92 Years Old

The list of famous 92 years old includes Pope Benedict XVI, Sidney Poitier, Jerry Stiller, Rosalynn Carter, Walter Mondale. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, actresses and journalists and from other domains of life. This list of 92 years old includes people from United States, India, Canada & England and many more countries.

Pope Benedict XVIPope Benedict XVI
16 April 1927, German
Sidney PoitierSidney Poitier
20 February 1927, Bahamian, American

Jerry StillerJerry Stiller
08 June 1927, American

Rosalynn CarterRosalynn Carter
18 August 1927, American
Former First Lady, Activist

Walter MondaleWalter Mondale
05 January 1928, American
The 42nd Vice President of the U.S.A.

L.K. AdvaniL. K. Advani
08 November 1927, Indian
Barron HiltonBarron Hilton
23 October 1927, American
Business Magnate

Rosemary HarrisRosemary Harris
19 September 1927, British

Margaret KeaneMargaret Keane
15 September 1927, American

Vin ScullyVin Scully
29 November 1927, American
Thomas Spencer MonsonThomas S. Monson
21 August 1927, American

Bud GrantBud Grant
20 May 1927, Canadian, American
American football Coach
Harry Max MarkowitzHarry Markowitz
24 August 1927, American

Manfred EigenManfred Eigen
09 May 1927, German
Biophysical Chemist

K. Alex MüllerK. Alex Müller
20 April 1927, Swiss
Balkrishna V DoshiBalkrishna V Doshi
26 August 1927, Indian

Harry BelafonteHarry Belafonte
01 March 1927, American
Singer, Actor, Stage actor
David HedisonDavid Hedison
20 May 1927, American

William DanielsWilliam Daniels
31 March 1927, American

Lisa LuLisa Lu
19 January 1927
Actor, Musician, Stage actor, Television actor
Steve DitkoSteve Ditko
02 November 1927, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter

Gina LollobrigidaGina Lollobrigida
04 July 1927, Italian
Actor, Photographer, Sculptor, Journalist
June BrownJune Brown
16 February 1927, British

Olof PalmeOlof Palme
30 January 1927, Swedish

Estelle ParsonsEstelle Parsons
20 November 1927, American

John WarnerJohn Warner
18 February 1927, American
Doc SeverinsenDoc Severinsen
07 July 1927, American
Michael ConstantineMichael Constantine
22 May 1927, American

Eileen RyanEileen Ryan
15 October 1927, American

David DinkinsDavid Dinkins
10 July 1927

Ken DoddKen Dodd
08 November 1927, British
Actor, Comedian, Film actor, Singer
Kenneth AngerKenneth Anger
03 February 1927, American
Film producer

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Parkash Singh BadalParkash Singh Badal
08 December 1927, Indian

Hubert de GivenchyHubert de Givenchy
21 February 1927, French
Art collector, Grand couturier, Designer, Postage

Leontyne PriceLeontyne Price
10 February 1927, American
American soprano

Ed AmesEd Ames
09 July 1927, American
Simone VeilSimone Veil
13 July 1927, French
Politician, Judge

Cleo LaineCleo Laine
28 October 1927, British
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Stage actor
Ramsey ClarkRamsey Clark
18 December 1927, American
American lawyer

Edwin EdwardsEdwin Edwards
07 August 1927, American
politician, lawyer

Harry WhittingtonHarry Whittington
03 March 1927, American
Daisaku IkedaDaisaku Ikeda
02 January 1928, Japanese
Poet, Writer

Angelo SodanoAngelo Sodano
23 November 1927, Italian
Diplomat, Theologian, Catholic priest
Annapurna DeviAnnapurna Devi
23 April 1927, Indian
Music educator

Nayantara SahgalNayantara Sahgal
10 May 1927, Indian
Journalist, Writer

Albert UderzoAlbert Uderzo
25 April 1927, French
Comics artist, Painter, Screenwriter

John AshberyJohn Ashbery
28 July 1927, American
Poet, Writer, University teacher, Journalist

Marella AgnelliMarella Agnelli
04 May 1927, Italian
Art collector, Autobiographer, Photographer,
Red McCombsRed McCombs
19 October 1927, American

William LabovWilliam Labov
04 December 1927, American

Peter MunkPeter Munk
08 November 1927, Canadian

W. S. MerwinW. S. Merwin
30 September 1927, American
Poet, Writer, Translator
Ram NarayanRam Narayan
25 December 1927, Indian
Musician, Composer

Mohammed Zahur KhayyamMohammed Zahur Khayyam
18 February 1927, Indian
Composer, Music director
Lee KonitzLee Konitz
13 October 1927, American
American composer

Alex KatzAlex Katz
24 July 1927, American

Endel TulvingEndel Tulving
26 May 1927, Canadian, Estonian
Neuroscientist, Psychologist
Alvin SargentAlvin Sargent
12 April 1927, American

Burt PugachBurt Pugach
20 April 1927, American
Pierre HenryPierre Henry
09 December 1927, French
Composer, Sound artist, Film score composer

Leon FleisherLeon Fleisher
1928 AD, American

Piero TosiPiero Tosi
10 April 1927, Italian
Costume designer, Artist
Frederick VreelandFrederick Vreeland
24 June 1927, American

Lester KinsolvingLester Kinsolving
18 December 1927, American
journalist, radio personality
Roger KahnRoger Kahn
31 October 1927, American

Laya RakiLaya Raki
27 July 1927, German

Robert OrbenRobert Orben
04 March 1927, American
Stage Magician, Writer

William J. PerryWilliam J. Perry
11 October 1927, American
Paul A. VolckerPaul A. Volcker
05 September 1927, American
William KennedyWilliam Kennedy
16 January 1928, American
American writer

Douglas EverettDouglas Everett
12 August 1927, Canadian
Lawyer, Politician

Thomas Charles LasordaThomas Charles Lasorda
22 September 1927, American
Famous Baseball Players, Coach

Morton Lyon SahlMorton Lyon Sahl
10 May 1927, Canadian