Find out more about the greatest American Computer Scientists, including Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Grace Hopper, Donald Knuth and Ken Jennings.
Larry PageLarry Page
26 March 1973
Co-founder of Google
Sergey BrinSergey Brin
21 August 1973
Computer scientist

Grace HopperGrace Hopper
09 December 1906
Computer Scientist

Gabe NewellGabe Newell
03 November 1962

Ken ThompsonKen Thompson
04 February 1943
Computer Scientist

Tommy RettigTommy Rettig
10 December 1941
Child Actor
Alan KayAlan Kay
17 May 1940
Computer Scientist

Judea PearlJudea Pearl
04 September 1936
Computer Scientist

Radia PerlmanRadia Perlman
18 December 1951
Computer Network Engineer

Richard StallmanRichard Stallman
16 March 1953
Programmer, Computer scientist, Lecturer, Blogger,
Ken JenningsKen Jennings
23 May 1974
Software engineer, Blogger, Non-fiction writer,

John CarmackJohn Carmack
20 August 1970
Chief technology officer, Aerospace engineer,
Michael DellMichael Dell
23 February 1965
Entrepreneur, Financier, Businessperson, Computer

Donald KnuthDonald Knuth
10 January 1938
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Historian of

Andrew NgAndrew Ng
1976 AD
artificial intelligence researcher, computer
Dennis RitchieDennis Ritchie
09 September 1941
Computer scientist, Programmer, Writer

Marvin MinskyMarvin Minsky
09 August 1927
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University
Ginni RomettyGinni Rometty
29 July 1957

Lawrence LessigLawrence Lessig
03 June 1961
Jurist, Activist, Lawyer, Non-fiction writer,

Herbert A. SimonHerbert A. Simon
15 June 1916
Economist, Psychologist, Politician, Sociologist,
George HotzGeorge Hotz
02 October 1989
Blogger, Programmer, Computer scientist

Randall MunroeRandall Munroe
17 October 1984
Programmer, Comics artist, Writer, Computer
James GoslingJames Gosling
19 May 1955
Programmer, Inventor, Computer scientist

Sid MeierSid Meier
24 February 1954
Video game producer, Engineer, Video game

Benoit MandelbrotBenoit Mandelbrot
20 November 1924
Mathematician, Economist, Professor, Scientist,

Norbert WienerNorbert Wiener
26 November 1894
Mathematician, Autobiographer, University teacher,
Shawn FanningShawn Fanning
22 November 1980
Computer scientist, Programmer
George DantzigGeorge Dantzig
08 November 1914
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Statistician

David GelernterDavid Gelernter
05 March 1955
Computer scientist

Eric S. RaymondEric S. Raymond
04 December 1957
Software developer, Engineer, Programmer, Writer,

Douglas HofstadterDouglas Hofstadter
15 February 1945
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher, Computer
Jaron LanierJaron Lanier
03 May 1960
Computer scientist, Composer, Programmer, Writer,

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Tony HsiehTony Hsieh
12 December 1973

Ward CunninghamWard Cunningham
26 May 1949
Programmer, Computer scientist

David PackardDavid Packard
07 September 1912
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Computer scientist

Max LevchinMax Levchin
11 July 1975
Computer scientist, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier
15 January 1963
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist

Bill JoyBill Joy
08 November 1954
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer
Matt MullenwegMatt Mullenweg
11 January 1984
Entrepreneur, Programmer, Computer scientist,

David FiloDavid Filo
20 April 1966
Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Merchant, Computer

Andy HertzfeldAndy Hertzfeld
06 April 1953
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer
James H. ClarkJames H. Clark
23 March 1944
Computer scientist

Chris MetzenChris Metzen
22 November 1973
Artist, Comics artist, Novelist, Writer,
Hilary PutnamHilary Putnam
31 July 1926
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Gary KildallGary Kildall
19 May 1942
Computer scientist, Programmer, University teacher

Lynn ConwayLynn Conway
10 January 1938
computer scientist, engineer, inventor

Robert Tappan MorrisRobert Tappan Morris
08 November 1965
Computer scientist, Scientist, Professor

Thomas J. WatsonThomas J. Watson
17 February 1874
Hans ReiserHans Reiser
19 December 1963
Programmer, Entrepreneur, Computer scientist,

Leslie LamportLeslie Lamport
07 February 1941
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Programmer,

Fei-Fei LiFei-Fei Li
1976 AD
Computer scientist

Edwin CatmullEdwin Catmull
31 March 1945
Computer scientist, Engineer
Nick SzaboNick Szabo
1970 AD
Computer scientist

Leonard KleinrockLeonard Kleinrock
13 June 1934
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Patent
Nathan BlecharczykNathan Blecharczyk
1983 AD
Business person

Charles SimonyiCharles Simonyi
10 September 1948
Astronaut, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Robert MetcalfeRobert Metcalfe
07 April 1946
Computer scientist, Engineer
Barbara LiskovBarbara Liskov
07 November 1939
Computer scientist, University teacher

Edgar F. CoddEdgar F. Codd
19 August 1923
Computer scientist, Mathematician, University
Edmund McMillenEdmund McMillen
02 March 1980
Video game developer, Computer scientist

Alonzo ChurchAlonzo Church
14 June 1903
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Ed BoonEd Boon
22 February 1964
Programmer, Engineer, Screenwriter, Computer
Andrew S. TanenbaumAndrew S. Tanenbaum
16 March 1944
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,

Sebastian ThrunSebastian Thrun
14 May 1967
Computer scientist
Daniel KottkeDaniel Kottke
04 April 1954
Computer scientist, Engineer

Jef RaskinJef Raskin
09 March 1943
Programmer, Computer scientist, Writer, University

Jon PostelJon Postel
06 August 1943
Computer scientist

Don NormanDon Norman
25 December 1935
Engineer, Computer scientist, Psychologist, Writer
Drew HoustonDrew Houston
04 March 1983
Internet Entrepreneur
Vernor VingeVernor Vinge
02 October 1944
Computer scientist

Kevin RoseKevin Rose
21 February 1977
Computer scientist, Blogger, Businessperson

Ted NelsonTed Nelson
17 June 1937

Allen NewellAllen Newell
19 March 1927
Psychologist, Computer scientist, Mathematician,
Raj ReddyRaj Reddy
13 June 1937
Computer scientist, University teacher

Ivan SutherlandIvan Sutherland
16 May 1938
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,

Larry WallLarry Wall
27 September 1954
Programmer, Engineer, Writer, Computer scientist

John BackusJohn Backus
03 December 1924
Mathematician, Computer scientist

Story MusgraveStory Musgrave
19 August 1935
Astronaut, Statistician, Aviator, Officer
Daniel J. BernsteinDaniel J. Bernstein
29 October 1971
Mathematician, Cryptologist, Programmer,

Roberta WilliamsRoberta Williams
16 February 1953
Writer, Computer scientist
Nicholas NegroponteNicholas Negroponte
01 December 1943
Computer scientist, Architect, Investor,

Daphne KollerDaphne Koller
27 August 1968
computer scientist, engineer

Andrew ViterbiAndrew Viterbi
09 March 1935
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Computer scientist
Whitfield DiffieWhitfield Diffie
05 June 1944
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist

Peter NortonPeter Norton
14 November 1943
Art collector, Programmer, Computer scientist
Avie TevanianAvie Tevanian
1961 AD
Computer scientist

Seymour PapertSeymour Papert
29 February 1928
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Educator,

Peter NorvigPeter Norvig
14 December 1956
Computer scientist

J. C. R. LickliderJ. C. R. Licklider
11 March 1915
Computer scientist, Psychologist
Ian MurdockIan Murdock
28 April 1973
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer

Peter ShorPeter Shor
14 August 1959
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University
Fred BrooksFred Brooks
19 April 1931
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Stephen Cole KleeneStephen Cole Kleene
05 January 1909
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,
Seymour CraySeymour Cray
28 September 1925
Engineer, Computer scientist

Rashad KhalifaRashad Khalifa
19 November 1935
Chemist, Translator, Biochemist, Computer
Lotfi A. ZadehLotfi A. Zadeh
04 February 1921
Mathematician, Engineer, Professor, Scientist,