Have you ever passed by a building or a bridge that has a charm of its own? Though it is essentially made of the same brick, stone and cement just as any other building, what makes it different from the rest is its architectural beauty. Architecture in itself today is a multicultural society that has a rich eclectic and innovative tradition to it. What’s more, they are the reflection of the historic past and the contemporary present. The Pyramids of Giza or the Golden Pavilion of Japan or even Taj Mahal of India are few of the most notable early constructions and architectural wonders. What gives them the edge over others is their instant recognition. Architectural marvels are known thus for their ingenious design, cutting-edge innovation and pioneering work of art. America has been home to such innovative and pioneering architects who have added iconic buildings to the world landscape. Be it Frank Llyod Wright and his prairie-styled buildings such as Guggenheim Museum and Fallingwater residence, or Philip Johnson and his forward thinking architectural style in the form of Crystal Cathedral and Seagram building, each of them and many more have created some of the most dynamic, recognizable landmarks and distinctive buildings in and out of America. With this write-up, learn about famous American architects and their life and works.
Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright
08 June 1867
Frank GehryFrank Gehry
28 February 1929

Buckminster FullerBuckminster Fuller
12 July 1895

I.M. PeiI. M. Pei
26 April 1917
Master of Modern Architecture

Walter GropiusWalter Gropius
18 May 1883

Frederick Law OlmstedFrederick Law Olmsted
26 April 1822
Landscape Architect
Maya LinMaya Lin
05 October 1959

Neri OxmanNeri Oxman
06 February 1976

Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson
08 July 1906

Louis KahnLouis Kahn
20 February 1901
Louis SullivanLouis Sullivan
03 September 1856
Pioneering Architect

Daniel BurnhamDaniel Burnham
04 September 1846
Architect, Urban Designer
Richard Alan Meier Richard Meier
12 October 1934
Architect & Abstract Artist

Christopher AlexanderChristopher Alexander
04 October 1936

Ivan MeštrovićIvan Meštrović
15 August 1883
Henry Hobson Richardson Henry Hobson Richardson
29 September 1838

Nora Stanton Blatch BarneyNora Stanton Blatch Barney
30 September 1883
Civil Engineer, Architect, Women’s Rights
Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIYahya Abdul-Mateen II
15 July 1986

Eero SaarinenEero Saarinen
20 August 1910
Architect, Designer

Minoru YamasakiMinoru Yamasaki
01 December 1912
Isamu NoguchiIsamu Noguchi
17 November 1904
Sculptor, Architect

Stanford WhiteStanford White
09 November 1853
Architect, Painter
Jacque FrescoJacque Fresco
13 March 1916
Futurist, Designer, Writer, Architect

Nicholas NegroponteNicholas Negroponte
01 December 1943
Computer scientist, Architect, Investor,

Daniel LibeskindDaniel Libeskind
12 May 1946
Architect, Musician, University teacher

Fazlur Rahman KhanFazlur Rahman Khan
03 April 1929
Civil engineer, Architect, Structural engineer
Lewis MumfordLewis Mumford
19 October 1895
Architect, Historian of technology, Historian,
Michael GravesMichael Graves
09 July 1934

Donald JuddDonald Judd
03 June 1928
Artist, Architect, Sculptor, Painter

Barnett NewmanBarnett Newman
29 January 1905
Painter, Sculptor, Visual artist, Architect

Julia MorganJulia Morgan
20 January 1872
Richard NeutraRichard Neutra
08 April 1892

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David ChildsDavid Childs
01 April 1941

Robert VenturiRobert Venturi
25 June 1925

Jeanne GangJeanne Gang
19 March 1964

John A. RoeblingJohn A. Roebling
12 June 1806
Civil engineer, Architect
Lloyd WrightLloyd Wright
30 March 1890

Massimo VignelliMassimo Vignelli
10 January 1931
Graphic designer, Architect, University teacher
Peter EisenmanPeter Eisenman
11 August 1932
Architect, University teacher

Rachel Lambert MellonRachel Lambert Mellon
09 August 1910
Art collector

Richard Morris HuntRichard Morris Hunt
31 October 1827
Steven HollSteven Holl
09 December 1947
Architect, University teacher

George NakashimaGeorge Nakashima
24 May 1905
John LautnerJohn Lautner
16 July 1911

Vito AcconciVito Acconci
24 January 1940

Walter Burley GriffinWalter Burley Griffin
24 November 1876
Architect, Landscape architect, Urban planner

Dan FlavinDan Flavin
01 April 1933
Artist, Sculptor, Architect

Elsie de WolfeElsie de Wolfe
20 December 1865
Actor, Architect, Socialite
Addison MiznerAddison Mizner
12 December 1872

Benjamin Henry LatrobeBenjamin Henry Latrobe
01 May 1764

William Wesley PetersWilliam Wesley Peters
12 June 1912
Engineer, Architect

Cass GilbertCass Gilbert
29 November 1859
architect, painter
George MaciunasGeorge Maciunas
08 November 1931
Artist, Architect, Painter

Gustav StickleyGustav Stickley
09 March 1858
Thom MayneThom Mayne
19 January 1944
Architect, University teacher

Denise Scott BrownDenise Scott Brown
03 October 1931

Helmut JahnHelmut Jahn
04 January 1940
Edward Durell StoneEdward Durell Stone
09 March 1902

Norman Bel GeddesNorman Bel Geddes
27 April 1893
Architect, Designer, Scenographer
Calvert VauxCalvert Vaux
20 December 1824
Architect, Landscape architect

Kevin RocheKevin Roche
14 June 1922

William PereiraWilliam Pereira
25 April 1909
Lawrence HalprinLawrence Halprin
01 July 1916

Robert Robinson TaylorRobert Robinson Taylor
08 June 1868
William Van AlenWilliam Van Alen
10 August 1883

Joseph ChetritJoseph Chetrit

Gordon BunshaftGordon Bunshaft
09 May 1909

Edward OrdEdward Ord
18 October 1818
Officer, Architect
William Le Baron JenneyWilliam Le Baron Jenney
25 September 1832
Lebbeus WoodsLebbeus Woods
31 May 1940
Architect, Artist, University teacher

Julius ShulmanJulius Shulman
10 October 1910
Photographer, Architect

Pietro BelluschiPietro Belluschi
18 August 1899

Charles LuckmanCharles Luckman
16 May 1909
E. Fay JonesE. Fay Jones
31 January 1921

John HejdukJohn Hejduk
19 July 1929
Architect, Educationist

Alexander Jackson DavisAlexander Jackson Davis
24 July 1803

Andreas FeiningerAndreas Feininger
27 December 1906
Photographer, Writer, Architect

Nancy AllenNancy Allen
24 June 1950
R. Buckminster FullerR. Buckminster Fuller
12 July 1895

Joshua Prince-RamusJoshua Prince-Ramus
11 August 1969
John C. Portman, Jr.John C. Portman, Jr.
04 December 1924

Charles MooreCharles Moore
31 October 1925

George NelsonGeorge Nelson
29 May 1908
designer, architect
Paul RudolphPaul Rudolph
23 October 1918
architect, university teacher

Jed JohnsonJed Johnson
30 December 1948
film director, film editor, cinematographer,
Robert Trent Jones, Sr.Robert Trent Jones, Sr.
20 June 1906
Golf course architect

Mike ReynoldsMike Reynolds
1840 AD

Paul Williams (Architect)Paul Williams (Architect)
18 February 1894

Edmund Norwood BaconEdmund Norwood Bacon
02 May 1910
Urban Planner
Albert Kahn (Architect)Albert Kahn (Architect)
21 March 1869

Rabbi Leo JungRabbi Leo Jung
20 June 1892