Throughout history, there have been many Russian women sportspersons who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Russian female sportspersons such as Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Anastasia Bryzgalova, Daria Gavrilova, Ekaterina Gordeeva.
Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova
19 April 1987, Russian
Tennis Player
Anna KournikovaAnna Kournikova
07 June 1981, Russian
Tennis Star

Nataliya KuznetsovaNataliya Kuznetsova
01 July 1991, Russian

Anastasia BryzgalovaAnastasia Bryzgalova
13 December 1992, Russian

Yulia LipnitskayaYulia Lipnitskaya
05 June 1998, Russian

Ekaterina GordeevaEkaterina Gordeeva
28 May 1971, Russian
Figure skater
Yelena IsinbayevaYelena Isinbayeva
03 June 1982, Russian
Pole vaulter, Athletics competitor

Svetlana KuznetsovaSvetlana Kuznetsova
27 June 1985, Russian
Tennis player

Aliya MustafinaAliya Mustafina
30 September 1994, Russian
Artistic gymnast

Alina KabaevaAlina Kabaeva
12 May 1983, Uzbekistan, Russian
Politician, Model, Artistic gymnast, Rhythmic
Svetlana KhorkinaSvetlana Khorkina
19 January 1979, Russian
Politician, Artistic gymnast

Anastasia PavlyuchenkovaAnastasia Pavlyuchenkova
03 July 1991, Russian
Tennis player
Dinara SafinaDinara Safina
27 April 1986, Russian
Tennis player

Maria KirilenkoMaria Kirilenko
25 January 1987, Russian
Tennis player

Irina SlutskayaIrina Slutskaya
09 February 1979, Russian
Figure skater
Irina RodninaIrina Rodnina
12 September 1949, Russian

Ekaterina MakarovaEkaterina Makarova
07 June 1988, Russian
Tennis player
Elena DementievaElena Dementieva
15 October 1981, Russian
Tennis player

Daria GavrilovaDaria Gavrilova
05 March 1994, Australian, Russian
Tennis player

Vera ZvonarevaVera Zvonareva
07 September 1984, Russian
Elena VesninaElena Vesnina
01 August 1986, Ukrainian, Russian
Tennis player

Ludmilla TourischevaLudmilla Tourischeva
07 October 1952, Russian
Nadia PetrovaNadia Petrova
08 June 1982, Russian
Tennis player

Alexandra KosteniukAlexandra Kosteniuk
23 April 1984, Russian
Chess player

Maria PasekaMaria Paseka
19 July 1995, Russian
Artistic gymnast

Yaroslava ShvedovaYaroslava Shvedova
12 September 1987, Kazakh, Russian
Tennis player
Mariya SavinovaMariya Savinova
13 August 1985, Russian
Middle-distance runner, Athletics competitor
Anastasia MyskinaAnastasia Myskina
08 July 1981, Russian
Tennis player

Anna ChakvetadzeAnna Chakvetadze
05 March 1987, Russian
Tennis player

Ksenia AfanasyevaKsenia Afanasyeva
13 September 1991, Russian
Artistic gymnast

Yelena SlesarenkoYelena Slesarenko
28 February 1982, Russian
High jumper
Yuko KavagutiYuko Kavaguti
20 November 1981, Japanese, Russian
Figure skater