92 Years Old

The list of famous 92 years old includes Ethel Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Burt Bacharach, L. K. Advani, Rosalynn Carter. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actresses, composers and actors and from other domains of life. This list of 92 years old includes people from United States, France, England & India and many more countries.

Ethel KennedyEthel Kennedy
11 April 1928, American
Wife of Robert Francis Kennedy
Walter MondaleWalter Mondale
05 January 1928, American
The 42nd Vice President of the U.S.A.

Burt BacharachBurt Bacharach
12 May 1928, American
Pianist, Composer, Songwriter

L.K. AdvaniL. K. Advani
08 November 1927, Indian

Rosalynn CarterRosalynn Carter
18 August 1927, American
Former First Lady, Activist

James WatsonJames Watson
06 April 1928, American
Molecular Biologist
Tom LehrerTom Lehrer
09 April 1928, American
American musician

Barron HiltonBarron Hilton
23 October 1927, American
Business Magnate

Li Ka-shingLi Ka-shing
29 July 1928, Canadian
Rosemary HarrisRosemary Harris
19 September 1927, British

Joss AcklandJoss Ackland
29 February 1928, British
Vin ScullyVin Scully
29 November 1927, American

Margaret KeaneMargaret Keane
15 September 1927, American

Thomas Spencer MonsonThomas S. Monson
21 August 1927, American

Harry Max MarkowitzHarry Markowitz
24 August 1927, American

Tempest StormTempest Storm
29 February 1928, American
Elias James CoreyElias James Corey
12 July 1928, American
Organic Chemist

Enrique BolañosEnrique Bolaños
13 May 1928, Nicaraguan
Former President of Nicaragua

Balkrishna V DoshiBalkrishna V Doshi
26 August 1927, Indian

Baddiewinkle (Helen Ruth Van Winkle)Baddiewinkle (Helen Ruth Van Winkle)
18 July 1928, American
Instagram Star
Jean Kennedy SmithJean Kennedy Smith
20 February 1928, American

Jim LovellJim Lovell
25 March 1928, American
Kim Yong-namKim Yong-nam
04 February 1928, North Korean
Foreign minister

Estelle HarrisEstelle Harris
04 April 1928, American

Ruth WestheimerRuth Westheimer
04 June 1928, German, American
Media Personality
Estelle ParsonsEstelle Parsons
20 November 1927, American

Jeanne MoreauJeanne Moreau
23 January 1928, French
Film actor, Film director, Singer, Screenwriter,
Stuart WhitmanStuart Whitman
01 February 1928, American
Actor, Television actor

Thomas Charles LasordaTommy Lasorda
22 September 1927, American
Baseball player

Steve DitkoSteve Ditko
02 November 1927, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter
Cleo LaineCleo Laine
28 October 1927, British
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Stage actor

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Frank BormanFrank Borman
14 March 1928, American
Air force officer, Test pilot, Astronaut,
Paul DooleyPaul Dooley
22 February 1928, American

Richard M. ShermanRichard M. Sherman
12 June 1928, American

Eileen RyanEileen Ryan
15 October 1927, American

James IvoryJames Ivory
07 June 1928, American
Jean-Marie Le PenJean-Marie Le Pen
20 June 1928, French
Politician, Trade unionist
Hardy KrügerHardy Krüger
12 April 1928, German
Actor, Autobiographer, Writer

Parkash Singh BadalParkash Singh Badal
08 December 1927, Indian

Edwin EdwardsEdwin Edwards
07 August 1927, American
politician, lawyer

Fidel V. RamosFidel V. Ramos
18 March 1928, Filipino
Joseph KittingerJoseph Kittinger
27 July 1928, American
Officer, Aviator, Balloonist

Ramsey ClarkRamsey Clark
18 December 1927, American
American lawyer

Tommy DochertyTommy Docherty
24 April 1928, British
Association football player, Association football

Daisaku IkedaDaisaku Ikeda
02 January 1928, Japanese
Poet, Writer

Patrick HemingwayPatrick Hemingway
28 June 1928, American
Desmond MorrisDesmond Morris
24 January 1928, British

Red McCombsRed McCombs
19 October 1927, American
Roger MuddRoger Mudd
09 February 1928, American

Monty NormanMonty Norman
04 April 1928, British
Composer, Film producer, Musician, Film score

Lee Shau-keeLee Shau-kee
29 January 1928, Chinese
Entrepreneur, Banker, Businessperson
Hans BlixHans Blix
28 June 1928, Swedish
Swedish diplomat, politician

W. S. MerwinW. S. Merwin
30 September 1927, American
Poet, Writer, Translator
Gustavo GutiérrezGustavo Gutiérrez
08 June 1928, Peruvian

William LabovWilliam Labov
04 December 1927, American

Angelo SodanoAngelo Sodano
23 November 1927, Italian
Diplomat, Theologian, Catholic priest

Peter MunkPeter Munk
08 November 1927, Canadian

Brigitte AuberBrigitte Auber
27 April 1928, French
Felix RohatynFelix Rohatyn
29 May 1928, American
Diplomat, Banker

Charles StrouseCharles Strouse
07 June 1928, American
Composer, Songwriter

Cynthia OzickCynthia Ozick
17 April 1928, American
Short Story Writer

Elliott ErwittElliott Erwitt
26 July 1928, French, American
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist
Giampiero BonipertiGiampiero Boniperti
04 July 1928, Italian
Association football player, Politician

Reynaldo BignoneReynaldo Bignone
21 January 1928, Argentinian
Politician, Military personnel
Hayden WhiteHayden White
12 July 1928, American
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, University teacher

Leon FleisherLeon Fleisher
1928 AD, American

Hans ModrowHans Modrow
27 January 1928, German
Politician, Economist
Mary Wells LawrenceMary Wells Lawrence
25 May 1928, American

Luigi ColaniLuigi Colani
02 August 1928, Swiss, German
Architect, Engineer, University teacher
Ciriaco De MitaCiriaco De Mita
02 February 1928, Italian

Ram NarayanRam Narayan
25 December 1927, Indian
Musician, Composer

Pierre HenryPierre Henry
09 December 1927, French
Composer, Sound artist, Film score composer
Yaacov AgamYaacov Agam
11 May 1928, Israeli
Artist, Sculptor, Experimental artist, Visual

Roger KahnRoger Kahn
31 October 1927, American
Martin E. MartyMartin E. Marty
05 February 1928, American
Historian of religion

J. Hillis MillerJ. Hillis Miller
05 March 1928, American
Literary Critic

Arnold RüütelArnold Rüütel
10 May 1928, Estonian

Tommy DeVitoTommy DeVito
19 June 1928, American
singer, musician, guitarist
William KleinWilliam Klein
19 April 1928, American
photographer, cineast, film director
Lester KinsolvingLester Kinsolving
18 December 1927, American
journalist, radio personality

Thomas KinsellaThomas Kinsella
04 May 1928, Northern Irish

Thea MusgraveThea Musgrave
27 May 1928, Scottish

Juris HartmanisJuris Hartmanis
05 July 1928, Latvian, American
Computer scientist
Lennart CarlesonLennart Carleson
18 March 1928, Swedish

William J. PerryWilliam J. Perry
11 October 1927, American

Betsy RawlsBetsy Rawls
04 May 1928, American
Professional golfer

Cheikh Hamidou KaneCheikh Hamidou Kane
02 April 1928, Senegalese

Agnes VardaAgnes Varda
30 May 1928, French
Bill LeeBill Lee
23 July 1928, American
Baseball player

Larry WildeLarry Wilde
06 February 1928, American
Yōji KuriYōji Kuri
09 April 1928, Japanese
Film director, Illustrator, Animator

Paul A. VolckerPaul A. Volcker
05 September 1927, American
William KennedyWilliam Kennedy
16 January 1928, American
American writer
Douglas EverettDouglas Everett
12 August 1927, Canadian
Lawyer, Politician