenes ApolloniatesDiogenes Apolloniates

Filip Kutev, a 20th century composer is credited to have established a new Bulgarian choral tradition. Bulgarians are also famed for their artistic abilities, especially in the creation of frescoes, murals and icons. Equally renowned for their architectural abilities, architects such as Victoria Angelova Vinarova and Andrey Damyanov were considered pioneering master-builders of their times. Modern day Bulgarians are proudly taking forward the rich legacy of their forefathers and are making important contributions to the fields of arts, literature, sports, science and technology, politics, and economics. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Bulgarians.