Interestingly, celestial bodies in the universe play a dominant role in forming our personalities and characteristic. September 24 individuals fall in the sun sign Libra. This zodiacal group is ruled by the planet Venus. What’s more, the actual date in which these individuals are born is also ruled by the same planet. As such, Venus casts a powerful influence on the personality traits and characteristic of individuals with this birthday, thus determining their uniqueness. Positively, September 24th individuals are blessed with an amiable and friendly nature. They have a generous temperament and an easy-going personality. Additionally, their optimistic outlook on life coupled with loyalty, impartiality, and receptivity are their other fortes. Negatively, however, September 24th individuals have a tendency to get restless. When upset or bored, these people can get extremely nervous, unsettling and neurotic. Also, these individuals can be a tad bit indecisive as well.

Phil HartmanPhil Hartman
49, Canadian, American
Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian
Linda Louise McCartneyLinda McCartney
56, American
Photographer, Musician

F. Scott FitzgeraldF. Scott Fitzgerald
44, American
Stephanie McMahonStephanie McMahon
42, American

Spencer Treat ClarkSpencer Treat Clark
31, American

Biggy NorrisBiggy Norris
9, Australian
Nia VardalosNia Vardalos
56, Canadian
Actress, Screenwriter, Producer, Singer

Ryan PaeveyRyan Paevey
34, American
Model, Actor
Harriet WalterHarriet Walter
34, British

Alexis DeJoriaAlexis DeJoria
41, American
Drag Racer
Coyote ShiversCoyote Shivers
53, Canadian

Ross MathewsRoss Mathews
39, American
TV Host
Erik StocklinErik Stocklin
36, American
John MarshallJohn Marshall
79, American
Former Chief Justice

Mickey DeansMickey Deans
68, American
Jackie SandlerJackie Sandler
44, American
Actress, Wife of Adam Sandler

Finty WilliamsFinty Williams
46, British
Audra LindleyAudra Lindley
79, American

Daisy MarquezDaisy Marquez
21, Mexican
Beauty Vlogger

Christopher NowinskiChristopher Nowinski
40, American
Former WWE Wrestler
Kristina WaybornKristina Wayborn
68, Swedish

Eloise MumfordEloise Mumford
Jack DeeJack Dee
57, British
Stand-Up Comedian & Actor

David Banda Mwale Ciccone RitchieDavid Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie
13, American
Madonna's Son
Howard FloreyHoward Florey
69, Australian
Pathologist and Pharmacologist

Arthur MaletArthur Malet
85, British, American
Coleen GarciaColeen Garcia
26, Filipino
19, American
Social Media Personality

Sierra FurtadoSierra Furtado
25, Canadian
YouTuber, Vlogger
Helena Bruder Helena Bruder
18, Canadian
TikTok ( Star

Doreen GentzlerDoreen Gentzler
61, American
News Anchor
William AdamsWilliam Adams
55, British
First ever Western Samurai

Maci PopeMaci Pope
17, American
TikTok ( Star

Ben PlattBen Platt
25, American
Collette DinniganCollette Dinnigan
53, Australian
Fashion designer

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Stella BanderasStella Banderas
22, Spanish
27, American

A.P. HerbertA.P. Herbert
81, British
Humorist, Novelist, Playwright & Law Reform
Brailee ButlerBrailee Butler
14, American
YouTube Star

Garrett SuttonGarrett Sutton
28, American
Juju SalimeniJuju Salimeni
32, Brazilian
Aaren SimpsonAaren Simpson
1, American
O. J. Simpson's Daughter

31, British
Jim HensonJim Henson
53, American
Television director, Film director, Film producer,

Ruhollah KhomeiniRuhollah Khomeini
86, Iranian
Former Supreme Leader of Iran
Robert IrvineRobert Irvine
53, American

Kevin SorboKevin Sorbo
60, American

Konstantin ChernenkoKonstantin Chernenko
73, Russian
Dmitri ShostakovichDmitri Shostakovich
68, Russian

Stefan MolyneuxStefan Molyneux
52, Canadian
Philosopher, Writer, Novelist, Podcaster, YouTuber
Jessica LucasJessica Lucas
33, Canadian
Actor, Singer

Victoria PendletonVictoria Pendleton
38, British
Track cyclist, Sport cyclist, Autobiographer,
45, Italian

Anthony NewleyAnthony Newley
67, British
Actor, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter, Composer,
Mohinder AmarnathMohinder Amarnath
68, Indian
Tanit PhoenixTanit Phoenix
34, South African
Actor, Television actor, Model

Sven-Ole ThorsenSven-Ole Thorsen
74, Danish
Actor, Karateka
Theo PaphitisTheo Paphitis
59, British
Entrepreneur, Businessperson

John Arne RiiseJohn Arne Riise
38, Norwegian
Association football player
Owen FarrellOwen Farrell
27, British
Rugby union player

Alan ColmesAlan Colmes
66, American
Radio personality, Journalist

Johan de WittJohan de Witt
Mathematician, Politician
Craig BurleyCraig Burley
47, British
Association football player

Steve WhitmireSteve Whitmire
59, American
Voice actor, Puppeteer
Horace WalpoleHorace Walpole
Writer, Novelist, Autobiographer, Politician

Jackie GuerridoJackie Guerrido
46, American
Casey JohnsonCasey Johnson
30, American
Actor, Socialite, Television actor

İsmet İnönüİsmet İnönü
89, Turkish
Matthew GravelleMatthew Gravelle
42, British
Actor, Film actor
Drew GoodenDrew Gooden
37, American
Basketball player

Adam MickiewiczAdam Mickiewicz
57, Polish
Oriol RomeuOriol Romeu
27, Spanish
Association football player

Albrecht von WallensteinAlbrecht von Wallenstein
50, Czech
Military leader
Srinu VaitlaSrinu Vaitla
52, Indian
film director

Gerolamo CardanoGerolamo Cardano
74, Italian
Philosopher, Mathematician, Astronomer, Inventor,

Blind Lemon JeffersonBlind Lemon Jefferson
36, American
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Street artist,
Sara McMannSara McMann
38, American
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler

Katja KassinKatja Kassin
39, German
Adult Film Star, Glamour model, Tutor
Randy FoyeRandy Foye
35, American
Basketball player

Jonathan SorianoJonathan Soriano
33, Spanish
Association football player
John RutterJohn Rutter
Conductor, Composer, Choir director

Rosamund KwanRosamund Kwan
56, Chinese
Jürgen StroopJürgen Stroop
56, German
military personnel
Ovadia YosefOvadia Yosef
93, Israeli
Rabbi, Posek, Dayan

Marco TardelliMarco Tardelli
64, Italian
Association football player, Association football
Baleka MbeteBaleka Mbete
69, South African

Jeff KrosnoffJeff Krosnoff
31, American
Racecar driver
Kieran MulroneyKieran Mulroney
53, American
Screenwriter, Actor, Television actor

Janet WeissJanet Weiss
53, American
Fábio AurélioFábio Aurélio
39, Brazilian

Ryan BriscoeRyan Briscoe
37, Australian
Racecar driver
Jim McKayJim McKay
86, American
Officer, Screenwriter, Television presenter,

Uschi ObermaierUschi Obermaier
72, German, American
Actor, Autobiographer, Model
Hugo SchmeisserHugo Schmeisser
68, German
Inventor, Engineer

Eberhard von MackensenEberhard von Mackensen
79, German
Military personnel
Eleanor CattonEleanor Catton
33, New Zealander
Novelist, Writer

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 24

The personality traits of September 24th individuals include intelligence, creativity and imaginativeness. Endowed with a strong sense of fairness, these people are usually just and cannot stand any form of inequality or injustice done to anyone. Unlike other counterparts, these people are friendly with a flexible approach. They are not rigid to a line of thought and listen to the opinion of others before forming a conclusion or taking a decision.  What’s more, these people are optimistic by nature and look at things and situations with a positive light. September 24th individuals are cooperative and compromising. Additionally, they are loyal, fun-loving and sensitive. They love being amidst tranquil and pleasant surrounding and have a fondness for musical and artistic talent.

September 24th individuals find it difficult to moderate themselves. As such, these people often get sick or ill. Though they try to make efforts for indulging in a sensible eating routine, it does not continue for long as these people find the same boring and tedious. Additionally, September 24th individuals find exercising also difficult. As such, it takes a lot more than just the benefits of exercising to make these people indulge in the same. The only form of encouragement is the wish to look and feel healthy. Individuals with this birthday need to follow effective relaxation techniques to avoid stress and maintain overall vitality and healthiness.

The financial condition of individuals sharing the birthday September 24th is a steady one with a few hiccups here and there. They are great at managing money and do not need the assistance of others while budgeting themselves. However, the only problem with those born on this date is the tendency to spend lavishly once in a while. The only word of advice that these people need is that they should not rely on credit too much.

September 24th individuals are lovers of beauty and aesthetics. They are blessed with a creative bent of mind and are great at professions that allow them to use this gift of theirs. The ideal profession for those born on this date include writing, photography or fashion designing. Whatever the choice is, all these occupations allow individuals to use their creative calling. Another positive trait of September 24th individuals is their high levels of flexibility and sociability that makes them great to work with. Additionally, these individuals handle pressure well and love to take on varied task in a single time.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The outgoing and sociable nature of September 24th individuals make forming and maintaining relationships extremely important. They have a busy social life but enjoy the simple comforts of home too. Romantically, these individuals have a strong desire to love and be loved. They exude a natural charm which makes these individuals quite attractive to others. In long term relationships, these people are kind, considerate, caring and understanding. They value their partner and shower them with utmost love, loyalty, care and attentiveness.  Their dependability makes their partner happy and contented. As parents, September 23rd individuals are loving and caring. They however keep an emotional distance between their them and their children.

Lucky Colors: White & Cream, Rose & Pink
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 15, 24