Chemists are scientists who specialize in the field of chemistry. Having said that, the job of a chemist does not limit to a chemistry laboratory alone! Today, with rapid industrialization, almost every industry employs chemists in their industrial set-ups be it pharmaceuticals or plastics, medicine or paints, chemical industry or detergent industry and so on. Chemists generally investigate the chemical nature of substances and observe how they behave under different conditions to search for new knowledge. They examine both organic and inorganic compounds to determine their chemical and physical properties, composition, structure, and reactivity. Chemists try to decode the details of the chemical molecules and their component atoms. It is this knowledge that comes in assistance to comprehend the composition and properties of unknown substances. Over the years, there have been innumerable chemists from every century who have greatly contributed to the society’s chemical future. However, the largest influx in the subject was seen in the 20th century as more and more individuals dedicated themselves to this field of study. 20th century was home to some of most famous and renowned chemists of the era including Dan Shechtman, Derek Barton, Charles J Pederson and Albert Hofmann. Given below is an extensive list of famous chemists of the 20th century.
Marie CurieMarie Curie
07 November 1867, French, Polish
First woman to win a Nobel Prize
Albert HofmannAlbert Hofmann
11 January 1906, Swiss
The First Person to Synthesize LSD

Rosalind FranklinRosalind Franklin
25 July 1920, British

Linus PaulingLinus Pauling
28 February 1901, American
Chemist, Biochemist

Glen T. SeaborgGlenn T. Seaborg
19 April 1912, American

Dorothy HodgkinDorothy Hodgkin
12 May 1910, British
Frederick SangerFrederick Sanger
13 August 1918, British

Stephanie KwolekStephanie Kwolek
31 July 1923, American

Gertrude B. ElionGertrude B. Elion
23 January 1918, American
Biochemist, Pharmacologist
Willard Frank LibbyWillard Libby
17 December 1908, American
Physical Chemist

Roald HoffmannRoald Hoffmann
18 July 1937, American
Theoretical Chemist
Ada YonathAda Yonath
22 June 1939, Israeli

Robert Burn WoodworthRobert Burns Woodward
10 April 1917, American
Organic Chemist

Mario J. MolinaMario J. Molina
19 March 1943, Mexican

Aaron KlugAaron Klug
11 August 1926, British
Chemist & Biophysicist

Dan ShechtmanDan Shechtman
24 January 1941, Israeli
Elias James CoreyElias James Corey
12 July 1928, American
Organic Chemist

Herbert C. BrownHerbert C. Brown
22 May 1912, American

Walter KohnWalter Kohn
09 March 1923, Austrian
Physicist and Chemist

John CornforthJohn Cornforth
07 September 1917, Australian, British
Nobel Prize Winner Chemist
Richard R. ErnstRichard R. Ernst
14 August 1933, Swiss

Rudolph A. MarcusRudolph A. Marcus
21 July 1923, Canadian
Yuan T. LeeYuan T. Lee
19 November 1936, American

Paul J. CrutzenPaul J. Crutzen
03 December 1933, Dutch
Atmospheric Chemist

John PolanyiJohn Polanyi
23 January 1929, Canadian
Thomas Robert CechThomas Cech
08 December 1947, American

Henry TaubeHenry Taube
30 November 1915, Canadian, American
Donald J. CramDonald J. Cram
22 April 1919, American

Richard KuhnRichard Kuhn
03 December 1900, German

John KendrewJohn Kendrew
24 March 1917, British
Biochemist and Crystallographer
Paul Flory Paul Flory
19 June 1910, American

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Dudley Robert HerschbachDudley R. Herschbach
18 June 1932, American
Vladimir PrelogVladimir Prelog
23 July 1906, Swiss

Manfred EigenManfred Eigen
09 May 1927, German
Biophysical Chemist

Giulio NattaGiulio Natta
25 February 1903, Italian

Derek Harold Richard BartonDerek Barton
08 September 1918, British
Kurt AlderKurt Alder
10 July 1902, German
Gerhard HerzbergGerhard Herzberg
25 December 1904, Canadian, German
Physical Chemist, Physicist

William LipscombWilliam Lipscomb
09 December 1919, American

Arnold Orville BeckmanArnold Orville Beckman
10 April 1900, American

Jerome KarleJerome Karle
18 June 1918, American
Physical Chemist
Kenichi Fukui Kenichi Fukui
04 October 1918, Japanese

Geoffrey Wilkinson Geoffrey Wilkinson
14 July 1921, British

Ernst Otto FischerErnst Otto Fischer
10 November 1918, German

Konrad BlochKonrad Emil Bloch
21 January 1912, German, Polish, American

John E. WalkerJohn E. Walker
07 January 1941, British
Jean-Marie LehnJean-Marie Lehn
30 September 1939, French

Archer John Porter MartinArcher Martin
01 March 1910, British
Edwin G. KrebsEdwin G. Krebs
06 June 1918, American

Hartmut MichelHartmut Michel
18 July 1948, German

Robert Bruce Merrifield Robert Bruce Merrifield
15 July 1921, American
Frank Sherwood RowlandFrank Sherwood Rowland
28 June 1927, American
Atmospheric Chemist

George A. OlahGeorge A. Olah
22 May 1927, Hungarian, American
Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell
22 September 1920, British

Richard E. SmalleyRichard E. Smalley
06 June 1943, American
Father of Nanotechnology

Jens C SkouJens C Skou
08 October 1918, Danish
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Robert Floyd Curl Jr.Robert Floyd Curl Jr.
23 August 1933, American

Sir Harold W. KrotoSir Harold W. Kroto
07 October 1939, British
Charles J PedersenCharles J Pedersen
03 October 1904, American
Organic Chemist

John A PopleJohn A Pople
31 October 1925, British

12 April 1970, American
Stand-up Comedian

Jerry BussJerry Buss
27 January 1933, American
Alexander ShulginAlexander Shulgin
17 June 1925, American
Biochemist, Pharmacologist, Chemist

Owsley StanleyOwsley Stanley
19 January 1935, American
Chemist, Engineer, Audio engineer
Kary MullisKary Mullis
28 December 1944, American
Biochemist, Molecular biologist, Chemist

James LovelockJames Lovelock
26 July 1919, British
Biologist, Chemist, University teacher,

Tu YouyouTu Youyou
30 December 1930, Chinese
chemist, pharmacologist, inventor, university
Sidney GottliebSidney Gottlieb
03 August 1918, American
Chemist, Psychiatrist

Joachim SauerJoachim Sauer
19 April 1949, German
Chemist, University teacher
Elio Di RupoElio Di Rupo
18 July 1951, Belgian

Martyn PoliakoffMartyn Poliakoff
16 December 1947, British
Chemist, University teacher

Elias CanettiElias Canetti
25 July 1905, British
Writer, Aphorist, Playwright, Chemist, Essayist
Rashad KhalifaRashad Khalifa
19 November 1935, American
Chemist, Translator, Biochemist, Computer

Michael LevittMichael Levitt
09 May 1947, American, South African
Physicist, Biologist, Bioinformatician, Chemist,
Carl DjerassiCarl Djerassi
29 October 1923, Austrian, American
Chemist, Writer, University teacher, Science

Fraser StoddartFraser Stoddart
24 May 1942, British, American

George M. WhitesidesGeorge M. Whitesides
03 August 1939, American
Chemist, University teacher

Tim HuntTim Hunt
19 February 1943, British
Biochemist, Chemist
Shannon LucidShannon Lucid
14 January 1943, American
Astronaut, Chemist
Lars OnsagerLars Onsager
27 November 1903, Norwegian
Physicist, Engineer, Professor, Chemist,

Harry KrotoHarry Kroto
07 October 1939, British
Chemist, University teacher

Albert C. BarnesAlbert C. Barnes
02 January 1872, American

George de HevesyGeorge de Hevesy
01 August 1885, Hungarian, Swedish
Chemist, University teacher
Robert H. GrubbsRobert H. Grubbs
27 February 1942, American
Chemist, Autobiographer, University teacher

William Henry PerkinWilliam Henry Perkin
12 March 1838, British

Stanley MillerStanley Miller
07 March 1930, American
Chemist, Biologist, University teacher

Susan SolomonSusan Solomon
19 January 1956, American

Peter AgrePeter Agre
30 January 1949, American
Chemist, Molecular biologist, Professor
Richard SmalleyRichard Smalley
06 June 1943, American
Chemist, Professor, Scientist

Roger D. KornbergRoger D. Kornberg
24 April 1947, American
biochemist, chemist, university teacher
Bruce AmesBruce Ames
16 December 1928, American
Biochemist, University teacher, Chemist

Alan MacDiarmidAlan MacDiarmid
14 April 1927, New Zealander, American
Tomas LindahlTomas Lindahl
28 January 1938, Swedish, British
Catherine ColemanCatherine Coleman
14 December 1960, American
Chemist, Air force officer, Astronaut, Engineer