If you asked a true-blue Christian what is the highest and greatest and the most glorious calling in the world, he would inarguably say preaching the biblical truth. And rightly so! After all, the Bible too says, "If a man seeketh the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work." Now only if you thought that preaching was just about textual exposition, contextual analysis and inspirational writing, know that delivering homiletics is as much an exercise in eloquence as an act of devotion, and it surely takes some serious skill to sow seeds of spirituality, inspire Godliness and change lives from behind that pulpit. America has produced an avalanche of such great men of God including Martin Luther King, Jr and Fred Phelps who have moved the churchgoers in unfathomable ways. From Rick Warren to Chuck Colson and from David Barton to Douglas Coe, America's influential lot of evangelists has led the nation to greatness and goodness in profound spiritual ways. Check out this space to explore the biographies, trivia, and interesting facts about some such famous American preachers.
Billy GrahamBilly Graham
07 November 1918
Joel OsteenJoel Osteen
05 March 1963
American Preacher & Televangelist

Warren JeffsWarren Jeffs
04 December 1955
Former President of the Fundamentalist Church of

Fulton J. SheenFulton J. Sheen
08 May 1895

Cotton MatherCotton Mather
12 February 1663
Church Minister

James DobsonJames Dobson
21 April 1936
Henry Ward Beecher Henry Ward Beecher
24 June 1813
Clergyman, Preacher & Abolitionist

Adoniram JudsonAdoniram Judson
09 August 1788

Lori BakkerLori Bakker
30 August 1957
Former Televangelist, Speaker
Lyman BeecherLyman Beecher
12 October 1775

George A. SmithGeorge A. Smith
26 June 1817
Political leader
Allen AllensworthAllen Allensworth
07 April 1842
Baptist Minister, Educator, Army Officer

John CottonJohn Cotton
04 December 1585
Theologian & Preacher

Kenneth Erwin HaginKenneth Erwin Hagin
20 August 1917

Kent HovindKent Hovind
15 January 1953

David BergDavid Berg
18 February 1919
Father DivineFather Divine
1877 AD

Ted HaggardTed Haggard
27 June 1956
Pastor, Priest, Preacher

Kenneth E. HaginKenneth E. Hagin
20 August 1917

Dwight L. MoodyDwight L. Moody
05 February 1837
Editor, Philosopher, Writer, Evangelist,
William J. SeymourWilliam J. Seymour
02 May 1870

Hal LindseyHal Lindsey
23 November 1929
Gary SpiveyGary Spivey
Radio Personality

Thomas HookerThomas Hooker
05 July 1586

William Ellery ChanningWilliam Ellery Channing
07 April 1780
Harold KushnerHarold Kushner
03 April 1935
Rabbi, Writer

Edward HicksEdward Hicks
04 April 1780
John Humphrey NoyesJohn Humphrey Noyes
03 September 1811

Johnny Lee ClaryJohnny Lee Clary
18 June 1959

James Augustine HealyJames Augustine Healy
06 April 1830
Religious leader
Orestes BrownsonOrestes Brownson
16 September 1803

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Barton W. StoneBarton W. Stone
24 December 1772
Moishe RosenMoishe Rosen
12 April 1932
Religious leader

Peter MarshallPeter Marshall
27 May 1902

Steve BrownSteve Brown

Pema ChodronPema Chodron
14 July 1936
Peter John GomesPeter John Gomes
22 May 1942