Famous People Born On April 19th

People born on April 19th possess a strong pull towards spiritual energy. They are always looking for that spiritual meaning behind everything. AS Arians having a lot of energy is not something strange. These people have a very strong aura around them, making others view them as powerful individuals. These people move forward quickly because they are very innovative and creative, bringing to the table what most do not. Individuals born on this day are known for very well balanced emotions. People born on April 19 are sorted people in all aspects, making them succeed at almost anything that comes their way.

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 1 Simu Liu

Simu Liu
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1989
Birthplace: Harbin, China
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)

 2 James Franco

James Franco
Famous As: Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Teacher
Birth Year: 1978
Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, United States
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)

 3 Tim Curry

Tim Curry
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1946
Birthplace: Grappenhall, Cheshire, England
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

 4 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1979
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)

 5 Candace Parker

Candace Parker
Famous As: Basketball Player
Birth Year: 1986
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)

 6 Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani
Famous As: Indian businessman
Birth Year: 1957
Birthplace: Aden, Yemen
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

 7 Suge Knight

Suge Knight
Famous As: Record Producer & Music Executive
Birth Year: 1965
Birthplace: Compton, California
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
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 8 Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1933
Birthplace: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States
Died: June 29, 1967

 9 Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1981
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada

 10 Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee
Famous As: Actress, Entrepreneur
Birth Year: 1969
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

 11 Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova
Famous As: Tennis player
Birth Year: 1987
Birthplace: Nyagan, Russia
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)

 12 Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd
Famous As: Actress, Political activist
Birth Year: 1968
Birthplace: Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

 13 Umer Shareef

Umer Shareef
Famous As: composer, poet, film director, social worker
Birth Year: 1955
Birthplace: Liaquatabad

 14 Joe Hart

Joe Hart
Famous As: Footballer
Birth Year: 1987
Birthplace: Shrewsbury, England
Height: 6'5" (196 cm)

 15 Maye Musk

Maye Musk
Famous As: Dietitian
Birth Year: 1948
Birthplace: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

 16 Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu
Famous As: American Football Player
Birth Year: 1981
Birthplace: Garden Grove, California, USA
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 17 Jesse James

Jesse James
Famous As: Reality Television Star
Birth Year: 1969
Birthplace: Long Beach, California, United States

 18 Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore
Birth Year: 1935
Birthplace: Charing Cross, London, England
Died: March 27, 2002
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

 19 Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1953
Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois, United States
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)

 20 Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1970
Birthplace: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 21 Ali Wong

Ali Wong
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1982
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

 22 Bryan Spears

Bryan Spears
Famous As: Film producer
Birth Year: 1977
Birthplace: Kentwood, Louisiana, USA
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
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 23 Eliot Ness

Eliot Ness
Famous As: Special Agent
Birth Year: 1903
Birthplace: Coudersport, Pennsylvania
Died: May 16, 1957

 24 Rivaldo

Famous As: Former Brazilian Footballer
Birth Year: 1972
Birthplace: Paulista, Brazil
Height: 6'1" (185 cm)

 25 Elinor Donahue

Elinor Donahue
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1937
Birthplace: Tacoma, Washington

 26 Mswati III of Swaziland

Mswati III of Swaziland
Famous As: King
Birth Year: 1968
Birthplace: Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital, Manzini, Eswatini

 27 Dick Sargent

Dick Sargent
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1930
Birthplace: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, United States
Died: July 8, 1994
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)

 28 Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1968
Birthplace: Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)

 29 Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1988
Birthplace: Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)

 30 Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada
Famous As: 13th President of the Philippines
Birth Year: 1937
Birthplace: Tondo, Philippines
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)

 31 Joachim Sauer

Joachim Sauer
Famous As: Chemist, University teacher
Birth Year: 1949
Birthplace: Hosena

 32 Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1972
Birthplace: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)

 33 Erich Hartmann

Erich Hartmann
Famous As: Aviator, Officer
Birth Year: 1922
Birthplace: Weissach
Died: September 20, 1993

 34 Surekha Sikri

Surekha Sikri
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1945
Birthplace: New Delhi
Died: July 16, 2021
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

 35 Sue Barker

Sue Barker
Famous As: Television presenter
Birth Year: 1956
Birthplace: Paignton, Devon, England, UK
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)

 36 Nic Pizzolatto

Nic Pizzolatto
Famous As: Novelist
Birth Year: 1975
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

 37 Bob Rock

Bob Rock
Famous As: Bassist, Engineer, Audio engineer, Musician, Record producer, Composer
Birth Year: 1954
Birthplace: Vancouver

 38 Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa
Famous As: DJ, Producer, Activist
Birth Year: 1957
Birthplace: The Bronx, New York, U.S

 39 Loren Gray Beech

Loren Gray Beech
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 2002
Birthplace: Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States

 40 Lee Da-hae

Lee Da-hae
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1984
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

 41 Benjamin Ruggiero

Benjamin Ruggiero
Famous As: Mobster
Birth Year: 1926
Birthplace: New York City
Died: November 24, 1994
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)

 42 Lady Pamela Hicks

Lady Pamela Hicks
Famous As: British aristocrat
Birth Year: 1929
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain

 43 Jiroemon Kimura

Jiroemon Kimura
Famous As: Oldest Living Male Recorded in History
Birth Year: 1897
Birthplace: Kyōtango, Kyoto Prefecture
Died: June 12, 2013

 44 Kelly Holmes

Kelly Holmes
Famous As: Middle-distance runner
Birth Year: 1970
Birthplace: Tonbridge and Malling
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)

 45 Mukesh Rishi

Mukesh Rishi
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1956
Birthplace: Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 46 Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso
Famous As: Fashion designer
Birth Year: 1949
Birthplace: Vallauris, France

 47 Getúlio Vargas

Getúlio Vargas
Famous As: Lawyer
Birth Year: 1882
Birthplace: São Borja
Died: August 24, 1954

 48 Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk
Famous As: Basketball player
Birth Year: 1991
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Height: 7'0" (213 cm)

 49 Alan Price

Alan Price
Famous As: Musician
Birth Year: 1942
Birthplace: Fatfield, Washington, United Kingdom
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

 50 Ferdinand I of Austria

Ferdinand I of Austria
Famous As: Emperor
Birth Year: 1793
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Died: June 29, 1875

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 19th   

People born on the 19th of April acquire that typical ram ambition. When they want something, they go after it relentlessly. People gravitate towards them for their charm. These people would make great salesmen, because they love challenges and are extremely persuasive. Not to mention, they carry confidence that not many do. When tough decisions come their way, they make sure to take their time to think about what they want to do. Although, they are risk takers, in the business world they slow things down for smarter decision making. These individuals have huge hearts and are extremely caring and loving towards anyone in their lives.

The individuals born on 19th of April usually have a moderately active lifestyle. Generally, they are very sensitive causing them to be overly stressed and have a lot of nervous energy. But, as they usually adopt an active lifestyle, they shed those nervous feelings to keep their mind on focus. They are not very prone to illnesses. Some people born on this day tend to be susceptible to quick weight gains. Usually, this happens during their midlife. One weakness they do have is their dental health, so, dental checkups on a regular basis are very important for these individuals.

These individuals are not very prone to spontaneous spending. They are very responsible with their money. They focus more on future plans than immediate satisfaction. They are also seemingly financially lucky. Money always keeps coming their way.

Individuals born on this day take career influence from the inspiring people in their lives. They have no shame in asking questions to learn something new for the benefit of their careers. They are usually known for being one of the best workers at their work places because they utilize their skills to the fullest and deliver to their capabilities.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on April 19 view their families a little differently than the most. They share the kind of relationships with their siblings and parents that others cannot. Being a parent is something they long for and as one, they are very tolerant and sensitive. They expect that their children will mirror what they do and will not argue or fight in front of them. As far as relationships are concerned they are impulsive and romantic. They long for an intellectual and spiritual relationship with their partner. They will value the freedoms and needs of the other persons. They prefer to make the first move. However, they do tend to get jealous at times.

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