Austria has been the hub of European culture and art. And much of that has been possible due some of its marvellously gifted nationals who have in their respective fields contributed outstandingly to this European country. From being the sanctum of legendary musicians to the nucleus of avant-garde philosophers, the hub of mighty intellectuals to the heart of prominent physicians, Austria has given the world some of the most noteworthy and strikingly remarkable people. Adding to its list of worthy nationals are Austrian writers. Historians, essayists, novelists, playwrights, poets and author – Austrian writers have excelled as them all and given the world some of the best known literary pieces that people have ever read. Interestingly, both Austrian men and women have equally contributed in the field of literature. Few of the renowned Austrian writers names include Alfred Hermann Fried, Ludwig Anzengruber, Bertha von Suttner and Ilse Aichinger. Peek-a-boo into this section to know about some of the most renowned Austrian writers, and their penned glories.
Franz KafkaFranz Kafka
03 July 1883
Simon WiesenthalSimon Wiesenthal
31 December 1908
Nazi Hunter

Rainer Maria RilkeRainer Maria Rilke
04 December 1875
Poet & Novelist

Stefan ZweigStefan Zweig
28 November 1881

Elfriede JelinekElfriede Jelinek
20 October 1946
Novelist & Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Bertha von SuttnerBertha von Suttner
09 June 1843
Pacifist, First Woman to Receive the Nobel Peace
Michael HanekeMichael Haneke
23 March 1942
Film director, Screenwriter, Writer, University

Peter HandkePeter Handke
06 December 1942
Novelist, Playwright, Film director, Screenwriter,

Emilie SchindlerEmilie Schindler
22 October 1907
Writer, Autobiographer
Waris DirieWaris Dirie
1965 AD

Jack UnterwegerJack Unterweger
16 August 1950
writer, serial killer
Ivan IllichIvan Illich
04 September 1926
Writer, Historian, Educationist, Philosopher,

Maria SchellMaria Schell
15 January 1926
Actor, Writer, Biographer

Arthur SchnitzlerArthur Schnitzler
15 May 1862
Writer, Playwright, Physician, Screenwriter,

Joy AdamsonJoy Adamson
20 January 1910

Bruno BettelheimBruno Bettelheim
28 August 1903
Writer, Psychologist, University teacher,
Oskar KokoschkaOskar Kokoschka
01 March 1886
Painter, Playwright, Writer, Poet, University

Thomas BernhardThomas Bernhard
09 February 1931
Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Screenwriter, Poet

August KubizekAugust Kubizek
03 August 1888
Conductor, Painter, Writer

Hermann OberthHermann Oberth
25 June 1894
Physicist, Engineer, Essayist, Screenwriter
Robert MusilRobert Musil
06 November 1880
Writer, Librarian, Novelist, Playwright,

Otto WeiningerOtto Weininger
03 April 1880
Philosopher, Writer, Psychologist
Ferdinand Anton Ernst PorscheFerdinand Anton Ernst Porsche
19 September 1909
Entrepreneur, Engineer

Viktor SchaubergerViktor Schauberger
30 June 1885
Forester, Inventor, Writer

Joseph RothJoseph Roth
02 September 1894
Writer, Journalist
Ernst GombrichErnst Gombrich
30 March 1909
Art Historian

Hugo von HofmannsthalHugo von Hofmannsthal
01 February 1874
Novelist, Librettist, Poet, Playwright, Writer,
Paul WatzlawickPaul Watzlawick
25 July 1921
Philosopher, Psychologist, Psychotherapist,

Franz WerfelFranz Werfel
10 September 1890
Writer, Poet, Playwright, Screenwriter, Science

Bruno SchulzBruno Schulz
12 July 1892
Writer, Painter, Literary critic
Jaroslav HašekJaroslav Hašek
30 April 1883
Writer, Comedian

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Bertha PappenheimBertha Pappenheim
27 February 1859
Writer, Journalist, Social worker, Feminist
Walther von der VogelweideWalther von der Vogelweide
1170 AD
composer, poet, writer, minnesänger

Ingeborg BachmannIngeborg Bachmann
25 June 1926
Poet, Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter,

Hans HolzerHans Holzer
26 January 1920

Otto F. KernbergOtto F. Kernberg
10 September 1928
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, University teacher,
Felix SaltenFelix Salten
06 September 1869
Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist, Novelist,
Christoph SchönbornChristoph Schönborn
22 January 1945
Catholic priest, Theologian, Writer, University

Nikolaus HarnoncourtNikolaus Harnoncourt
06 December 1929
Conductor, Musician, Choir director, Viol player,

Karl Maria WiligutKarl Maria Wiligut
10 December 1866
Writer, Occultist

Victor GruenVictor Gruen
18 July 1903
Architect, Writer
Carl DjerassiCarl Djerassi
29 October 1923
Chemist, Writer, University teacher, Science

Georg TraklGeorg Trakl
03 February 1887
Poet, Writer

Alfred KubinAlfred Kubin
10 April 1877
Writer, Painter, Etcher

Jean AméryJean Améry
31 October 1912
Writer, Philosopher

Eric WolfEric Wolf
01 February 1923
Hermann BrochHermann Broch
01 November 1886
Writer, Playwright

Anton ZeilingerAnton Zeilinger
20 May 1945
Physicist, Quantum physicist, Academic, University
Ulrich SeidlUlrich Seidl
24 November 1952
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Writer

Gustav MeyrinkGustav Meyrink
19 January 1868
Writer, Translator, Novelist, Science fiction

Rudolf HilferdingRudolf Hilferding
10 August 1877
Economist, Politician, Writer
Adalbert StifterAdalbert Stifter
23 October 1805

Vicki BaumVicki Baum
24 January 1888
Fritz HeiderFritz Heider
19 February 1896
Psychologist, Translator, University teacher,

Otto BauerOtto Bauer
05 September 1881

Pietro MetastasioPietro Metastasio
03 January 1698
Italian poet

Franz GrillparzerFranz Grillparzer
15 January 1791
Austrian writer

Nikolaus LenauNikolaus Lenau
13 August 1802
August ŠenoaAugust Šenoa
14 November 1838

Peter RoseggerPeter Rosegger
31 July 1843

Theodor ReikTheodor Reik
12 May 1888
Psychologist, Psychanalyst

Joseph MohrJoseph Mohr
11 December 1792
Composer, Writer
Heimito von DodererHeimito von Doderer
05 September 1896

Pietro VerriPietro Verri
12 December 1728
Fritz MauthnerFritz Mauthner
22 November 1849

Ilse AichingerIlse Aichinger
01 November 1921

Johannes Mario SimmelJohannes Mario Simmel
07 April 1924
Johann NestroyJohann Nestroy
07 December 1801

Ernst JandlErnst Jandl
01 August 1925
Hermann BahrHermann Bahr
19 July 1863

Walter AbishWalter Abish
24 December 1931

Alexander Lernet-HoleniaAlexander Lernet-Holenia
21 October 1897
Adolf JellinekAdolf Jellinek
26 January 1821

Kurt AdlerKurt Adler
01 March 1907
Josef WeinheberJosef Weinheber
09 March 1892

Klaus EbnerKlaus Ebner
08 August 1964
Austrian writer

Robert HamerlingRobert Hamerling
24 March 1830

Petr BezručPetr Bezruč
15 September 1867
Karl KrausKarl Kraus
28 April 1874
writer, poet, journalist, essayist
Karl SchönherrKarl Schönherr
24 February 1867

Ludwig AnzengruberLudwig Anzengruber
29 November 1839

Anton WildgansAnton Wildgans
17 April 1881

Adolf FischhofAdolf Fischhof
08 December 1816
Theodor DäublerTheodor Däubler
17 August 1876

Eduard von BauernfeldEduard von Bauernfeld
13 January 1802

Ferdinand KürnbergerFerdinand Kürnberger
03 July 1821

Alfred HolderAlfred Holder
04 April 1840

Ernst FuchsErnst Fuchs
13 February 1930
Ludwig von KöchelLudwig von Köchel
14 January 1800
Austrian musician

Anton Alexander von AuerspergAnton Alexander von Auersperg
11 April 1806