Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Explorers, including George Mallory, David Livingstone, Robert Falcon Scott, Alfred Russel Wallace and Roald Amundsen.
Roald AmundsenRoald Amundsen
16 July 1872, Norwegian
The first person to reach the South Pole
David LivingstneDavid Livingstone
19 March 1813, British, Scottish
Explorer, Missionary

Robert Falcon ScottRobert Falcon Scott
06 June 1868, British

Kit CarsonKit Carson
24 December 1809, American
Explorer & Soldier

Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
08 January 1823, British
Naturalist, Explorer, Geographer, Anthropologist

Henry Morton StanleyHenry Morton Stanley
28 January 1841, British, American, Welsh
Richard Francis BurtonRichard Francis Burton
19 March 1821, British

Robert PearyRobert Peary
06 May 1856, American

John Wesely PowellJohn Wesley Powell
24 March 1834, American
Explorer, Geologist

Matthew HensonMatthew Henson
08 August 1866, American
First African-American to explore the North Pole
Douglas MawsonDouglas Mawson
05 May 1882, Australian
Explorer, Geologist

John Hanning SpekeJohn Hanning Speke
04 May 1827, British
Discoverer of the source of the Nile
Knud RasmussenKnud Rasmussen
07 June 1879, Greenlander

Sven HedinSven Hedin
19 February 1865, Swedish
Geographer, Explorer

Nikolay PrzhevalskyNikolay Przhevalsky
12 April 1839, Russian
Geographer, Explorer
Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen Ferdinand von Richthofen
05 May 1833, German
Geographer, Traveler, Scientist

Sir Ernest ShackletonSir Ernest Shackleton
15 February 1874, British
Antarctic explorer
Lawrence HargraveLawrence Hargrave
29 January 1850, Australian
Inventor & Explorer

Francisco MorenoFrancisco Moreno
31 May 1852, Argentinian
Naturalist, Explorer, Anthropologist, Geographer

Henry GannettHenry Gannett
24 August 1846, American
Geographers, Explorers
Richard E. ByrdRichard E. Byrd
25 October 1888, American
Explorer, Officer, Oceanographer, Aviator

Jim BridgerJim Bridger
17 March 1804, American
John C. FrémontJohn C. Frémont
21 January 1813, American
Former Governor of California

Fridtjof NansenFridtjof Nansen
10 October 1861, Norwegian
Zoologist, Polar explorer, Diplomat, Explorer,

Lawrence OatesLawrence Oates
17 March 1880, British
Explorer, Military personnel

John ColterJohn Colter
1774 AD, American
Military Personnel
James Clark RossJames Clark Ross
15 April 1800, British
Auguste PiccardAuguste Piccard
28 January 1884, Swiss
Physicist, Explorer, Balloonist, Privatdozent,

George EverestGeorge Everest
04 July 1790, British
Explorer, Geographer

Frederick Russell BurnhamFrederick Russell Burnham
11 May 1861, American
Explorer, Writer

William John McGeeWilliam John McGee
17 April 1853, American
Explorer, Anthropologist, University teacher
Floyd CollinsFloyd Collins
20 July 1887, American

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Vilhjalmur StefanssonVilhjalmur Stefansson
03 November 1879, Canadian

Joseph Dalton HookerJoseph Dalton Hooker
30 June 1817, British
Botanist, Explorer, Pteridologist, Bryologist

Matthew Fontaine MauryMatthew Fontaine Maury
14 January 1806, American

Joshua SlocumJoshua Slocum
20 February 1844, Canadian
Peter AufschnaiterPeter Aufschnaiter
02 November 1899, Nepalese
Explorer, Cartographer, Geographer, Rock climber

Freya StarkFreya Stark
31 January 1893, French, Italian, British
John BatmanJohn Batman
21 January 1801, Australian
Explorer, Farmer

Frederick CookFrederick Cook
10 June 1865, American
Explorer, Physician

Thomas MoranThomas Moran
12 February 1837, American
Explorer, Painter
Isabelle EberhardtIsabelle Eberhardt
17 February 1877, Swiss
Explorer, Journalist, Writer

Adolphus GreelyAdolphus Greely
27 March 1844, American
Army Officer
Mary KingsleyMary Kingsley
13 October 1862, British

Charles WilkesCharles Wilkes
03 April 1798, American
Naval Officer

George GreyGeorge Grey
14 April 1812, New Zealander, British

Roy Chapman AndrewsRoy Chapman Andrews
26 January 1884, American

Austen Henry LayardAusten Henry Layard
05 March 1817, British
Frederick SelousFrederick Selous
31 December 1851, British

Frank HurleyFrank Hurley
15 October 1885, Australian
Explorer, Photographer, War photographer,

Edward WhymperEdward Whymper
27 April 1840, British

Francis YounghusbandFrancis Younghusband
31 May 1863, British
Army Officer
Umberto NobileUmberto Nobile
21 January 1885, Italian
Explorer, Aerospace engineer, Politician, Military

John ForrestJohn Forrest
22 August 1847, Australian
Explorer, Politician
William Henry JacksonWilliam Henry Jackson
04 April 1843, American
Painter, Photographer, Explorer, Artist,

Pierre Savorgnan de BrazzaPierre Savorgnan de Brazza
26 January 1852, French, Italian

Edward John EyreEdward John Eyre
05 August 1815, British
Edward Adrian WilsonEdward Adrian Wilson
23 July 1872, British
Explorer, Ornithologist, Painter, Scientist

William BeebeWilliam Beebe
29 July 1877, American
John RossJohn Ross
24 June 1777, Scottish
Navy Officer

Alexander Gordon LaingAlexander Gordon Laing
27 December 1794, British

Xavier MertzXavier Mertz
06 October 1882, Swiss
Explorer, Alpine skier
Jim BeckwourthJim Beckwourth
06 April 1798, American

Alexander MackenzieAlexander Mackenzie
1764 AD, British
Tippu TibTippu Tib
1832 AD, Tanzanian

Sir Samuel White BakerSir Samuel White Baker
08 July 1821, British
English Explorer

H. Saint John PhilbyH. Saint John Philby
03 April 1885, Sri Lankan, British