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Quick Facts

Birthday: August 28, 2003

Nationality: American

Famous: African American Actress Child Actors

Age: 16 Years, 16 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Virgo

Born in: Louisiana, USA

Famous as: Child Actor


father: Venjie Wallis Sr

mother: Qulyndreia Wallis

siblings: Jr (Brother), Qunyquekya (Sister), Vejon (Brother), Venjie

U.S. State: Louisiana

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Quvenzhané Wallis might perhaps be one of the finest definitions of a child prodigy. Lying her way into an audition that was meant for six-year-olds, she proved that sometimes calculated risks can pay off. Little Quvenzhané first auditioned at the tender age of 5, where she competed with over 4000 six-year-olds to bag the lead role in the 2012 drama flick, titled ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’. The makers were amazed at the kind of talent this youngster showcased at the audition, that they slightly edited the storyline to accommodate her strong-willed personality. When was the last time you heard a filmmaker, who’s been in the business for a really long time, tweak his character sketch for a 5-year-old? That’s how you can be sure that we’re dealing with a future superstar here. Wallis is on her way to breaking stereotypes and is soon going to be one of the future game changers.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Who knew, that a daughter of a truck driver who once lied about her age for an audition would one day be nominated for an Oscar? Stardom came knocking at Wallis’s door the day she impressed the judges at that audition. Everybody knew that this little girl is meant to do great things. And great things are exactly what the 13-year-old Quvenzhané has been doing ever since. From being an actress and a singer to signing deals with luxury brands, this little star is going definitely going places!
  • Apart from her film ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, Wallis has also received huge acclaim for her role in the remake of the movie ‘Annie’. She also played a small role in the blockbuster movie ‘12 Years a Slave’.
  • Not only is she a movie star, this teen is also a passionate singer. Her songs Opportunity and Tomorrow from her movie ‘Annie’ have gotten over 4 million views on ‘YouTube’. When some find their niche at a later stage in life, Wallis has already achieved way too much for a girl of her age. It’s a delight to see this budding star grow from a cute 5-year old to a charming young adult, and we can’t wait to watch what she has in store for us!

    I want to suck your blood! Hahaha Vampire goals! Last night was fun!!!!

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What Makes the Person So Special
  • Simply put, Quvenzhané is the face of all those who are willing to run the extra mile to do what they truly want to do in life. Wallis’s zest for life and her no-fear attitude has made her what she is today. No conventions or customs could keep her from going after what she was born to do. What’s even more noteworthy is that although she has fame and fortune in her hands, she is just like an average, girl-next-door teen, leading a low-key private life.
  • But here’s what makes her extraordinary and not-so-average: Quvenzhané Wallis was the first ever child artist born in the 21st Century to have been nominated for the prestigious Academy Awards. Now that’s just insane! Yes, that’s true! She is the first African-American child to have earned an Oscar nomination. Wallis was also nominated for a ‘Golden Globe’ for the ‘Best Actress’. Truly inspiring, Miss Quvenzhané!

    I know I am a day late but your birthday still matters to me. Happy (23rd) birthday. I love you boo ????????#bestsisever.

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Beyond Fame
Behind The Curtains

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