List of famous steel industrialist with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

The steel manufacturing industry is one of the major industries that developed during the 19th century and revolutionized the whole concept of industrialization. Steel entrepreneurs are those enterprising individuals who invest in businesses in this field and operate steel manufacturing units. Steel is an alloy of iron that is artificially produced and possesses the qualities of hardness, elasticity and strength that make it a very valuable industrial product. Even though steel has been manufactured for thousands of years by blacksmiths, it was a very expensive product during the ancient days. The modern steel industry began developing during the mid 19th century with the invention of the Bessemer process which made it possible to mass produce steel in an inexpensive method. , Steel plays a major role in the industrialization and infrastructure of a country and is therefore considered an indicator of economic progress and development. Any country that is progressively developing faces an increasing demand for steel. Astute business people who realize the growing prominence of steel enter into this field to meet the world’s rising demand for this alloy. Read on to browse through a list of world famous entrepreneurs from the steel industry and read their biographies and timelines.

Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie
American, Scottish

Peter Arrell Browne WidenerPeter Arrell Browne Widener
Alfred KruppAlfred Krupp

Edward R. BradleyEdward R. Bradley