Celebrities Whose First Name Starts With Q

Discover the famous people whose name starts with Q. The list includes people like Quentin Tarantino, Queen Victoria, Queen Latifah, Quincy Jones, Qin Shi Huang and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include t v & movie producers, Vloggers, actors and actresses. This list of celebrities whose names start with Q includes people from United States, England, Spain, Australia and many more countries.

Quentin TarantinoQuentin Tarantino
27 March 1963, American
Queen Victoria Queen Victoria
24 May 1819, British
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
18 March 1970, American
Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Aactress,

Quincy JonesQuincy Jones
14 March 1933, American
Musician, Conductor, Producer, Arranger, Composer,

Qin Shi HuangQin Shi Huang
0259 BC, Chinese

Queen Rania of JordanQueen Rania of Jordan
31 August 1970, Jordanian
Queen consort of Jordan.
Queen NaijaQueen Naija
17 October 1995, American
YouTube Star

Quincy Jones IIIQuincy Jones III
23 December 1968, British
Music Producer

Quvenzhané WallisQuvenzhané Wallis
28 August 2003, American
Child Actor

Quando RondoQuando Rondo
23 March 1999, American
Qubilah ShabazzQubilah Shabazz
25 December 1960, American
Malcolm X's Daughter

Quinton AaronQuinton Aaron
15 August 1984, American
Quentin CrispQuentin Crisp
25 December 1908, British
English Writer & Gay Icon

Quenlin BlackwellQuenlin Blackwell
17 January 2001, American

Quinta BrunsonQuinta Brunson
21 December 1989, American
YouTube Star
Quisha RoseQuisha Rose
30 August 2002, British

Queen KeyQueen Key
06 June 1996, American
28 December 2000, Mexican

Queen KhaMyraQueen KhaMyra
22 June 2006, American
Model, Social Media Star

17 July 1979, American, South Korean
Comedian, YouTuber, Instagram Star
Qias OmarQias Omar
21 September 1988, American
YouTube Comedian

Quavo Marshall Quavo Marshall
02 April 1991, American
Que 9Que 9
28 September 2003, American

Quincy Taylor BrownQuincy Taylor Brown
04 June 1991, American

Quentin McConathyQuentin McConathy
12 January 2000, American

Quin BaronQuin Baron
16 November 2007, American
Child Actor
02 October 2002, American
Quentin JuneauQuentin Juneau
21 December 1992, Canadian

Quinn LundbergQuinn Lundberg
1983 AD, Canadian
Businesswoman, Wife of Zach Galifianakis

Queen of ShebaQueen of Sheba

Quinton JacksonQuinton Jackson
20 June 1978, American
Professional wrestler, Actor, Mixed martial
Quincy PromesQuincy Promes
04 January 1992
Association football player

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Queen Letizia of SpainQueen Letizia of Spain
15 September 1972, Spanish
Queen of Spain

Queen Máxima of the NetherlandsQueen Máxima of the Netherlands
17 May 1971
Economist, Judge

Qian XuesenQian Xuesen
11 December 1911
Astronautical engineer

Qasem SoleimaniQasem Soleimani
11 March 1954, Iranian
military personnel, officer
Queen Silvia of SwedenQueen Silvia of Sweden
23 December 1943, German, Swedish

Quade CooperQuade Cooper
05 April 1988, Australian, New Zealander
Rugby union player, Boxer
Qu YuanQu Yuan
0343 BC, Chinese
Chinese poet

Quinton FortuneQuinton Fortune
21 May 1977, South African
Association football player

0212 AD, Serbian
Quinn ShephardQuinn Shephard
28 February 1995, American

Queen Sonja of NorwayQueen Sonja of Norway
04 July 1937, Norwegian
wife of King Harald V
0035 AD, Italian

Quentin BryceQuentin Bryce
23 December 1942, Australian
Teacher, Lawyer

Quintus SertoriusQuintus Sertorius
0126 BC, Italian

Queen Fabiola of BelgiumQueen Fabiola of Belgium
11 June 1928, Spanish
Nurse, Children's writer

Quincy Owusu-AbeyieQuincy Owusu-Abeyie
15 April 1986
Association football player
Qi YuwuQi Yuwu
28 November 1976

Quentin SkinnerQuentin Skinner
26 November 1940, British
Philosopher, Historian, University teacher

Quek Leng ChanQuek Leng Chan
1941 AD, Malaysian, Singaporean

Qudrat Ullah ShahabQudrat Ullah Shahab
Quett MasireQuett Masire
23 July 1925, Botswanan
Political figure

Quintus Curtius RufusQuintus Curtius Rufus
Greek, Ancient Roman
Quentin MeillassouxQuentin Meillassoux
26 October 1967, French

Qutb al-Din al-ShiraziQutb al-Din al-Shirazi

Qateel ShifaiQateel Shifai
24 December 1919, Pakistani
Quentin DupieuxQuentin Dupieux
14 April 1974, French

10 April 1970, American
Quique FloresQuique Flores
02 February 1965, Spanish