Throughout history, there have been many female socialites who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female such as Paris Hilton, Jolie Gabor, Edie Sedgwick, Eva Gabor and Jocelyn Wildenstein. The women featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many more countries.
Kim KardashianKim Kardashian
21 October 1980, American
Reality TV Star, Model, Socialite
Paris HiltonParis Hilton
17 February 1981, American
Socialite, Model, Reality Star

Ghislaine MaxwellGhislaine Maxwell
25 December 1961, French, British, American

Carolyn Bessette-KennedyCarolyn Bessette-Kennedy
07 January 1966, American

Frances Ford SeymourFrances Ford Seymour
14 April 1908, Canadian

Camille GrammerCamille Grammer
02 September 1968, American
Television Personality
Allegra VersaceAllegra Versace
30 June 1986, Italian
Socialite, Model

Delphine LaLaurieDelphine LaLaurie
19 March 1787, French

Patricia AltschulPatricia Altschul
16 April 1941, American
Art Collector, Socialite

Pippa MiddletonPippa Middleton
06 September 1983, British
Socialite, Author
Lee RadziwillLee Radziwill
03 March 1933, American
Socialite, Actress, Interior Decorator

Florence Foster JenkinsFlorence Foster Jenkins
19 July 1868, American
Edie SedgwickEdie Sedgwick
20 April 1943, American
Actress, Model

Isabel PreyslerIsabel Preysler
18 February 1951, Filipino

Jocelyn WildensteinJocelyn Wildenstein
05 August 1940, Swiss, American
Consuelo VanderbiltConsuelo Vanderbilt
02 March 1877, American

Barbara HuttonBarbara Hutton
14 November 1912, American
Dina Merrill Dina Merrill
29 December 1923, American
Actress, Socialite, Philanthropist

Barbara DalyBarbara Daly Baekeland
1922 AD, American

Chabeli IglesiasChabeli Iglesias
03 September 1971, Spanish
Janet Lee BouvierJanet Lee Bouvier
03 December 1907, American

Sable StarrSable Starr
15 August 1957, American
Socialite, Groupie
Jolie GaborJolie Gabor
29 September 1896, American
Entrepreneur, Socialite

Marjorie HarveyMarjorie Harvey
10 October 1964, American
Wife of Steve Harvey

Sheherazade GoldsmithSheherazade Goldsmith
14 March 1974, British
Environmentalist, Socialite

Ana BoyerAna Boyer
18 April 1989, Spanish
Andrea HissomAndrea Hissom
01 January 1970, British
Socialite, Wife of billionaire Steve Wynn
Kristina TholstrupKristina Tholstrup
1941 AD, Danish, Swedish
Socialite, Wife of Late Roger Moore

Kim Marie KesslerKim Marie Kessler
 , American
Wife of Randy Orton

Lauren SilvermanLauren Silverman
01 January 1977, American
Socialite, Girlfriend of Simon Cowell

Erica StollErica Stoll
 , American
Wife of Rory McIlroy
Beatriz SouzaBeatriz Souza
1987 AD, Brazilian
Ronaldinho's Girlfriend

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Beth BrittBeth Britt
06 April 1978, American
Jeff Hardy’s Wife

Marcelle Tagand LearMarcelle Tagand Lear
1941 AD, American
Socialite, Wife of Adam West

Ginny NewhartGinny Newhart
09 December 1940, American
Socialite, wife of Bob Newhart

Aisha AtkinsAisha Atkins
21 October 1977, American
Socialite, Reality TV Star
Kelly KillorenKelly Killoren
01 May 1968, American
Author, Socialite, Model

Summer DuncanSummer Duncan
 , American
Jade GoodyJade Goody
05 June 1981
Nurse, Autobiographer, Writer, Socialite

Kyle RichardsKyle Richards
11 January 1969, American

Bijou PhillipsBijou Phillips
01 April 1980, American
Eva GaborEva Gabor
11 February 1919, Hungarian, American
Actor, Voice actor, Socialite, Stage actor,

Nicky Hilton RothschildNicky Hilton Rothschild
05 October 1983, American
Kathy HiltonKathy Hilton
13 March 1959, American

Margaret BrownMargaret Brown
18 July 1867, American

Catherine OxenbergCatherine Oxenberg
22 September 1961, American, Serbian

Victoria, Crown Princess of SwedenVictoria, Crown Princess of Sweden
14 July 1977, Swedish
Socialite, Diplomat

Lydia HearstLydia Hearst
19 September 1984, American
Actor, Model, Socialite, Television actor
Assia WevillAssia Wevill
15 May 1927, German
Socialite, Poet

Edith Bouvier BealeEdith Bouvier Beale
07 November 1917, American
Actor, Dancer, Socialite, Model

Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville
16 November 1972, American
Model, Socialite

Christina OnassisChristina Onassis
11 December 1950, Greek
Businessperson, Socialite
Magda GaborMagda Gabor
11 June 1915, American
Actor, Socialite, Television actor

Tinsley MortimerTinsley Mortimer
11 August 1975, American
Reality TV Personality
Patricia Kennedy LawfordPatricia Kennedy Lawford
06 May 1924, American

Doris DukeDoris Duke
22 November 1912, American
Art collector, Horticulturist, Socialite

Tara Palmer-TomkinsonTara Palmer-Tomkinson
23 December 1971, British
Lady Randolph ChurchillLady Randolph Churchill
09 January 1854, British, American
Autobiographer, Writer, Socialite

Madeleine AstorMadeleine Astor
19 June 1893, American
Amanda HearstAmanda Hearst
05 January 1984, American
Socialite, Model

Gloria Morgan VanderbiltGloria Morgan Vanderbilt
23 August 1904, American
Socialite, Actor

Peggy GuggenheimPeggy Guggenheim
26 August 1898, American
Art collector, Patron of the arts, Art dealer,
Paloma PicassoPaloma Picasso
19 April 1949, Spanish, French
Entrepreneur, Choreographer, Painter, Jewellery

Shobhaa DeShobhaa De
07 January 1948, Indian
Journalist, Writer, Socialite, Model
Pamela HarrimanPamela Harriman
20 March 1920, British
Diplomat, Socialite

Lilly PulitzerLilly Pulitzer
10 November 1931, American
Designer, Socialite

Brooke AstorBrooke Astor
30 March 1902, American

Babe PaleyBabe Paley
05 July 1915, American
Journalist, Socialite
Sabine SchmitzSabine Schmitz
14 May 1969, German
Television presenter, Racecar driver, Socialite
Slim KeithSlim Keith
15 July 1917, American
Model, Socialite

Casey JohnsonCasey Johnson
24 September 1979, American
Actor, Socialite, Television actor

Dewi SukarnoDewi Sukarno
06 February 1940, Indonesian

Anne HearstAnne Hearst
1956 AD, American
Nicky HiltonNicky Hilton
05 October 1983, American

Akie AbeAkie Abe
10 June 1962, Japanese
Socialite, Disc jockey

Caroline CelicoCaroline Celico
26 July 1987, Brazilian

Marella AgnelliMarella Agnelli
04 May 1927, Italian
Art collector, Autobiographer, Photographer,

Janet Auchincloss RutherfurdJanet Auchincloss Rutherfurd
13 June 1945, American
Mini AndénMini Andén
07 June 1978, Swedish
Actor, Model, Socialite

Sonia McMahonSonia McMahon
01 August 1932, Australian
Riyo MoriRiyo Mori
24 December 1986, Japanese

Caresse CrosbyCaresse Crosby
20 April 1891, American
Publisher, Writer, Socialite, Poet, Memoirist,

Martha Bulloch RooseveltMartha Bulloch Roosevelt
08 July 1835, American
Anouska HempelAnouska Hempel
13 December 1941, New Zealander
Architect, Socialite, Actor

Christine FoxChristine Fox
Linda Lee ThomasLinda Lee Thomas
17 November 1883, American

Amy LowellAmy Lowell
09 February 1874, American
Poet, Writer, Socialite

Elsie de WolfeElsie de Wolfe
20 December 1865, American
Actor, Architect, Socialite

Jill KelleyJill Kelley
03 June 1975, American
Stefanía FernándezStefanía Fernández
04 September 1990, Venezuelan

Gloria GuinnessGloria Guinness
27 August 1912, Mexican
Denise Eisenberg RichDenise Eisenberg Rich
26 January 1944, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Socialite

Katy FrenchKaty French
31 October 1983, Swiss
Model, Socialite, Journalist
Wallis, The Duchess of WindsorWallis, The Duchess of Windsor
19 June 1896, British, American