Imagine what would life be had it not been for the activists and revolutionaries? Would living today be as same? Would we be free-thinking individuals? Would women have the same status in society that she enjoys today? Would we enjoy democratic rights? Would we have the right to express? Would we have the right of choosing our political representative? Every bit of those and many more are credits of the works of activists who gave their life for the welfare of the society. They were actually progressive individuals who fought against the rules set by the governing bodies to make the society a better place to live in. Their line of thought mostly goes contradictory to the then current system of belief and it is on this challenging path that they tread on, to define new rules and change the current system. Though America today maybe a superpower and one amongst the most powerful nations of the world, it wasn’t the same all through. In fact, the country dealt with its own challenges and difficulties. The political system of the country underwent numerous changes and much of it was brought about by political activists, some of the prominent ones include James Baldwin, Fred Hampton, Angela Davies, Ralph Nader, Sherman Austin and so on. Read through this section and find in details about the life and works of America political activists.
Alfre WoodardAlfre Woodard

08 November 1952

Mike FarrellMike Farrell

06 February 1939

Angela Davis Angela Davis

26 January 1944

Serj TankianSerj Tankian

21 August 1967

Ralph NaderRalph Nader

27 February 1934

Susan SontagSusan Sontag

16 January 1933

Michael MooreMichael Moore

23 April 1954

Emma GoldmanEmma Goldman

27 June 1869

Jerry FalwellJerry Falwell

11 August 1933

Jane AddamsJane Addams

06 September 1860

Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman

30 November 1936

Saul AlinskySaul Alinsky

30 January 1909

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Tom HaydenTom Hayden

11 December 1939

Alexandra PaulAlexandra Paul

29 July 1963

Abigail FolgerAbigail Folger

11 August 1943

Ron SilverRon Silver

02 July 1946

Benjamin Spock Benjamin Spock

02 May 1903

Barbara EhrenreichBarbara Ehrenreich

26 August 1941

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Jody Williams Jody Williams

09 October 1950

Anna Howard ShawAnna Howard Shaw

14 February 1847

A. J. MusteA. J. Muste

08 January 1885

Angelina GrimkeAngelina Grimke

20 February 1805

Cenk UrguyCenk Urguy

21 March 1970

Phyllis SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly

15 August 1924

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Nina RosenwaldNina Rosenwald