17th Century Intellectuals & Academics
Find out more about the greatest 17th Century Intellectuals & Academics, including John Locke, Voltaire, René Déscartes, Thomas Hobbes and Francis Bacon.
Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564, Italian
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel
John LockeJohn Locke
29 August 1632, British
Father of Classical Liberalism

21 November 1694, French

Francis BaconFrancis Bacon
22 January 1561, British

Thomas HobbesThomas Hobbes
05 April 1588, British

Blaise PascalBlaise Pascal
19 June 1623, French
French Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer
Baruch SpinozaBaruch Spinoza
24 November 1632, Dutch
Dutch philosopher

Baron de MontesquieuMontesquieu
18 January 1689, French

Robert HookeRobert Hooke
28 July 1635, British

William PennWilliam Penn
14 October 1644, British
Founder of the Province of Pennsylvania
George BerkeleyGeorge Berkeley
12 March 1685, Irish, British

John DeeJohn Dee
13 July 1527, British
Mathematician, Philosopher
Robert BoyleRobert Boyle
25 January 1627, Irish, British
Founder of Modern Chemistry, Boyle's Law

Roger WilliamsRoger Williams
21 December 1603, British, American

Alphonsus LiguoriAlphonsus Liguori
27 September 1696, Italian
Philisopher, Spiritual Writer, Theologian
Giambattista della PortaGiambattista della Porta
01 November 1535, Italian
Scholar, Polymath

René DéscartesRené Déscartes
31 March 1596, French
Mathematician, Philosopher and Writer
Gottfried W. LeibnizGottfried W. Leibniz
01 July 1646, German
Philosopher, Mathematician

Juana Inés de la CruzJuana Inés de la Cruz
12 November 1651, Mexican
Poet, Nun, Writer, Mathematician, Philosopher,

Emanuel SwedenborgEmanuel Swedenborg
29 January 1688, Swedish
Scientist, Philosopher, Theologian
Jean-Baptiste ColbertJean-Baptiste Colbert
29 August 1619, French
Economist, Politician

John Amos ComeniusJohn Amos Comenius
28 March 1592, Czech
Writer, Linguist, Presbyter, Theologian,
Thomas BrowneThomas Browne
19 October 1605, British
Philosopher, Writer

Isaac WattsIsaac Watts
17 July 1674, British

Francesco RediFrancesco Redi
18 February 1626, Italian
Physician, Naturalist, Poet, Writer, Painter,

Giambattista VicoGiambattista Vico
Jakob AmmannJakob Ammann
12 February 1644, Swiss
François QuesnayFrançois Quesnay
04 June 1694, French
Philosopher, Economist, Physician,

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-TyneMargaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1623 AD, British
philosopher, scientist, poet, science fiction

Jacques-Bénigne BossuetJacques-Bénigne Bossuet
27 September 1627, French
Priest, Historian, Theologian, Writer, Cleric,

Nicolas MalebrancheNicolas Malebranche
06 August 1638, French
Philosopher, Writer, Theologian
Pierre GassendiPierre Gassendi
22 January 1592, French
Philosopher, Mathematician, Astronomer, Professor,

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Algernon SidneyAlgernon Sidney
15 January 1623, British
Diplomat, Politician, Writer

Marin MersenneMarin Mersenne
08 September 1588, French
Philosopher, Theologian, Mathematician,

Dimitrie CantemirDimitrie Cantemir
26 October 1673
Anthropologist, Linguist, Historian, Philosopher,

Pierre BaylePierre Bayle
18 November 1647, French
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher,
Francisco SuárezFrancisco Suárez

William PettyWilliam Petty
26 May 1623, British
Economist, Mathematician, Philosopher,
Tommaso CampanellaTommaso Campanella
06 September 1568, Italian
philosopher, writer, poet, astrologer

Henry VaughanHenry Vaughan
17 April 1621, Welsh
Physician, Economist, Poet, Writer

Hakuin EkakuHakuin Ekaku
19 January 1686, Japanese
Bernard MandevilleBernard Mandeville
15 November 1670, Dutch
Philosopher, Economist, Writer

Yamamoto TsunetomoYamamoto Tsunetomo
11 June 1659, Japanese
Philosopher, Writer
William WhistonWilliam Whiston
09 December 1667, British
Mathematician, Physicist, Historian, University

Ludvig HolbergLudvig Holberg
03 December 1684, Danish, Norwegian
Writer, Philosopher, Playwright, Historian,

Samuel von PufendorfSamuel von Pufendorf
08 January 1632, German, Swedish
Jurist, Philosopher, Historian, University

Madame de La FayetteMadame de La Fayette
18 March 1634, French
Writer, Salon-holder, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Herman BoerhaaveHerman Boerhaave
31 December 1668
Philosopher, Botanist, Physician, Anatomist,
Bernard Le Bovier de FontenelleBernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle
11 February 1657, French
Philosopher, Poet, Writer, Playwright, Satirist,

Mary AstellMary Astell
12 November 1666, British
Writer, Philosopher, Feminist

Anthony CollinsAnthony Collins
21 June 1676, British

Robert BarclayRobert Barclay
23 December 1648, American
Theologian, Writer
Baltasar GracianBaltasar Gracian
08 January 1601, Spanish
Prose writer

Robert SouthRobert South
04 September 1634, British
John LawJohn Law
21 April 1671, Scottish
economist, banker, statistician

Christian WolffChristian Wolff
24 January 1679, German, Polish
jurist, mathematician, philosopher, university

Francis HutchesonFrancis Hutcheson
08 August 1694, Irish, British
philosopher, economist
Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de MontfortSaint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort
31 January 1673, French

Bishop Robert SouthBishop Robert South
04 September 1634, British
English churchman