April 30 individuals fall under the planetary rule of Venus and are blessed with a sense of peace within themselves. April 30 also falls under the Taurus sign, helping these individuals find balance between harmonious and stubborn attitudes. Those born on this day are able to appreciate beauty. Though, naturally self-indulgent, these individuals are fond of explorations and prefer to live in the present. It is rare to find these people lamenting about their past. At the same time, these Taureans are not impulsive and they tend to think about their actions too much before following them through. One of their most unique traits is their ability to become introspective.

Rohit SharmaRohit Sharma
32, Indian
Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst
37, German, American

Travis ScottTravis Scott
27, American

Gal GadotGal Gadot
34, Israeli

Ana de ArmasAna de Armas
31, Cuban, Spanish

Johnny GaleckiJohnny Galecki
44, Belgian, American
Kunal NayyarKunal Nayyar
38, British

Yoel RomeroYoel Romero
42, Cuban
Mixed Martial Artist (MMA)

Cloris LeachmanCloris Leachman
93, American
Comedian, Actress

Mac DeMarcoMac DeMarco
29, Canadian
Dianna AgronDianna Agron
33, American

Lars von TrierLars von Trier
63, Danish
David MiscavigeDavid Miscavige
59, American
Leader of the Church of Scientology

Carl XVI Gustaf of SwedenCarl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
73, Swedish
King of Sweden

Leigh FrancisLeigh Francis
46, British
Stand-up Comedian, Actors
António GuterresAntónio Guterres
70, Portuguese
9th Secretary-General of the United Nations

Stephen HarperStephen Harper
60, Canadian
Former Prime Minister of Canada
Joachim von RibbentropJoachim von Ribbentrop
53, German
Nazi Minister

Mary II of EnglandMary II of England
32, British
Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland

Drew SeeleyDrew Seeley
37, Canadian
Lloyd BanksLloyd Banks
37, American

Steven MackintoshSteven Mackintosh
52, British
Mr. MonkeyMr. Monkey
14, Canadian
YouTube Star, Viner

Dadasaheb PhalkeDadasaheb Phalke
73, Indian
Father of Indian Cinema

Simon KuznetsSimon Kuznets
84, American

Sonal MansinghSonal Mansingh
75, Indian
Odissi Dancer
Theodore William Schultz Theodore Schultz
95, American
Carl F. GaussCarl F. Gauss
77, German

James McVeyJames McVey
25, British

Jessica KylieJessica Kylie
34, American
Model, Actress

39, Polish
YouTube Gamer
15, American

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Bella BluBella Blu
11, American
Dancer, Reality TV Personality

Rosa AcostaRosa Acosta
35, Dominican
Actress, Model

Lizzy HofeLizzy Hofe
26, American
YouTube Singer

18, American
15, Australian

Jonvier JonesJonvier Jones
12, American
TikTok (Musical.ly) Star
Karla HermosilloKarla Hermosillo
16, American
Instagram Star

Marco Antonio Slim DomitMarco Antonio Slim Domit
51, Mexican
Son of Carlos Slim

Paul GrossPaul Gross
51, Canadian
Tasya van ReeTasya van Ree
43, American

Juliana of the NetherlandsJuliana of the Netherlands
94, Dutch
Politician, Judge
Isiah ThomasIsiah Thomas
58, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach, Consultant

Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
43, American
Singer, Street artist, Composer, Pianist,

Carl Friedrich GaussCarl Friedrich Gauss
77, German
Mathematician, Geophysicist, Astronomer, Science

James HewittJames Hewitt
61, Irish, British
Military Leaders

Rajat SharmaRajat Sharma
63, Indian
Eve ArdenEve Arden
82, American

Mary IIMary II
32, British

Jill ClayburghJill Clayburgh
66, American

Claude ShannonClaude Shannon
84, American
Mathematician, Cryptographer, Computer scientist,
Tony FernandesTony Fernandes
55, Malaysian

Michael WaltripMichael Waltrip
56, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver
Johnny HortonJohnny Horton
35, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Kaspar HauserKaspar Hauser
21, German

Alexandra HoldenAlexandra Holden
42, American
Luis ScolaLuis Scola
39, Argentinian
Basketball player

Philip III of FrancePhilip III of France
40, French
Philipp KirkorovPhilipp Kirkorov
52, Russian
Actor, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Singer,

Tinker HatfieldTinker Hatfield
67, American

Leslie GranthamLeslie Grantham
71, British
Jane CampionJane Campion
65, New Zealander
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor

Alice B. ToklasAlice B. Toklas
89, American
Writer, Autobiographer, Memoirist
Ashley Alexandra DupréAshley Alexandra Dupré
34, American
Call girl, Columnist, Singer, Prostitute

Anandamayi MaAnandamayi Ma
86, Indian

Jacques AudiardJacques Audiard
67, French
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor

Ian HealyIan Healy
55, Australian
Barrington LevyBarrington Levy
55, Jamaican
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Félix GuattariFélix Guattari
62, French
Psychiatrist, Philosopher, Psychanalyst,

Franz LehárFranz Lehár
78, Austrian, Hungarian

Fritz PfefferFritz Pfeffer
55, German

Nikki WebsterNikki Webster
32, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model
53, Japanese
Engraver, Painter, Poet

Eugen BleulerEugen Bleuler
82, Swiss
Psychiatrist, Physician, University teacher

Sheldon HarnickSheldon Harnick
95, American
Poet, Writer, Songwriter, Librettist

Frederick ChilubaFrederick Chiluba
68, Zambian

Elliott SadlerElliott Sadler
44, American
Racecar driver
Luigi RussoloLuigi Russolo
61, Italian
Composer, Painter, Artist, Musical instrument

Robert TarjanRobert Tarjan
71, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University
Paulo Jr.Paulo Jr.
50, Brazilian
Bassist, Musician, Songwriter

H. V. EvattH. V. Evatt
71, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Writer, Lawyer, Judge

Jaroslav HašekJaroslav Hašek
39, Austrian
Writer, Comedian
Michelle J. HowardMichelle J. Howard
59, American

Joe YuleJoe Yule
57, British
Antonio TejeroAntonio Tejero
87, Spanish
Lieutenant colonel, Military personnel

John Lubbock, 1st Baron AveburyJohn Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury
79, British
Anthropologist, Politician, Archaeologist,

Albrecht von RoonAlbrecht von Roon
75, German

Gerardo TorradoGerardo Torrado
40, Mexican
Tony HarrisonTony Harrison
82, British
Poet, Writer, Playwright

Milo CawthorneMilo Cawthorne
30, New Zealander
Ali WilliamsAli Williams
38, New Zealander
Rugby union player

Edward YourdonEdward Yourdon
71, American
Engineer, Computer scientist
Thomas SchaafThomas Schaaf
58, German
Association football player, Association football

Floriano PeixotoFloriano Peixoto
56, Brazilian
Soldier, Politician
Tomi JoutsenTomi Joutsen
44, Finnish
Singer, Drummer

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 30th   

People born on this day are stubborn and persistent. It would take significant force to make people born on April 30 deviate from what they have already set their minds upon. In fact, it would not be uncommon to hear somebody describe one of these people as prideful. In the same vein, these individuals are sensitive to criticism, even if it is helpful. An intense fear of change is likely to hold some of these people back, unfortunately. It is essential to examine one’s goals to find enjoyment and satisfaction, especially for such static individuals. Fortunately, these individuals are likely to embrace their inner voices and speak up rather than hide their feelings.

People with this birthday are prone to accidents, especially broken bones, as they love to spend time travelling and admiring the world outside. They love to look classy and in shape. As a matter of fact, they are great at maintaining both physical and emotional balance. They maintain active lifestyles by walking and hiking on a weekly basis, though keeping up a consistent diet is much more difficult. During periods of emotional turmoil, these people are more likely get addicted to smoking, drinking and excessive eating. It is important to check such habits early on to avoid health issues at later stages.

Success is essential for the happiness of a person born on April 30. The importance of financial security is likely to lead to undue stress. These individuals may spend more money than they can afford to, just to keep up with the level of success they want to portray.

Those born on April 30 are inspired individuals, having natural abilities that help them thrive in their careers. Their high ambitions and their perseverance often lead them to careers in law or business. On the other hand, many of these individuals are driven to careers such as teaching.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
These individuals are the most charismatic and friendly people, one could hope to meet. As very emotional people, they need to rely on their friends and family members to help see them through tough times. While, these Taureans may be romantic, they often lean towards people who share their interests above all else. They do not place much value on physical attraction. Those with April 30 birthdays love children and often make extremely friendly parents. While, every person born on this date might not be interested in becoming a parent, they love to foster relationships with the young ones in their families.

Lucky Colors: Blue & Purple
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7
Lucky Days (of the Week): Friday & Thursday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 3rd & 7th