Discover the notable alumni of Amherst College. The list includes people like Calvin Coolidge, David Foster Wallace, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Emily Dickinson & Charles R. Drew. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as intellectuals & academics, writers, scientists, leaders and physicians etc.
Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge
04 July 1872, American
President of the U.S.A
David Foster WallaceDavid Foster Wallace
21 February 1962, American

Albert II, Prince of MonacoAlbert II, Prince of Monaco
14 March 1958, French
Monach of Monaco

Emily DickinsonEmily Dickinson
10 December 1830, American

Dan BrownDan Brown
22 June 1964, American

Uhuru KenyattaUhuru Kenyatta
26 October 1961, Kenyan
President of Kenya
David SuzukiDavid Suzuki
24 March 1936, Canadian
Academic, Enviromental Activist

Charles R. DrewCharles R. Drew
03 June 1904, American
Physician & Surgeon

Harold E. VarmusHarold E. Varmus
18 December 1939, American
Antonis SamarasAntonis Samaras
23 May 1951, Greek
Former Prime Minister of Greece

Francisco Flores PérezFrancisco Flores Pérez
17 October 1959, Salvadoran
Salvadoran Politician
Joseph E. StiglitzJoseph E. Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist & Author

Henry Way KendallHenry Way Kendall
09 December 1926, American

Bruce Fairchild BartonBruce Fairchild Barton
05 August 1886, American
American author

John Michael HigginsJohn Michael Higgins
12 February 1963, American

Stephen CollinsStephen Collins
01 October 1947, American
Drew PinskyDrew Pinsky
04 September 1958, American
Radio personality, Podcaster

Harlan CobenHarlan Coben
04 January 1962, American

Chris CoonsChris Coons
09 September 1963, American

David O. RussellDavid O. Russell
20 August 1958, American
Ken HowardKen Howard
28 March 1944, American

David EisenhowerDavid Eisenhower
31 March 1948, American
Joseph StiglitzJoseph Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist, University teacher, Science writer,

Jim SteinmanJim Steinman
01 November 1947, American

Julie PowellJulie Powell
20 April 1973, American
Rob CohenRob Cohen
12 March 1949, American

Harlan F. StoneHarlan F. Stone
11 October 1872, American
Daniel GolemanDaniel Goleman
07 March 1946, American

Matt BesserMatt Besser
22 September 1967, American

Clarence BirdseyeClarence Birdseye
09 December 1886, American
Inventor, Engineer
Eric SchneidermanEric Schneiderman
31 December 1954, American

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George PapandreouGeorge Papandreou
16 June 1952, Greek, American
George PapandreouGeorge Papandreou
16 June 1952, Greek, American

John M. DeutchJohn M. Deutch
27 July 1938, American
American government official

John J. McCloyJohn J. McCloy
31 March 1895, American

Stephen Cole KleeneStephen Cole Kleene
05 January 1909, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,
Charles E. MerrillCharles E. Merrill
19 October 1885, American
James MerrillJames Merrill
03 March 1926, American
Poet, Writer

Robert LansingRobert Lansing
17 October 1864, American
United States Secretary of State

Richard WilburRichard Wilbur
01 March 1921, American
Poet, Translator, Writer, University teacher

Edmund PhelpsEdmund Phelps
26 July 1933, American
Dwight MorrowDwight Morrow
11 January 1873, American

William S. ClarkWilliam S. Clark
31 July 1826, American

John Bates ClarkJohn Bates Clark
26 January 1847, American

Gilbert Hovey GrosvenorGilbert Hovey Grosvenor
28 October 1875, American

Robert S. WoodworthRobert S. Woodworth
17 October 1869, American
Francis Amasa WalkerFrancis Amasa Walker
02 July 1840, American

James JordanJames Jordan
03 August 1930, American
Kingman Brewster, Jr.Kingman Brewster, Jr.
17 June 1919, American

Toshikazu KaseToshikazu Kase
12 January 1903, Japanese
Civil servant

Charles E. MitchellCharles E. Mitchell
06 October 1877, American
Frank Johnson GoodnowFrank Johnson Goodnow
18 January 1859, American

John DavisJohn Davis
30 September 1550, British
John Maurice ClarkJohn Maurice Clark
30 November 1884, American

Henry Clay FolgerHenry Clay Folger
18 June 1857, American
Business executive

Alfred RomerAlfred Romer
28 December 1894, American

Clyde FitchClyde Fitch
02 May 1865, American

Herbert Baxter AdamsHerbert Baxter Adams
16 April 1850, American
Rob BrownRob Brown
11 March 1984, American

J. Hugh LiedtkeJ. Hugh Liedtke
10 February 1922, American

Wallace John EckertWallace John Eckert
19 June 1902, American

Francis MarchFrancis March
25 October 1825, American
William Dwight Porter BlissWilliam Dwight Porter Bliss
20 August 1856, Turkish

Austin Flint IAustin Flint I
20 October 1812, American
American physician
Preserved SmithPreserved Smith
22 July 1880, American

William Hedgcock WebsterWilliam Hedgcock Webster
06 March 1924, American

William PageWilliam Page
03 January 1811, American
William Crary BrownellWilliam Crary Brownell
30 August 1851, American

Bill KeithBill Keith
20 December 1939, American
Thomas Francis EagletonThomas Francis Eagleton
04 September 1929, American

The famous Amherst College, situated in the state of Massachusetts, is one of the best places to study liberal arts in the whole of United States. This college, which started way back in 1821, was a men’s only institution, but became co-educational quite recently, in 1975 to be precise. An online source says that more than 8000 students had applied for an admission in this notable institution, but just over a thousand students were finally accepted by the college. Such is the demand for an admission in this college. The American media company ‘U.S News & World Report’ had mentioned ‘Amherst College’ as the best institution in the United States on ten occasions. The college has also made waves over the years for its notable alumni, some of whom are famous worldwide for their outstanding accomplishments. The most notable of these was the legendary political leader Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. His journey from being a small time politician to the first man of the United States is simply remarkable. A few other eminent personalities who were once students at Amherst College are acclaimed writer Dan Brown, former American politician Harlan F Stone, Monarch Albert II, the Prince of Monaco and actor Rob Brown. Dan Brown is considered a gem of modern literature and has penned several bestsellers such as ‘Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons’. Both these books were adapted for celluloid and went on to become blockbusters. We have enlisted a few notable alumni who have made Amherst College proud with their remarkable achievements.