Known to be a progressive disease, Alzheimer’s annihilates the memory of its victim and destroys other mental functions as well. Almost 70% of cases of dementia is as a consequence of Alzheimer’s, and one of its earliest symptoms are short-term memory loss. With the advancement of the disease, an Alzheimer’s patient would show behavioural issues, problems with language, and even disorientation. With the speed in which the disease progresses, the victim’s condition declines, ultimately leading to death. Alzheimer’s disease comes with no groundbreaking treatment to either stop or reverse the progression; there are medications and treatments that can improve the symptoms, although temporarily. The victims rely on full assistance from their caretakers, often putting themselves in the spot of a burden, pressurising them in all zones like physical, psychological, and even economic. One such famous personality who shocked the world by succumbing to this disease was the 40th president of the US, Ronald Reagan. The Hollywood, show biz industry has also seen deaths caused by this disease; some of the personalities who currently live with this disease have been doing their bit to spread awareness about this disease. Musicians like Malcolm Young and Glenn Campbell have been going about their careers to reduce the stigma attached to the term Alzheimer’s. Actors like Rita Hayworth, Charlton Heston, Charles Bronson, are heavy names of the Hollywood world that surrendered their lives to this deadly disease. The list doesn’t end here- there are famous celebrities who still live their lives under the pressures of the incurable Alzheimer’s. Keep reading and find out more about the famous people who lived with Alzheimer's disease.
Harold WilsonHarold Wilson
11 March 1916, British
Former British Prime Minister
James StewartJames Stewart
20 May 1908, American

Rosa ParksRosa Parks
04 February 1913, American
Civil Rights Activist

Charles BronsonCharles Bronson
03 November 1921, American

Rita HayworthRita Hayworth
17 October 1918, American

Charlton HestonCharlton Heston
04 October 1923, American
Glen CampbellGlen Campbell
22 April 1936, American

Norman RockwellNorman Rockwell
03 February 1894, American
Painter & Illustrator

Burgess MeredithBurgess Meredith
16 November 1907, American

Omar SharifOmar Sharif
10 April 1932, Egyptian
Etta JamesEtta James
25 January 1938, American

Sugar Ray RobinsonSugar Ray Robinson
03 May 1921, American
Former Welterweight and Middleweight Boxing
Enid BlytonEnid Blyton
11 August 1897, British

Enoch PowellEnoch Powell
16 June 1912, British

Neil SimonNeil Simon
04 July 1927, American
Playwright & Screenwriter
Dana AndrewsDana Andrews
01 January 1909, American

Aaron CoplandAaron Copland
14 November 1900, American
Composer, teacher, writer
Claude ShannonClaude Shannon
30 April 1916, American
Mathematician, Cryptographer

E. B. WhiteE. B. White
11 July 1899, American

Norma ShearerNorma Shearer
10 August 1902, Canadian, American
Margaret RutherfordMargaret Rutherford
11 May 1892, British

Otto PremingerOtto Preminger
05 December 1905, American
Imogene CocaImogene Coca
18 November 1908, American

Dean SmithDean Smith
28 February 1931, American
Basketball Coach

Darlanne FluegelDarlanne Fluegel
25 November 1953, American

Mervyn LeRoyMervyn LeRoy
15 October 1900, American
Film Director and Producer
A. E. van VogtA. E. van Vogt
26 April 1912, Canadian
Science Fiction Author
Archer John Porter MartinArcher Martin
01 March 1910, British

William Childs WestmorelandWilliam Childs Westmoreland
26 March 1914, American
Military Leader

Vincente MinnelliVincente Minnelli
28 February 1903, American
Theatre director, Film director

Pat BowlenPat Bowlen
18 February 1944, American
Perry ComoPerry Como
18 May 1912, American

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Don CorneliusDon Cornelius
27 September 1936, American
Television show host

James DoohanJames Doohan
03 March 1920, Canadian
Screenwriter, Television actor, Film actor, Actor,

Floyd PattersonFloyd Patterson
04 January 1935, American

Don ArdenDon Arden
04 January 1926, British
Impresario, Talent agent, Talent manager
Otto GrahamOtto Graham
06 December 1921, American
American Football Player

Iris MurdochIris Murdoch
15 July 1919, Irish
Poet, Philosopher, Novelist, Writer, Biographer
James StockdaleJames Stockdale
23 December 1923, American
Officer, Aviator, Politician

Arlene FrancisArlene Francis
20 October 1907, American
Actor, Autobiographer, Television presenter, Radio

William AsherWilliam Asher
08 August 1921, American
Verne GagneVerne Gagne
26 February 1926, American
Professional Wrestler

Allen KleinAllen Klein
18 December 1931, American
Record producer, Talent agent, Entrepreneur,
Lili DamitaLili Damita
10 July 1904, French
Actor, Singer

Sammy BaughSammy Baugh
17 March 1914, American
Football player

Chuck BednarikChuck Bednarik
01 May 1925, American
Football player

Darrell RoyalDarrell Royal
06 July 1924, American
Football Player

Nusrat BhuttoNusrat Bhutto
23 March 1929
Robert KearnsRobert Kearns
10 March 1927, American
Inventor, Engineer

Saul ZaentzSaul Zaentz
28 February 1921, American
Film producer

Mae QuestelMae Questel
13 September 1908, American

Beatrice LillieBeatrice Lillie
29 May 1894, Canadian, British, American
Bill MauldinBill Mauldin
29 October 1921, American
Actor, Caricaturist, Screenwriter, School of the

Karlheinz BöhmKarlheinz Böhm
16 March 1928, Austrian, German
William ProxmireWilliam Proxmire
11 November 1915, American

Dell HymesDell Hymes
07 June 1927, American
Anthropologist, Linguist, University teacher,

Charles H. PercyCharles H. Percy
27 September 1919, American
Molly PiconMolly Picon
28 February 1898, American

Ieng SaryIeng Sary
24 October 1925, Vietnamese
George SislerGeorge Sisler
24 March 1893, American
Baseball Player

Balamani AmmaBalamani Amma
19 July 1909, Indian

Gene AmdahlGene Amdahl
16 November 1922, American
Briggs CunninghamBriggs Cunningham
19 January 1907, American
Racecar driver

Gunnar BjörnstrandGunnar Björnstrand
13 November 1909, Swedish
Lila KedrovaLila Kedrova
09 October 1918, French

Edward H. LeviEdward H. Levi
26 June 1911, American

Patty BergPatty Berg
13 February 1918, American
Officer, Golfer

Eugene Bennett FluckeyEugene Bennett Fluckey
05 October 1913, American
Navy Rear Admiral
Thomas Andrew DorseyThomas Andrew Dorsey
01 July 1899, American
Sir Alfred Ernest RamseySir Alfred Ernest Ramsey
22 January 1920, British
Football player