Situated in the westernmost front in the mainland of Eurafrasia, Senegal is a country in West Africa. It takes it name from the Senegal River that borders the country in the east and north. Though the country maintains quite a low-profile as compared to the developed and developing countries of the world, it nevertheless has a large bunch of nationals who have constantly, through their works and achievements, strived to make a name for Senegal on the world map. Interestingly, both men and women have collaboratively contributed to bring fame and glory to Senegal.
Sadio ManéSadio Mané

10 April 1992

Léopold Sédar SenghorLéopold Sédar Senghor
(Senegalese Politician)

09 October 1906

Abdoulaye WadeAbdoulaye Wade

29 May 1926

Abdou DioufAbdou Diouf

07 September 1935

Blaise DiagneBlaise Diagne
(Political Leader)

13 October 1872

Mamadou DiaMamadou Dia

18 July 1910

Patrice EvraPatrice Evra
(Association football player)

15 May 1981

Patrick VieiraPatrick Vieira
(Association football player, Association football manager)

23 June 1976

Kalidou KoulibalyKalidou Koulibaly

20 June 1991

Demba BaDemba Ba
(Association football player)

25 May 1985

Papiss CisséPapiss Cissé

03 June 1985

El Hadji DioufEl Hadji Diouf

15 January 1981

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Ali DiaAli Dia
(Senegalese footballer)

20 August 1965

(Rapper, Singer)

09 December 1976

Macky SallMacky Sall
(Politician, Engineer)

11 December 1961

Oumar NiasseOumar Niasse
(Senegalese footballer)

18 April 1990

Mame Biram DioufMame Biram Diouf
(Senegalese footballer)

16 December 1987

Moussa SowMoussa Sow
(Association football player)

19 January 1986

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Cheikhou KouyatéCheikhou Kouyaté

21 December 1989

Henri CamaraHenri Camara
(Senegalese footballer)

10 May 1977

MC SolaarMC Solaar
(Rapper, Singer)

05 March 1969

Diafra SakhoDiafra Sakho
(Senegalese footballer)

24 December 1989

Armand TraoréArmand Traoré
(Association football player)

08 October 1989

Aliou CisséAliou Cissé
(Senegalese football coach)

24 March 1976

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Henri SaivetHenri Saivet

26 October 1990

Khouma BabacarKhouma Babacar
(Senegalese footballer)

17 March 1993

Diomansy KamaraDiomansy Kamara
(Association football player)

08 November 1980

Famara DiédhiouFamara Diédhiou
(Senegalese footballer)

15 December 1992

Keita Baldé DiaoKeita Baldé Diao

08 March 1995

Remember the famous poet Phillis Wheatley and her works, ‘On Imagination’ and ‘Atheism’. Do you know that she was a Senegalese? Wheatley was the first African American woman to become a published writer. From being a slave to a renowned poet, Wheatley travelled a long way. Do you find it hard to wrap up your list of world-famous rap artists without the mention of Akon? Do you know that he is a Senegalese too? A child prodigy, Akon’s single ‘Lonely’ was featured in top five list on Billboard Hot 100 charts. Patrick Vieira, French midfielder, has captained Arsenal in several FA Cup tournaments. A Senegalese, he was also the part of the French world cup victory team of 1998. Know more about famous Senegalese, their life and works with this write-up.