August 4th natives fall under the zodiac sign Leo. Ruled by the Sun and Uranus, these people display distinctive characteristic features. They are strong, confident, extrovert but can be rebellious and egoistical as well. These individuals are driven by the desire to do things their own way. So, they may ask people for suggestions and opinions but when it comes to implementing the same, August 4th people do it the way they think. These people are independent and intelligent. They are ambitious and dedicated towards work. They are also witty and indulge in cheering others up with their humorous remarks. Individuals born on this date are extremely understanding and caring. They lead a quite active and fast-paced life and rarely indulge in leisurely activities or relaxation.

Barack ObamaBarack Obama
58, American
44th U.S. President
Cole SprouseCole Sprouse
27, Italian, American

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton
64, American
Actor, Director, Singer-songwriter

Dylan Sprouse Dylan Sprouse
27, Italian, American

Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle
38, American

Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong
69, American
Kishore KumarKishore Kumar
58, Indian
Indian playback singer

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton
70, French

Elizabeth Bowes-LyonElizabeth Bowes-Lyon
70, British
British Queen
Bobby ShmurdaBobby Shmurda
25, American

Abigail SpencerAbigail Spencer
38, American
Jeff GordonJeff Gordon
48, American

Greta GerwigGreta Gerwig
36, American
Actress, Director, Writer

Richard BelzerRichard Belzer
75, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Author

Lil SkiesLil Skies
21, American

Raoul WallenbergRaoul Wallenberg
32, Swedish
Kina GrannisKina Grannis
34, American
Pop Singer

Jang Keun-sukJang Keun-suk
32, South Korean
South Korean Actor

James TupperJames Tupper
54, Canadian

Dean MalenkoDean Malenko
59, American
Meg WhitmanMeg Whitman
63, American
CEO of NewTV

Jessica MauboyJessica Mauboy
30, Australian
Singer, Actress
Nathaniel BuzolicNathaniel Buzolic
36, Australian

Knut HamsunKnut Hamsun
92, Norwegian

Rich DollazRich Dollaz
42, American
Music Executive and TV Personality
Jackie AinaJackie Aina
32, American

Marcus SchenkenbergMarcus Schenkenberg
51, Netherlands Antilles, Swedish
John VennJohn Venn
88, British

16, American

Olivia DeebleOlivia Deeble
17, Australian
Robert HaydenRobert Hayden
66, American
Poet, Essayist, Educator

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26, American
Meghan RienksMeghan Rienks
26, American
YouTube Personality, Vlogger, Comedian, and

Sir William Rowan HamiltonSir William Rowan Hamilton
60, Irish
Physicist, Astronomer and Mathematician

Toireasa McGuireToireasa McGuire
19, British
TikTok ( Star

Lottie TomlinsonLottie Tomlinson
21, British
Make-up Artist, Stylist
P B ShelleyP B Shelley
29, British
Christine RiccioChristine Riccio
29, American

Kira GirardKira Girard
38, American
Reality TV Star

Chet HankChet Hank
29, American
Tom Hank's Son

Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae Kim
51, South Korean
Percy Bysshe ShelleyPercy Bysshe Shelley
29, British
Linguist, Poet, Translator, Writer, Playwright,

Arbaaz KhanArbaaz Khan
52, Indian

Roger ClemensRoger Clemens
57, American
Famous Baseball Players

Lee MackLee Mack
51, British
Television actor, Autobiographer

Sheldon AdelsonSheldon Adelson
86, American
Marques HoustonMarques Houston
38, American

Saido BerahinoSaido Berahino
26, Burundian
Association football player
Lauren TomLauren Tom
58, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché
55, French
Television actor, Film actor, Stage actor

Maureen Starkey TigrettMaureen Starkey Tigrett
48, British
Singer, Actor, Model
John RigginsJohn Riggins
70, American
American Football Players

Ali al-SistaniAli al-Sistani
89, Iraqi
Theologian, Akhoond
Keith EllisonKeith Ellison
56, American
politician, lawyer

Kurt BuschKurt Busch
41, American
Racecar driver

Shama SikanderShama Sikander
38, Indian

Dennis LehaneDennis Lehane
54, American

Ron LesterRon Lester
45, American
Maurice RichardMaurice Richard
78, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Jojo MoyesJojo Moyes
50, British

Michael DeLuiseMichael DeLuise
50, American

Alan MulallyAlan Mulally
74, American
Gerry CooneyGerry Cooney
63, American

Sam UnderwoodSam Underwood
32, British
Donald GibbDonald Gibb
65, American

Alberto GonzalesAlberto Gonzales
64, American

Mohamed ElyounoussiMohamed Elyounoussi
25, Norwegian
Association football player
Carol ArthurCarol Arthur
84, American

Anna SuiAnna Sui
55, American
Designer, Fashion designer
Daniella van GraasDaniella van Graas
44, Dutch

Timi YuroTimi Yuro
63, Italian, American

Jessica SanchezJessica Sanchez
24, American
Luís Boa MorteLuís Boa Morte
42, Portuguese
Association football player

José Luis Rodríguez ZapateroJosé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
59, Spanish
Bruna MarquezineBruna Marquezine
24, Brazilian

Paul McCarthyPaul McCarthy
74, American
Artist, Painter

Helen ThomasHelen Thomas
92, American
Television Personality, Journalist

Kate SilvertonKate Silverton
49, British
Journalist, Television presenter
Klaus SchulzeKlaus Schulze
72, German
Composer, Musician
Werner von FritschWerner von Fritsch
Soldier, Military personnel

Ezra Taft BensonEzra Taft Benson
94, American
Religious Leader

Tim WintonTim Winton
59, Australian
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Children's writer

Adhir KalyanAdhir Kalyan
36, South African
Adolph DubsAdolph Dubs
58, American
Diplomat, Politician

Anita PageAnita Page
98, American

Kensuke SasakiKensuke Sasaki
53, Japanese
Professional wrestler, Tarento

Walter PaterWalter Pater
54, British

Mary DeckerMary Decker
61, American
Long-distance runner, Middle-distance runner,
Anthony RadziwillAnthony Radziwill
40, Swiss, American

Phil YounghusbandPhil Younghusband
32, Filipino, British
Football Player
Adolf HeusingerAdolf Heusinger
85, German

John WarkJohn Wark
62, British
Association football player
David LangeDavid Lange
63, New Zealander
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Pope Urban VIIPope Urban VII
69, Italian

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on August 4

Outgoing, gregarious and sociable, August 4th born natives are great people to be around with. Since they fall under the sun sign Leo, confidence and leadership traits come naturally to these people. They are great planners and decision makers and excel at achieving their desired objective. However, due to the influence of the planet Uranus, which is the ruling planet for this particular astrological date, these people tend to be a bit rebellious in nature and unconventional in their approach. They can also be egoistical. However, by far, August 4th individuals are honest, loyal, understanding and generous to people. They live life on the prescribed code of personal conduct which is set or agreed upon by none other than themselves.

Stress and sleeplessness are common ailments suffered by those born on August 4th. Though these individuals are physically fit and enjoy great health and well-being, it is due to their highly active and energetic nature that they often feel drained and exhausted. To curb the same, adequate rest is a must for these people. Also, since these people ignore minor health issues and symptoms of illness, regular medical and dental check-ups are advisable for a healthy well-being.

Financial stability is not a regular feature in the life of an August 4th individual. Money usually comes and goes for these people. This is more so because August 4th individuals do not believe in saving for the rainy day. As such, there are temporary phase of monetary shortfall for August 4th people. These people should find the best way to follow the regular budget to overcome any shortcoming.

Since these individuals are highly adept in taking decisions and are endowed with immense dedication, they do very well professionally. The ideal career options for those born on August 4th include teaching, scientific career, engineering and health care professions. These people are blessed with analytical skills and intellect which helps them to move up the ladder quickly. Also, jobs that give them the opportunity to use their resources completely are the best suited for August 4th individuals.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
August 4th born natives are kind, sincere, caring and warm-hearted. They believe in the concept of love and have an idealistic notion of romance. These people are passionate souls and are true to their lovers. In return, they expect their partner to return the same kind of commitment and passion. These individuals look for a person with whom they can share their deepest thoughts and secrets, without being criticized or misunderstood. Though these people are independent souls, once committed, they remain true to their partner. Due to their nature, individuals born on this date can be temperamental and a bit bossy once in a while. In terms of parenting, August 4th individuals are not involved parents. Instead, they are the distant types who are more engrossed in their work than in their children.

Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, White, Multi-Colors
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 58, 67
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 14, 22, 24